Big Brother Caillou (Caillou)

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Big Brother Caillou (Caillou)
Big Brother Caillou.PNG
Rosie's first episode and Caillou's already being mean to her.
Series: Caillou
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 12
Air Date: September 15, 1997 (Canada)
2000 (United States)
Previous episode: Caillou Visits the Dentist
Next episode: Caillou Goes Shopping

Big Brother Caillou is the twelfth episode from the first season of Caillou.

Why It Sucks

  1. Caillou is very annoying in this episode, constantly whining about his newborn sister.
  2. The infamous and shockingly disturbing scene where Caillou pinches Rosie's face. Fortunately, this is an improvement as in the book, he bit her ear.
  3. Caillou, like usual, isn't punished for his actions... not even for what he did to Rosie. Instead his parents indulged his bratty behavior.
  4. Caillou's parents didn't even teach him a lesson about not being mean to her newborn sister or how they'll still love him no matter what. Thing that another preschool show did and in a much better way.
  5. Speaking of which, the moral is not only atrocious but is horribly messed up, and could possibly teach kids to "be jealous and hurt your newborn sibling."
  6. This episode is considered to be the worst episode in the entire series, behind "Caillou Joins The Circus", due to the reason mentioned above.
  7. The episode has one disgusting scene where Caillou and his dad smell Rosie's dirty diaper.
    • While diaper changing is a natural part of life, it’s something that shouldn’t be shown in the episode due to the show’s target audience being really young children.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The pinch scene, while still gruesome, is at least an improvement over what Caillou does in the book, as mentioned above.
  2. Thankfully, the pinch scene got censored on Cartoonito reruns.


Big Brother Caillou was met with very negative reception from critics and audiences, mainly due to Caillou's constant whining and the scene where Caillou violent pinches his sister. The episode currently has a 1.3/10 on, making it the lowest-rated episode in the entire series. The episode was later banned from PBS Kids (formerly PTV) and Sprout (now Universal Kids).


  • As stated above, the scene where Caillou pinches Rosie was cut when the episode aired on Cartoonito.


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