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Best Rap Battles of All Time

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Best Rap Battles of All Time
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"Best Rap Battles of All Time, how about Worst Rap Battles of Pubic Hair!, why can't you guys make a good battle for once!?""
B-Lo Lorbes[citation needed]
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Best Rap Battles of All Time is a series of videos on YouTube, uploaded by YouTube channel Spicy Bois.

Why It Doesn't Live Up to Its Title

  1. Most of the matchups don’t make sense, with none of the rappers having any spec of connection to each other, matches such as Ray William Johnson vs. James Bond, Chucky vs. Iron Man and Jackie Chan vs. Macho Libre being the most questionable match-ups.
  2. Awful green screen which always blends into the rappers outfits. In videos such as Ray William Johnson vs. James Bond; Bond’s suit is pixelated by the green screen due to being black and white.
  3. Terrible lyrics in every video, with most disses always mentioning sexual jokes about ballsacks.
  4. The beat in every video sounds quiet most of the time.
  5. The announcer in their older videos has a very deep voice, and sounds very unsettling and weird.
  6. Racist disses that can offend some audiences such as "Here's my impression of you, think Indian."
  7. Every match-up has no references to their franchises which disrespects the source material and overall make it seem like the characters are completely different people.
  8. None of the rappers even rap on beat.
  9. They once did Adolf Hitler vs. Osama bin Laden. Yes, they actually did too. What is worse is that the rappers acting as them were kids; with bin Laden being recorded in a cornfield outside, which really isn’t a good idea as you could easily get in trouble for posing as one of the most evil men in history.
    • And to top this all off, they did not even use a green screen like in their previous match-ups. Making this one a huge step back compared to their previous rap battles.
  10. Some of the costumes look outright poorly made, such as Eric Cartman's one.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Despite how controversial the video could be, the costumes for Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden look surprisingly decent.



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