Ben 10 (2016, Seasons 1-4)

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Ben 10
It's ZERO time!
Genre: Action
Running Time: 11 minutes
22-55 minutes (specials)
Country: United States
Release Date: April 10, 2017 – present
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Boomerang (2017-2020)
Created by: Man of Action Entertainment
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Tara Strong
Montserrat Hernandez
David Kaye
Greg Cipes
Travis Willingham
Max Mittelman
Daryl Sabara
John DiMaggio
Todd Haberkorn
Josh Keaton
David Hornsby
Roger Craig Smith
David Sobolov
Dee Bradley Baker
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 178
Previous show: Ben 10: Omniverse (2012-2014)

Ben 10 is an American animated superhero television series and a reboot of the Cartoon Network original series of the same name. The series had its world premiere in Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific on October 1, 2016, premiered in the United States on April 10, 2017.

Bad Qualities

  1. The show has a very poor grasp on the source material... despite being made by Man of Action, the creators of the original Ben 10.
    • At first, the alien roster was mostly normal (except for Overflow, who was essentially a rip-off of Waterhazard from Ultimate Alien).
    • During the Season 1 finale, Ben somehow gains Gax, who is part of Vilgax's species (a Vilgaxian)... before he's then killed off to introduce Vilgax.
      • They even killed off Upgrade and turned him into a clone of Ben.
    • Ben is only able to have 10 aliens at a time each season, which meant that aliens like Grey Matter and Wildvine had to be replaced.
    • Some of the aliens from the original's sequels are crammed in this reboot or are rip-offs of the former, which is a poor attempt at putting the first four series under one umbrella.
    • Season 2 also introduced the "Omni-Enhanced" forms, which rips off the Ultimate forms. However, they were retired at the end of Season 2.
      • In Season 4, however, Ben gains the Omni-Kix, which are pretty much the same thing as the "Omni-Enhanced" forms, showing just how lazy the writers had gotten.
    • The film introduces Omni-Naut forms, giving every alien spacesuits and essentially rendering Jetray near-useless.
    • Kevin Levin gains an Omnitrix, ruining the whole multi-Ben timeline and essentially downgrading his character into the reboot's equivalent of Albedo. Again, was this really necessary?
  2. The show's themes can't be taken seriously due to the characters' designs, since most of them look cheap and childish, especially Ben and Gwen who look way too young to even be ten-year-olds.
    • To add further salt to the wound, the 11-minute episode format does not do any justice to the pacing, making it move extremely fast at times.
  3. Bland and sometimes downright cringeworthy jokes that fall flat.
  4. A lot of aliens from the first four shows aren't even seen or mentioned, particularly Wildmutt, Ghostfreak, Way Big, Eye Guy, Buzzshock, Arctiguana, Blitzwolfer, Snare-oh, Driba, Echo-Echo, Swampfire and Nanomech, among many others.
    • The only reference to Wildmutt is a mask seen in one episode.
  5. The new voice actors for established characters (and Ben's aliens), while still passable, aren't as appealing as the originals.
  6. Gwen got a crush on Ryan in one episode, but it has no backstory behind it, making it pointless.
  7. While Ben Tennyson's and Gwen Tennyson's designs are passable, some of the other human character designs are really poor, especially Grandpa Max's, who looks worse than his Omniverse counterpart.
  8. Gwen has been flanderized from a sweet, fun-loving girl who cared for her cousin despite the occasional squabble to a complete goody two-shoes and Mary Sue.
    • On the topic of Gwen, she and Ben actually get along better than they did in the original, which eliminates character development and chemistry between the two, despite it being a slight improvement over the original show.
  9. On top of that, Ben has also been flanderized into an annoying, over-the-wall protagonist, which fits more to Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go than Ben's original counterpart. Some of the alien designs are pretty bad, and they look like MAD parody designs. Stinkfly's new design is especially bad.While Upgrade's design is fine, for some reason, it has the color of purple through out the body rather than just white and green.
  10. While not bad, the characters tend to have odd-looking expressions, similar to the 2016 Powerpuff Girls reboot.
  11. It tries too hard to be hip by using memes like "get rekt!", only to fail miserably.
  12. Slapback turned out to be a complete copy of Ditto (and to an extent, Echo-Echo and Bullfrag), but he at least has a few minor differences.
  13. Kevin Levin, who appeared in the first four shows, only appears in 2 seasons out of 5 in this reboot.
  14. False advertising: This show is said to be a reboot of the 2005 series, when in reality, it's considered more of its own separate show than an actual reboot.
  15. Lackluster and generic theme song, which consists of a shortened, poorly remixed version of the original Ben 10 theme song with its lyrics basically just repeating the show's title over and over again.
  16. One disgusting and mean-spirited moment where Kevin farts close to Ben's face in "Introducing Kevin 11".
  17. There was a pointless reference to the original series in the episode "This One Goes to 11" where Ben wears his iconic white and black shirt and dark green cargo pants in his school.
  18. Despite the show having a soundtrack, it is rarely ever used in any episode or action scene, which is rather lame.
  19. The sound effects are painful to listen to.
  20. By Season 5, while it's a massive improvement over the previous season, the show's length has been increased by 11 minutes to 44 minutes to make it 3 times longer than the length in the first 4 seasons and to put in more commercials for the sake of money.
    • Also, that season was extremely rushed because it only aired for 3 days straight, lasting for 12 episodes.
  21. In season 5, Kevin has been removed from the reboot for no clear reason, though it could be possibly due to the infamous fart scene.
  22. In "Ben 10,010", Grandpa Max is dead in that episode... but there are no funeral scenes, nor any scenes where they show how Grandpa Max died.
    • In that same episode, Ben 10,000's iconic beard is ditched for a bland, boring clean-shaven look.
  23. Because of the human characters in this show looking nothing like their original selves, most of the show doesn't even feel like Ben 10 at all. Instead, it feels like another generic flash-animated Canadian-American cartoon series.
  24. Rex Salazar from Generator Rex (who returned in Ben Gen 10) is no longer a teenager like he was in his own show. He's been aged from being 15 or 16-years-old down to 10-years-old. He never grew up in Bellwood, not even went to school with Ben because Ben Tennyson's show came out 5 years before Rex Salazar's show did.
  25. Alien X's abilities in the reboot were downplayed compared to his classic continuity counterpart, although it is understandable because using that version would be too powerful for the show.
  26. While the voice acting is passable, like Tara Strong as Ben Tennyson and Montserrat Hernandez as Gwen Tennyson, some of them, like Dee Bradley Baker as Rath, is rather bland and uninteresting.

Good Qualities

  1. Decent animation, backgrounds and art style, unlike ThunderCats Roar, The Powerpuff Girls (2016) and Teen Titans Go!. In fact, the art style has improved from the previous shows except for Ben 10 (2005), in which it is not too zany (Ben 10: Omniverse) and not too bland (Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien).
  2. Some of the alien transition sequences are very detailed and really capture Ben's transformations into an alien; in fact, the transformations in this show are seemingly better than the ones in the original four shows.
    • Likewise, there are some decent human designs such as Ben and Gwen's.
  3. Ben (at times) and Gwen are still likable, despite their aforementioned flanderization.
    • Despite his ugly design and different voice actor, Grandpa Max is still a great character.
  4. The show did somewhat improve after season one, though it still has its flaws. However, season 5 is when the series massively improved, as Ben is now like his old self and it has less comedy and more action in it like the old series.
  5. There are still some good alien designs such as Four Arms, XLR8, Rath, Cannonbolt, Upgrade, Wildvine, Shockrock, Humongousaur, and Jetray.
  6. Even if it was too focused on a comedy aspect, some of the jokes are genuinely funny. A good example is in the episode "Tales from the Omnitrix", Ben's 1st story pokes fun at the concept of a Generic Doomsday villain, which is admittlenly pretty clever as it is never done before (with the exception of Crossover Nexus).
  7. Like the original series, the origin story is impressive as a flashback.
  8. It still has some action; in fact, the action is actually well-paced (with some exceptions).
  9. Passable voice acting, despite the old voice actors mostly being replaced (except Tara Strong and Greg Cipes, who reprised their roles as Ben Tennyson from the 2005 series and Omniverse, and Kevin Levin from Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse).
  10. Ben does improve after season one, though he still has some flaws. However, he massively improved in Season 5, as he acted a lot more serious than usual and shares many heart-to-heart conversations with Grandpa Max and Gwen.
  11. The show has a good soundtrack, despite it rarely being used as stated above.
    • Likewise, the sound design is excellent.
    • The theme song, despite being generic, can be catchy.
    • In fact, if you listen closely to the intro, you can hear that some of the original show's tune and beat is still used in this intro, which is quite nice.
  12. The show does have its fair share of good (or at least tolerable) episodes.
  13. Kevin was noticeably given some decent character development over the course of the series.
  14. Rex Salazar from Generator Rex finally returns to make a reappearance in Ben Gen 10 after his show ended 8 years ago, which is at least great to see Rex Salazar back because Generator Rex aired its last episode in 2013 whereas this reboot debuted in 2017 and Ben Gen 10 aired in 2021.
    • Speaking of Generator Rex, it even had a crossover with Ultimate Alien called Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United back in 2011.
  15. Several aliens from the first four shows finally return in the series finale Alien X-tinction, which was a good way to end the reboot as it had less comedy and more action in it.
    • Gwen 10 brings back Ripjaws, and even finds a way around the alien's biggest weakness (being unable to fight on land).
    • Alien Force Ben brings back Chromastone and Big Chill.
    • Ultimate Alien Ben brings back AmpFibian.
    • Omniverse Ben brings back Bloxx.
    • Alien X is brought back by Benjamin Tennyson, who is the reboot's version of Eon from Ben 10: Race Against Time.

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These Seasons mostly received mixed-to-negative reception from critics, but was critically panned by fans of the first four shows. It currently has a 2.7/10 on IMDb, while scored it a 3.8 out of 10, Season 1 receiving a rating of 3.5/10, Season 2 recieved a 3.3/10, Season 3 (which is the lowest rated Season of the 4) recieved a 2.9/10, Season 4 which was met with the most well recieved reception of all 4 Seasons it holding an average rating of 3.6/10.


  • A movie titled Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie was released on October 10, 2020.
  • Before this reboot first aired, Meagan Smith did not voice Gwen Tennyson as she stated that she is getting too old to play Gwen.
  • Greg Cipes and Tara Strong, the actors who reprised their roles as Kevin and Ben, previously voiced Beast Boy and Raven in Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!, with Tara Strong voicing the old Ben Tennyson from the original show and even Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents.
  • Tara Strong and Roger Craig Smith later starred together in Unikitty!.





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Why was this page re-created?


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The page got moved.

Mr. Dready

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The original Ben 10: Was the shit.
But the reboot Ben 10: is a piece of shit.


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Me: Both Ben 10 shows are garbage. (UNPOPULAR OPINION)


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@Ivan97Miraheze Agreed. I thought I was the only one.


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Ey i think the franchise is average.


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It seems that the series is ending in April, according to Wikipedia. Though, I’m not sure if this is true or not.


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Idk but I'm having high hopes for the "Ben 10,010" special.


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Ben 10 reboot more like... Ben 000 because it doesn't have a same charm as the original.


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not quite bad.


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I agree


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To be honest, this show isn't that bad


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2 more days


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Is it gonna be a last Ben 10 project after this? And I know that the 2016 reboot of the show took place in a different universe instead of this universe from the original 2005 series, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omiverse.

I wonder what is the last Ben 10 project? I don't know?


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The finale itself isn't too bad as it at least finally showed it true charm through more aliens and more action.


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And here goes this awful reboot....



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Anyone think I should add Alien-X-tinction to BTSW Or all of Season 5 in general?

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