Belch of Destiny (Rocko's Modern Life)

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{{EpisodeInfobox |Image=Belch of Destiny.png |Caption=This is a very gross episode. |Series=Rocko's Modern Life |Part of Season=3 |Episode Number=1b |Air Date=October 22, 1995 |Writer=Martin Olson
Mark O'Hare |Director=Stephen Hillenburg |Previous episode=Bye, Bye Birdie |Next episode=The Emperor's New Joe]]

"Belch of Destiny" is the 2nd episode of Season 3 of Rocko's Modern Life. It premiered on Nickelodeon on October 22, 1995. It is also the 55th episode overall.


Heffer's unique talent for belching embarrasses his father, who wants Heffer to stop acting like a child and grow up.

Bad Qualities

  1. The episode starts off pretty bad, as Heffer and Filburt makes Rocko stop at Burger Boy, they knock over a poor old lady, and their activities at the Weasel Scouts were a disaster and not fun to watch.
  2. Heffer, Filburt, along with George were unlikable. Heffer and Filburt were acting childish, and George were pretty mean to his son, Heffer.
  3. While Heffer was still unlikable here, even he doesn’t deserve to get harshly yelled at by his dad and being called a freak, and that was a very mean-spirited moment.
  4. This episode has gross-out humor, mainly when Heffer does his belch talking.
  5. Heffer and Filburt are too old to be in a kid’s scouting group.

Good Qualities

  1. Some of the other characters, Rocko, Spud, the rest of Heffer’s family, and the Weasel Scouts are still likable here.
  2. Some funny moments, like when the kids cheered after the belch talk Heffer did, and the old lady at the end running away from the scouts.
  3. The space section was interesting and the group did go to Heffer to cheer him up.
  4. After being reminded about how he used to be like Heffer, George apologizes to his son and they make up, which is heartwarming.


  • Murray described this episode as one of his favorite episodes because the episode supported his theory to "let kids be kids". In addition, Murray recalled the memories of himself, Steve Hillenburg, and Mark O'Hare laughing after listening to the "belch talking" track created by a Warner Brothers producer. Prior to the production of the tape, Murray and his crew arranged a meeting with the producer. During that period, the producer could not belch talk, even after Murray bought him beer and spaghetti. The belch talking tape arrived several days afterward.



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