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Basma Channel dubs

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If you thought that Tomorrow's Pioneers was the worst attempt at propaganda that Islamic fundamentalists could make, it is because you do not know these dubs.

Basma Channel is an Arab children's television channel from Saudi Arabia that belongs to the media conglomerate Almajd TV Network. Its programming consists of several series for both Western and Eastern children, and it has Arabic dubs created the channel itself. These dubs have caused quite a bit of controversy because they have many changes from their original versions, and most are full of fundamentalist Islamist messages.

Why These Dubs Suck

  1. To begin with, all these dubs are illegal and were done without the authorization of any of the companies that own the shows.
  2. These dubs are especially infamous for removing all the music from the shows, and when we say all it means literally ALL THE MUSIC. This makes the shows feel dull and lifeless. The only music present is Muslim religious chants heard in the intros and some scenes.
    1. The reason Basma Channel's dubs don't have music is the channel run by extremist Muslims who consider the music to be from the devil.
  3. The plots and scripts of the episodes were severely altered to include religious fundamentalist messages, something quite worrying considering that this channel aimed at children.
  4. The vast majority of episodes are heavily censored and cut, making them much shorter than the original episodes.
  5. The voice acting is rather poor and bland, appearing that the voice actors are not trying.
  6. These dubs have no real reason to exist since all or most of the series broadcast by Basma Channel already have an official Arabic dub, making the existence of these illegal dubs useless.
  7. The fact that a company using popular children's series to spread their religious fundamentalist ideals is bad enough.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The vast majority of the shows that Basma Channel broadcasts are excellent shows in their original versions only these dubs are bad.


  1. On sites like YouTube, these dubs are labeled "Islamic Arabic" to differentiate them from the official Arabic dubs.
  2. Much of these dubs are lost, and very few fragments can found on the internet.


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