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Bad Kimi (All Grown Up!)

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Bad Kimi (All Grown Up!)
Bad Kimi.png
The title ain’t lying. Kimi and this episode are most certainly bad!
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 3
Air Date: November 29, 2003
Writer: Scott Gray (story & teleplay)
Monica Piper (story)
Director: Ron Noble
Previous episode: Truth or Consequences
Next episode: Tweenage Tycoons

Bad Kimi is the 3rd episode of All Grown Up!.


Kimi makes friends with school bad boy Z, but Chuckie is worried. Harold is a great success when he steps in for Angelica on her web chat.

Why It's Bad

  1. Kimi is very unlikeable in this episode, as while defending Z saying he’s not all bad is understandable and that he didn’t want her to tell her, she acts mean and selfish towards her family and friends trying to prove her point. Also, she got a bad girl look without the concern of how her family and friends would react, and even snuck out on them after her friends tried to reason with her. She goes as far as to not forgive her brother and her friends after they learned the truth about Z and apologized to her for what they did.
  2. The title of this episode makes the plot feel completely predictable and formulaic since it already spoils that Kimi is going to be bad, aka, act selfish and mean, like a "bad girl".
  3. There are some painfully unfunny moments, like when Z made the grapefruit explode, and when Chuckie gets shocked by the tape recorder.
  4. This is a torture episode for Chuckie, mostly because of him accidentally getting into situations where he gets hurt, which are not fun to watch.
  5. There is some gross-out humor, like when Mr. Beaker took a grapefruit piece out of Chuckie's nose, and Harold had a messy face while eating.
  6. This episode is mean-spirited and cruel, mainly because of the torture Chuckie went through, and the harsh behavior Kimi showed towards her friends and family.
  7. Z and Angelica are a bit unlikable, Z for making the grapefruit explode, and Angelica when she took her laptop from Harold and forced it out of his hands.
  8. This episode was also poorly handled, as they made Z look like he was doing some bad stuff, only for those (aside from the grapefruit exploding) to be revealed as good deeds at the end.
  9. The moment where Kimi didn’t accept Chuckie's apology and didn’t forgive him and her friends was just too hurtful to watch. How much more can you hate Kimi in this episode after seeing that?
  10. Terrible Ending: After the misunderstanding was resolved between Z and Kimi's brother and friends, the police arrive and they get in trouble, even though most of them didn’t do anything too bad aside from Kimi, and Kimi was already called out on her behavior by Z, so she didn’t need to be punished any further.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation and voice acting is still good as usual.
  2. The episode's main plot at least lives up to its name.
  3. Z (for the most part) and his dad, Joe, are likable, being nice and friendly people who were doing good things, even under all of those bad boy looks, and their designs are passable.
    • The adults, as well as Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Dil, Angelica (for the most part), Susie, and Harold, are still likable characters, as usual.
    • The boys' (aside from Harold who was part of the sub-plot and didn’t know what was happening) behavior is understandable, given that they didn’t know about Z's true nature and were worried about Kimi.
  4. The subplot with Angelica, Susie, and Harold, when Harold gives advice but learns how hard it can be and how Angelica deals with it to help people is decent, and is far better than the episode's main plot.
    • It also had some nice moments, such as Susie helping Harold with giving advice, and the times when Angelica was being a good friend to Harold and comforting him when he broke down.
  5. Some funny moments in the episode, such as Dil dressing like a girl when going to spy on Z.
  6. Two nice references to other Nickelodeon media, which are "Hey Harold!", the title of his advice website, referencing Hey Arnold!, as well as an episode of that show with the same name as Harold's website, and Angelica's intro to her advice website being the tune of the "Nick, Nick, Nick" song.
  7. There is a good moral that you can’t judge a book by its cover.
  8. Kimi does get called out on her actions by Z the moment she wouldn’t forgive her brother and her friends, as Z tells her that they were only looking out for her and that he looks scary, which makes her forgive them after all, and that is satisfying.
  9. Kimi does look admittedly cool with her bad girl look.
  10. "I know moms, and that was no mom."


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