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Back to School (Talking Tom & Friends)

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Not to be confused with the CatDog episode of the same name.

Back to School
This episode should go back to school!
Series: Talking Tom & Friends
Part of Season: 2
Air Date: November 23, 2017
Writer: Jayne Hamil
Director: Fernando Pomares
Previous episode: Garage Feast Day
Next episode: The Love Ride

Back to School is the seventeenth episode of season 2 for Talking Tom & Friends.

Bad Qualities

  1. Ben is the most worst unlikable in this episode as he let Tom stay at detention when he didn’t do anything wrong (he did let Ginger take Ben’s invention to school but still) and he keeps wanting his invention even though it’s not important.
  2. Plot Hole: Why can't Ginger could come to school in the next day and tell Ms. Vanthrax that the invention was Ben’s property?
  3. While not as bad as Ben, Angela forced Tom to go inside even through he didn’t want to get in the class since he found that Ginger’s teacher was the same rude teacher that Tom had in his class when he was younger.
  4. Ms. Vanthrax is also unlikable as she gave Angela, Ginger and Tom detention. While she did free Angela and Ginger, she didn't with Tom and not allowed him to come out of detention.
  5. The happy music is inappropriately placed at the scene where Tom isn’t allowed out of detention.
  6. Bad Ending: Tom can't leave detention thanks to Ms. Vanthrax.

Good Qualities

  1. Tom, Angela (for the most part), Ginger and Hank are still likeable characters.
  2. The beginning was decent.
  3. Ms. Vanthrax did got character development and become more likeable in the later seasons.


  • This marks the first episode of Ms. Vanthrax.


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