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Back on Shaq (Johnny Bravo)

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Back on Shaq (Johnny Bravo)
Back on Shaq.PNG
What a disappointing way to send off the second Cartoon Cartoon.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 13b
Air Date: August 27, 2004
Writer: Story: Amy Keating Rogers
Teleplay: Van Partible
Director: James Tim Walker
Van Partible
Previous episode: Johnny Makeover
Next episode: Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood

"Back on Shaq" is the second part of the thirteenth episode in the fourth season of Johnny Bravo.


At a basketball game, Shaquille O'Neal discovers that Johnny Bravo brings him good luck. This holds until Shaq's showdown match with Seth Green.

Why It Doesn’t Go Back Enough

  1. To get the elephant in the room, it's mainly a filler episode of Johnny Bravo playing basketball with guest star Shaquille O'Neal when he thinks that Johnny is his good luck charm and then he gets signed in magazines - and nothing else.
  2. Speaking of which, the Shaquille O'Neal guest star was shoehorned in here and the buzzword puns the cheerleaders make are incredibly corny.
  3. It also insulted Hanna-Barbera, which is ironic considering that the first 3 seasons of the show were animated by that company. The insulting part was that the player Shaq and Johnny played against had Huckleberry Hound on his back but he became a generic sporty stereotype when he wasn't like that in his original show, much like the spectators themselves.
  4. Shaquille O'Neal is quite unlikeable, as he only plays with Johnny as he made him win rather than asking if he wanted to join - which is quite selfish. He also ditched Johnny near the end of the game.
    • The cheerleaders are just your generic stereotypical people who cheer people on.
  5. Like many episodes of the fourth season, it lasts for 11 minutes - therefore, making it drag out.
  6. Overall, it was a very disappointing and insulting way to end this TV series. It just felt like watching a generic basketball game with Johnny Bravo rather than a full episode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Good animation and voice acting as always.
  2. Johnny Bravo himself is still a likable character as always.
  3. The show had a TV movie in 2011, Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood, which was a much better way to end the show.