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Baby Shark's Big Show!

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Baby Shark's Big Show!
SmartStudy, did you really think what you did was THIS good? Look what you've got Nickelodeon doing!
Genre: Preschool
Running Time: 11 minutes (regular segments)
22 minutes (special segments)
Country: United States
South Korea
Canada (animation production)
Release Date: December 11, 2020 - present
Network(s): EBS 1 (South Korea)
Nick Jr. (United States)
Created by: Pinkfong
Distributed by: Pinkfong
Starring: Kimiko Glenn
Luke Youngblood
Natasna Rothwell
Eric Edelstein
Debra Wilson
Patrick Warburton
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 33 (42 segments)

Baby Shark's Big Show! (Korean: 아기상어: 올리와 윌리엄) is an animated television series based on Pinkfong's brand and song that were based on a campfire song, Baby Shark. SmartStudy, the South Korean company that owns Pinkfong, owns the trademark for this series.

It premiered on Nick Jr. on December 11, 2020, and it premiered on Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) on December 25, 2020, in South Korea.


The show follows Baby Shark and his best friend, William the fish, as they journey on comedic adventures in their community of Carnivore Cove.

Why It Shouldn't "Do-do-do-do-do-do" It

  1. The idea of making a television cartoon series based on the annoying and cringe-worthy preschool song, "Baby Shark" is a very bad idea, even from the very start. What doesn't help is that the song itself was an annoying earworm that got sucked into popularity within the general public for no apparent reason. Yes, it's a song for kids, but it doesn't mean the song itself isn't bad or ungodly annoying.
  2. Not to mention, the only reason this show exists is just to make money, like Pinkfong always did after finding out Baby Shark became one of the most popular children's songs of all-time, if not, one of the most popular songs in general. But of course, everyone else with an IQ of 29 can tell that song (again) is popular for clearly the wrong reasons and no one knows how this even got popular with the general public or even toddlers and little kids as a matter of fact.
    • In fact, it's so milked to the point they renewed it for a second season and a full-length movie in the works that is planning to release in 2023 on Paramount+. We are not joking.
  3. The theme song of the show manages to be even more annoying than the song itself. Also, at the end of the intro, Baby Shark and William stare at you with horrifying expressions that look as mentally insane as possible. These faces can scare children, and are very vulnerable to breakdowns, not to mention they are completely out of place for a children's show.
  4. Simplistic, yet unappealing (and very tacky) animation. It doesn't help that it looks very similar to other shows like Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go! and animated by Titmouse, which is the same crew behind Breadwinners.
  5. The redesigns of the characters are bland and were made to ride the success of the "bean-shaped mouth" and "Cal Arts" style.
  6. William, Baby Shark's best friend, is useless and annoying as a character. He was also never mentioned in the song itself.
  7. The jokes in the show are very generic and unfunny, such as Grandpa Shark sitting on a whoopee cushion in Baby Tooth.
  8. The series has some very cringe-worthy references to the song, such as Baby Shark's catchphrase: "Together we can do-do-do-do-do-do anything!".
  9. It features a lot of overused clichés, such as "be yourself" moral cliché.
  10. While on the subject, Kimiko Glenn and Shelby Young are severely miscast as Baby Shark himself and William's mom, Rayna Manta, respectively. Kimiko Glenn makes Baby Shark sound WAY too feminine and teenage, like a 14-year-old girl rather than the 9-year-old shark he's supposed to be. Granted, as this is the first boy character she's voiced. Shelby Young's take on Rayna Manta may sound decent, but she is not the kind of person that should be voicing a fish.
  11. The series even had Cardi B, a pop singer, involved in one of the episodes as the guest in a very poor attempt to make the show hip and cool with modern audiences. There are 2 problems with this:
    • First and foremost, her songs, (especially "WAP") are inappropriate. If you ever visit Nick Jr. headquarters, do NOT tell them what that stands for!
    • And please don't tell the casting director that she admitted to drugging and robbing men for money when she was a stripper according to a video that was resurfaced somewhere online.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The backgrounds are nice, despite how overly simplistic they look.
  2. The background music is decent, and an improvement on the song the show was based on.
  3. The designs of some characters may look kind of cute, and the use of Boston eyes in several episodes is endearing.


While the Baby Shark song became the most viewed video on YouTube with over ten-billion views in 2022, Baby Shark's Big Show! had received very negative reviews by critics, audiences, and even parents alike, not helping that the song was already panned enough, to begin with. It was criticized for the animation quality, and the idea of this show itself turning the song into a preschool show and being a cash grab towards Nickelodeon and Pinkfong. The show has a 2.3/10 score on IMDb, making it the lowest-rated Nick Jr. show on the site.[1]


The Theme Song

Music Video