Baby Puss (Tom and Jerry)

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Baby Puss (Tom and Jerry)
Baby Puss poster.png
Need a Tom and Jerry cartoon equivalent to the SpongeBob episode "Squid Baby"? The 40s got you covered.
Episode Number: 12
Air Date: December 25, 1943
Writer: William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Previous episode: The Yankee Doodle Mouse
Next episode: The Zoot Cat

Baby Puss is a 1943 Tom and Jerry cartoon. In this cartoon, Nancy the "babysitter" torments Tom by dressing him up as a baby. When Jerry finds out about this, he calls over Butch and his alley cat friends to come over and torment Tom even more. It is the twelfth Tom and Jerry cartoon in the Golden Age to be directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, and produced by Fred Quimby.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's literally an 8 minute-long malicious Tom torture episode.
  2. Nancy is an unlikable character who scolds and manipulates Tom to remain a baby throughout the entire episode, only for Jerry and the alley cats to torment him in the process. She blames Tom for actions that he didn't commit and humiliates him as if he actually was a baby, and still blames him by the end of the episode for being tormented by everyone else. She even goes on to feed Tom castor oil by the infamous ending, which causes him to throw up, making this borderline animal abuse. Not helping that in reality, when you feed your cat castor oil, they could become extremely sick, and possibly die!
  3. Jerry is also unlikable as he downright humiliates Tom throughout the short rather than actually helping him. It makes him completely out of character, and as much so as in the infamous Gene Deitch era, since Tom barely even provoked Jerry in the first place.
  4. Butch, Meathead, and Topsy are also unlikable idiots who join in to torment Tom throughout and never get any comeuppance for their actions by the moment they get exposed for it, and yet Tom still gets blamed for it anyway.
    • Given that this is Butch and Topsy's first appearances in Tom and Jerry, this episode is not a good way to start their roles as supporting characters of the Tom and Jerry franchise.
  5. Annoying and predictable plot where Tom gets humiliated by everyone around him, including his own frenemy, only to still be scolded by Nancy regardless in the process.
  6. Very unfunny, embarrassing, and cruel jokes.
  7. Overall, this episode would've been great if Jerry actually helped Tom out and saved him from Butch, Meathead, and Topsy instead of teasing him throughout the entire episode, along with the other cats.

Good Qualities

  1. Tom, as usual, is still a likable character.
  2. Great animation for its time.
  3. Great music by Scott Bradley.
  4. The song "Mamãe Eu Quero" sung by Butch and the alley cat gang near the end of the short is pretty catchy, even though it accompanies the torture sequence which ruins Tom's welfare.
    • And speaking of him, this marks the first time Butch the alley cat appears in a Tom and Jerry short, 2 years after his first appearance in the 1941 short "The Alley Cat".
  5. Even though Nancy and the alley cats never got punished for their actions, Jerry at least got his comeuppance in the end when a bit of castor oil poured onto his mouth, causing him to throw up as well.
  6. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera eventually learned from their mistakes and gave Jerry a valid reason to torment Tom in subsequent episodes of the original Hanna-Barbera era Tom and Jerry cartoons for the most part, except for a few exceptions.




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It feels more like the 1900s version of Deviantart.

Corinne The Mermaid Of The Dreams

2 months ago
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This cartoon as sadistic as Woody Woodpecker Born To Peck!!!


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Honestly you deserve to be blocked here for taking Woody Woodpecker too seriously just like on Loathsome Characters Wiki

The Dunkman

2 months ago
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The only funny part was the scene where Jerry screams at Tom for looking at Jerry showering in a dollhouse.


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Does it predict Babyfurs?

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