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Baby Einstein (2017-present)

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Baby Einstein (2017-present)
This Miraheze page hates on Kids II Inc., who has blocked this page in the entire world on copyright and criminal grounds.
Genre: Children's
Country: United States
Release Date: February 1, 1997-February 22, 2011 (original)

Baby Einstein (stylized as baby einstein) is an American franchise and line of multimedia products, including home video programs, CDs, books, flashcards, toys, and baby gear that specialize in interactive activities for infants and toddlers, created by Julie Aigner-Clark. The videos show babies and toddlers under four years simple patterns, puppet shows, and familiar objects, such as everyday items, animals, and toys that are often accompanied by re-orchestrated classical music written by composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and many others, as well as some traditional rhymes constructed for an easy, relaxing way, meant for a baby's ear.

The puppets are all animals who seldom speak, mostly communicating in simple sounds and their respective animal sounds.

Baby Einstein was introduced to the public on June 4, 1996, and remained a small company until Clark sold it to Disney. Between November 7, 2001, and September 13, 2013, Disney owned and operated the Baby Einstein brand. Starting on October 14, 2013, Kids II, Inc. stole it and went full copyright. Big mistake...

Why It's Blocked on Copyright Grounds

  1. The company that is now in charge of Baby Einstein has now trashed the original formula that once made it popular, go downhill as the formula is nothing but overusing the word "Curiosity".
  2. A couple characters have been "Chibified" such as The Caterpillar, Neptune, Beethoven, Monet, Noah, Octopus, Cardinal, and Baby Webster, almost on par with Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!.
  • To make matters worse, the company even claimed that the characters they redesigned needed to be "baby-friendly" which is actually a terrible idea to begin with, since the characters we all know and love are already baby-friendly. so with that said, redesigning the characters was completely unnecessary.
  1. Similar to Paramount Global, Mattel, and Nintendo, Kids II that runs the brand is way too overprotective with their IPs and have blocked many of their fans' remakes and videos that matched similarities to the original ones, thus treating them like they're a bunch of criminals and pirates, which proves that they are very disrespectful to the Baby Einstein fanbase.
  2. Rebranding the franchise was completely unnecessary.
  3. Many of the subjects they used now for their shows are too advanced for a baby to understand.
  4. Poor grasp of the material: The brand focuses on curiosity and confidence, but the real brand focuses on stimulating little ones with real life everyday objects evolving around them.
  5. Many of the characters we all know and loved disappeared without a trace including Bard, Vincent Van Goat, Galileo the Kangaroo, Baby Bach, Pavlov the Dog, Baby Macdonald, Pig, the ducks, and Hippo.
  6. The current logo that they are using is too simple and dull. sadly.... the worst part of it is because it's pretty much colorless as it uses nothing but black with a generic text instead of either a hand drawn font or a fun one that would appeal to babies.
  7. Most of their new videos recycles concepts from older videos from the Disney Era
    • An example is "Patch's Number Forest" and "Counting with Earl" which recycles the concept of Numbers Nursery (2003) and which a numbers video has already been done before.
  8. Many of the toys have gone from interesting and enjoyable, to a cheap and stale infant toy farm that cashes in on other successful infant products, Fact most of the toys have gotten recalled due to them not being sturdy enough or parts that contain lead inside.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They still use a couple of their beloved characters in their Classics thumbnails such as Beethoven the Giraffe, Jane the Monkey, Vivaldi the Mallard, Boss Bluebird, Neighton the Horse, Elliot the Cat, Mozart the Koala, Issac the Lion, the Sheep, and the Cockatoos from the pre Kids2 Era along with a few other ones in the books.
  2. Somewhere in the Classics intro, they managed to use the old logo which is a lot better compared to the current one.
  3. Their new album "Nursery Rhymes for Children" is somewhat pretty good. Even though William Weisbach, Clive Smith, or Tom Nazziola weren't involved in this.


Baby Einstein has received mixed reviews from parents. Since 2017, the franchise has also received criticism from the fanbase for erasing the charm out of the original formula.