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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
BBC 2021 logo.png
The UK's answer to PBS, Nintendo, Activision Blizzard, Sony Pictures and especially Disney.
Formerly: British Broadcasting Company (1922-1926)
Industry: Mass media
Founded: 18 October 1922 (as British Broadcasting Company)
1 January 1927 (as British Broadcasting Corporation)
Founder: Her Majesty's Government
Headquarters: Broadcasting House, London, United Kingdom
Key people: Richard Sharp (Chairman)
Tim Davie (Director-General)
Divisions: BBC Television
BBC Studios
BBC Sport
BBC Radio
BBC News
BBC Online
BBC Weather
BBC Music
Notable works: Doctor Who, Top Gear, Something Special, etc.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom. Headquartered at Broadcasting House in London, it is the world's oldest national broadcaster, and the largest broadcaster in the world by the number of employees, employing over 22,000 staff in total, of whom approximately 19,000 are in public-sector broadcasting. The BBC is what we call the UK's greatest leader in mass media. However, most of their business practices attributed to their CEOs, aren't as good as their shows (especially since around 2006), which caused their reputation to slightly go downhill.

Bad Qualities

DISCLAIMER: These reasons mostly apply to the BBC's current business practices following the death of its founder John Reith in 1971, and especially since around 2006.

  1. Similar to Sony from the early to mid 2010s and Disney, they are mostly infamous for milking the same shows over and over again. In other words, they're mostly infamous for quantity over quality. Check out the examples below:
    • The biggest example is Doctor Who, the BBC's largest franchise. Let's see... an original Long Runner series (including a TV Movie) with an equally massive Doctor Who Expanded Universe and two non-canon movies. And since the 2005 revival with the new series, the Expanded Universe expanded even more (with material for both the classic and new series), bringing along two successful spin-off series of their own (Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures). And the merchandise, of course. The series would later go downhill in series 11 of the 2005 series.
    • Another example is Top Gear, it has expanded way beyond the series. As well as spawning several localized spin-offs and/or being syndicated abroad, The BBC publishes a popular print magazine and a website busily promoting the merchandise.
    • Something Special has become a cash cow for the company, with the CBeebies channel heavily airing and adoring the show. It is so adored that some of the channel's other shows like Postman Pat and even Teletubbies don't get enough air time thanks to the BBC milking the show and constantly keep running it into the ground a lot of times.
  2. On top of that, they saddeningly rebranded themselves again in 2021, which doesn't make any sense at all and almost killed their reputation permanently, with the dreaded new logo being launched in October 2021, which just looks like a cheap knockoff of the previous logo and is the infamous early movie Sonic design all over again since it barely resembles the previous logo, and worse yet, it has huge gaps between the boxes, plus very small letters in Reith Sans, which overall lacks the charm of the glorious Gill Sans masterpiece with small gaps and big letters. The reason why this decision doesn't make any sense is because rebranding the BBC was totally unnecessary given that the 1997 Gill Sans blocks were such a classic that it had no need to be phased out at all.
    • You know it's sad when the 1997 BBC logo looked more faithful to the 1958 logo than the latest one.
  3. More recently, they now use fan service to keep their shows alive. Most infamously with Numberblocks series 5, which was only made due to fan demand.
    • This is also hypocrisy since they have not yet listened to fan demand to remove the Thirteenth Doctor from Doctor Who.
  4. What's even worse is that they announced plans to shut down CBBC in an attempt to save money, which seriously doesn't make any good sense whatsoever, considering CBBC is such an iconic channel to the point where it doesn't need to get shut down.
  5. Mediocre direction from Tim Davie, who was initially a director-general once from 2012 to 2013. You know it's disappointing to see poor direction from Tim Davie thanks to his somewhat poor decisions such as rebranding the BBC and making plans to shut down BBC News, CBBC and BBC Four, for no other reason, but to save money.

Good Qualities

  1. Luckily, the BBC kept the 1997 logo a little longer after the launch of the 2021 logo on October 20th, 2021, although it could have lasted infinitely.
  2. They still have plenty of great TV shows, such as Doctor Who and Bluey.
  3. They used to be a decent company from 1922 to 2005 until it went downhill since 2006. Luckily, back in 2006, they didn't purposely go anywhere as downhill as in October 2021.
  4. Some of their TV idents are decent, like BBC Two's Curve ident.


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