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BBBDAY! (Teen Titans Go!)

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BBBDAY! (Teen Titans Go!)
BBBDAY! Title Card.png
And to think that this episode got away with giving annual celebrations the "Ron The Death Eater" treatment.
Series: Teen Titans Go
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 15
Air Date: November 6, 2015 (Online)

November 12, 2015 (TV)

Writer: Ben Gruber
Director: Bryan Newton
Previous episode: Animals, It's Just a Word!
Next episode: Black Friday

"BBBDAY!" is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-nineteenth overall episode of the series.


Jubilant that it's his special day, Beast Boy eagerly awaits his cake, singing, and presents. But when the other Teen Titans don't give a hoot about his birthday, Beast Boy inexplicably starts morphing between infant and elder- and it's up to the Titans to bring him back, through a not-so-exciting birthday party.

Why It’s a BBBad Day

  1. This episode is one of the best examples that shows how the Teen Titans(Their GO! versions) are the worst friends to have.
  2. Beast Boy was excited because it’s his birthday, but the Titans don’t celebrate it. Instead, they fight “murderous elephants”, causing him to have a pretend birthday party with his stuffed animals. Then, it turned out the Titans didn’t forget his birthday but DON’T LIKE to celebrate it, except Raven, who cares but not because she cares for him as a friend and person but because she HAS TO because of the so-called: “cosmic consequences”.
  3. The reason why the Titans don’t like to celebrate birthdays is that when it’s not their birthday, birthdays are boring and disgusting. That’s the most sadistic and selfish thing they've ever said! Not only does it disrespects other people who have birthdays, but birthdays can be fun, as long as they’re planned by the right people.
  4. Beast Boy rapidly aging and de-aging is a reference to Steven Universe, however it comes off as plagiarism and insulting because the episodes where Steven rapidly ages and deages were also about birthdays so it comes off as stealing. The people that made this episode are lucky that Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse hadn’t sued them for stealing their ideas.
  5. The gag about the Titans not wanting to sing “Happy Birthday” because it’s copyrighted is pointless because the episode aired after the copyright got lifted.
  6. The whole sequence of Beast Boy blowing out the candles is disgusting.
  7. The lesson of the episode boils down to “birthdays are pointless and celebrating the day the person is born is the worst and birthdays are a chore to go to.”

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Baby Beast Boy is cute.
  2. Beast Boy is the only likable Titan in this episode.
  3. Although outdated, the “Happy birthday” song gag is funny.
  4. At least Raven, who hated Beast Boy most of the time, remembers his birthday which means she's still cared for him.
  5. At least the Teen Titans Go! staff learned their lesson and future birthday episodes show the Titans caring about each other’s birthdays.
  6. There is a somewhat funny moment where Baby Beast says random gibberish, waits a few seconds, and spits up on the ground.
  7. Good ending: Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg get their comeuppance by having them eating Beast Boy's cake covered in saliva while Beast Boy gets to enjoy it.


This episode received lots of criticism on various review sites and social media. People mainly complained about the Titans acting like spoiled brats and Beast Boy’s birthday being viewed as pointless is just insulting.


  1. This episode appears to be enlightening to the Teen Titans Go! crew because future birthday episodes viewed birthdays in a more positive light. Its sequel episode, BBSFBDAY! was an improvement.