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Ayupan X Bloody Bunny

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Ayupan X Bloody Bunny
Who thought that crossover between a cartoon version of one of the most popular J-POP artists in Japan with an action bunny doll would be a good idea?
Genre: Pop Rock, Action
Running Time: 5-7 minutes
Country: Thailand

United States

Release Date: February 6, 2014
Distributed by: Avex
Starring: Kristen Evelyn Rossi, Bonnie Zellerbach, Mark Sobels, Srikarn Nakavisut, Sansanee Tinkeeradit, Krin Aksorndee
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 5
Previous show: Bloody Bunny: Don’t Be My Enemy
Next show: Bloody Bunny: The First Blood

Ayupan X Bloody Bunny is a Thai-American animated web series developed by 2Spot Studio and Riff Animation Studio. The series is also produced by Yusuke Mugikura. It premiered on February 6, 2014, on Youtube.

The series is a crossover between Bloody Bunny and Japanese idol, Ayumi Hamasaki's animated avatar, ayupan.


600 years ago, a Bunny-like spirit was protecting humans from Evils, until it was turned by a Vampire into an Evil Bunny, but then a girl Magician came along and sealed all the evils into Dolls with her Legendary Magics. 600 years later, a superstar singer "ayupan", awakens Bunny Doll from its seal. However, Bunny cannot remember anything from the past. At the same time, the awakening of Bunny also woke up the evil Vampires. They remember the past and went out looking for the Magician with the Legendary Magic that can return them to original forms.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor grasp on the source material: The web series doesn’t even feel like it belongs or fits the Bloody Bunny franchise, you remove Bloody Bunny and the Skull Minions and it will make no difference.
  2. Bloody Bunny in this series is mistaken as a male, despite her being voiced by an actress, Bonnie Zellerbach.
  3. Subpar and noticeably slow flash animation that looks like a low-budget Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
    • In addition, almost every time ayupan stands up, her legs are in the same position, which is lazy.
  4. The show is a "Lighter and Softer" installment of the franchise, there’s no blood, gore, and dark moments in the show despite how violent and dark the Bloody Bunny franchise is.
  5. The story is mediocre and it sounds like something a teen would write.
  6. The backstory of Bloody Bunny in this series kinda doesn’t make sense, though it’s interesting, it’s not how Bloody Bunny came to be. She wasn’t a Rabbit God or Demon, to begin with, she’s a walking doll who came to life because of her owner’s blood (original 2007 series) and/or with a soul of a dead girl (The First Blood).
  7. Mumu (Bloody Bunny’s sister/partner) doesn’t even appear in the web series.
  8. Generic and lazy names for the characters in this series such as "The Girl of Legend" and "The Vampire Lord".
  9. The entire soundtrack of the series is just Ayumi Hamasaki’s songs, although they’re great to hear, it’s very lazy to use them as background music for the series.
    1. The main theme/intro and credits theme/outro of the series is Ayumi Hamasaki’s evolution, and it’s used throughout the entire series. Which is kinda lazy.
    2. It turns out that the legendary music and lyrics that can restore Bloody Bunny and The Vampire Lord’s powers is Ayumi Hamasaki’s M.
  10. The English version is bad and the actors sound like they’re too close to the microphone, Ayupan and the Vampire Lord being the biggest offenders.
    1. Not only the voice acting is bad, but it's also obnoxious to listen to.
    2. The narrating in the English version is just bland.
  11. The camera movement is bad and also distracting.
  12. ayupan herself is very unlikable, she says that if anyone interrupts her concert will be punished, she’s very cowardly, and also very short-tempered. Her complains are also annoying to hear, when she complains fast her voice becomes high-pitched, which becomes annoying fast. Hell, Bloody Bunny and the others are even annoyed by her!
    1. Not only her complaining is awful to listen to, but her singing in general (if not using any of Ayumi’s songs) in Episode 3 is also even worst, listen to it yourself.
  13. The Vampire Lord is a generic villain/antagonist, his English voice sounds like what you expect from other vampires and it’s also annoying to hear.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Bloody Bunny is a very likable deuteragonist and she is still in character like the previous BB installments. Plus, she’s also relatable and the only likable character in this series.
  2. Depsite lazy, Ayumi Hamasaki’s songs are amazing to hear.
    1. evolution has to be the best song out of all of them.
  3. The Skull Minions (BB’s arch-nemesis) are still present.
  4. The character designs are great to look at.
  5. The action is great to watch.
  6. Decent backgrounds.
  7. The final episode wasn’t so bad, and Bloody Bunny smiling in the final scene is cute.
  8. The Thai-language Dub is better than the English version.
  9. It’s "Feel the Love" Music Video is amazing, its flash-animation in the music video is better than the animated series.
  10. Bloody Bunny: The First Blood and also Bloody Bunny: The Game are these major improvements to the franchise.


Some fans of Bloody Bunny like the series, but many Bloody Bunny fans criticized the series to be too "family-friendly".

The comments of these episodes criticize the series, here’s the list of comments:

  1. This is much more "family-friendly" than the Bloody Bunny I know.
  2. It feels really stupid watching this after watching the ever-so-epic Bloody Bunny.
  3. This animation's not terrible, but after seeing the 15 episode Bloody Bunny, it's almost unfair to compare the two. Plus, the voice acting is a little hard to listen to. Only time and training can fix that. This series also feels like self-insert fanfiction. But this is only the first episode and there are a lot of shows that had bad first episodes but turned out pretty good.
  4. "YOU GUYS NEED SOME KAREOKE LESSONS!!" And YOU need some voice acting lessons.

And the show also received a 4.9/10 on IMDb And it got a 72% on Google Users.


  1. The show was a special thanks to Ayumi Hamasaki herself.



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