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Awesome Inc

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Awesome Inc.
May not be in the levels of Bento Box Entertainment, but they're not an awesome animation studio.
Industry: Animation
Founded: 2006
Founder: Ashley Kohler
Drew Tyndell
Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Key people: Ashley Kohler (president)

Awesome Inc., also known as We Are: Awesome Incorporated, is an American woman owned and led animation and motion design studio founded in 2006 by Ashley Kohler and Drew Tyndell. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Awesome Inc. is known for both commercial and series production, with clients including FX Networks, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Wieden+Kennedy, Warner Bros. Discovery and Marvel.

Why They're Not Awesome

  1. Their animation in most of the adult cartoons they work with ranges from weak and bad since they use ToonBoom Harmony in a not-good and inappropriately way to animate the shows they work on, which is unacceptable for an animation studio like this one, where the studio is owned and led by women, including its owner who also is a woman.
  2. Speaking of which, Comedy Central chose them to animate the Ren and Stimpy reboot and Daria's spin-off movie, Jodie (which the latter was later announced that it would no longer air on Comedy Central and it is unknown where it will be aired instead, possibly it will air on Paramount+ or MTV instead), despite as said before about their animation for the most part not being good and also Ren and Stimpy is a show that has a very fluid, expressive and well-made animation, that doesn't fit in a studio-like Awesome Inc, the same goes for the studio that doesn't fit for a cartoon-like R&S, that belongs and fits more with a studio like the currently defunct Spümcø (John Kricfalusi's studio where the cartoon originated). Originally the former was going to be made at Nickelodeon Animation Studio, but unfortunately, supposedly due to the negative response from the American animation industry against the reboot, Nick Animation dropped out of the reboot as a result of the backlash and Comedy Central replaced them with Awesome Inc to animate the reboot instead.
  3. They worked on average shows like Birdgirl (during Season 1).
  4. To rub some salt into the wound, one of the two victims of John Kricfalusi, Robyn Byrd, works for them, but as a consultant for the R&S reboot, to avoid the reboot triggers John K's victims, despite the damage she almost caused to the Ren and Stimpy reboot to be cancelled with her misleading petition, showing they are not aware about Robyn's despicable tentative for trying to cancel the reboot with misinformation.
  5. Just like Butch Hartman, they traced an image of Stimpy from the original series that was in the leaked image of the reboot's production in Robyn Byrd's name that could easily found on the internet, showing laziness from them, since why they can't redraw him instead of tracing an image of Stimpy from the original show?
  6. Because of these reasons, they're one of the reasons why the American adult television animation industry has a bad name nowadays.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Their animation in commercials they did is better than their animation in most of the adult cartoons they work on, considering the major part of their works are commercials.
    • They also worked better on Aqua Teen Hunger Force (during Seasons 9-11) and Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm, making the animation more fluider then Radical Axis does.
  2. Their logo looks pretty cool and well-made.



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