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Astronaut Ryan Found an Alien Puppy in Space (Ryan's World)

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"Astronaut Ryan Found an Alien Puppy in Space"
Ozzie episode.jpg
How can you be the highest earning YouTuber, yet you have very poor animation skills?!
Part of Season: Galaxy Explorers
Episode Number: 1 (of Galaxy Exploers)
Air Date: August 14, 2021
Writer: Unknown
Director: Unknown
Next episode: "Astronaut Ryan Space Race with Combo Panda"[1]

"Astronaut Ryan Found an Alien Puppy in Space" is an animated webisode of Ryan's World.


Combo Panda finds a mysterious green puppy and shows it to his friends, but soon they realize something isn't right.

Why You Won't Find It in Space

  1. Misleading title: It's titled "Astronaut Ryan found an Alien Puppy in Space", but in the webisode itself, Combo Panda is the one who finds the puppy.
    • The webisode title also uses laughably bad grammar, most likely to target younger kids.
  2. The writing is very poor and this results in a basic, mediocre plotline.
  3. All the backgrounds consist of stolen clip-art from Shutterstock. If you want proof, take a screenshot of a background, and then use Reverse Image Search.
  4. The Flash animation is extremely abysmal, as the lip-syncing is almost non-existent, and the character movements are stiff, lazy, and unnatural. There were better animations made on the software in 1999, such as Happy Tree Friends.
  5. Most of the characters are jerks in this webisode, and lack any personality whatsoever, especially Alpha Lexa, who argues with Combo for no reason in several scenes.
  6. The voice acting is bad, especially from Ryan, who sounds like he recorded his lines without a microphone.
  7. The jokes are bad and unoriginal.[2]

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Combo Panda is surprisingly likable in this webisode, as he is learning how to take care of a responsibility.
  2. Despite being mostly bad, the animation is actually decent in several scenes, including the ending.


  • This is the first webisode in the Galaxy Explorers season.



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