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Armed man invades Band's Jogo da Vida

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Although he was suffering and needed help to see his daughters again, it was wrong for him to invade a Band program with a revolver (luckily he didn't shoot anyone).

Jogo da Vida was a Brazilian television program presented by Márcia Goldschmidt on Sundays and then from Monday to Friday by Rede Bandeirantes. It premiered on October 12, 2003 and was a program about relationships and audience.

On October 17, 2004, the car salesman Moacir Camargo Borges invaded the program's studio armed with a 38-caliber revolver. Márcia Goldschmit was interviewing the singer Waguinho. Moacir had sought help from the program about a month earlier, asking for help in finding his daughters and reconciling with his wife, but had been informed by the production that the program could not help him, as his ex-wife did not want to no contact with him. Before, he also tried to seek help from Ratinho and Gugu Liberato to be able to find his daughters again, but without success.

The young man stormed the studio completely nervous, repeating that he was desperate to reconcile with his wife and see his two daughters again. The guy threatened to shoot the revolver if the program went off the air; he was interrupted, but he was being shown on the monitor, to be tricked, but there was a lapse and he noticed. The audience, which comprised around 200 people, was in a state of panic and was removed from the studio. Márcia tried to remain calm and talk to Moacir. Fearing that the man might jeopardize someone's life on stage, Band decided to stay with the program on the air for about six minutes. Shortly thereafter, Moacir was disarmed by a plainclothes policeman who was watching the program in the audience and managed to immobilize and surrender the invader, who was taken out of the studio. After the commercials, the program returned to the air with journalist Guilherme Bentana telling viewers that, due to the incident, the presenter was no longer able to resume the program, as she was shaken. The program ended an hour and a half in advance. Instead, the network aired the program Videos Mais Incríveis.

Borges was taken to the 34th DP (Vila Sônia). He was booked in flagrante delicto for illegally carrying a weapon and indicted for home violation, disturbing the telecommunication service and endangering his life or health. In 2005, Moacir was sentenced to two years in open prison and a fine of one minimum wage. The penalty was transformed into the provision of community services.[1]

Many years later, on 2021, the program Balanço Geral from RecordTV located Moacir, that he remains estranged from his daughters and doesn't know how they are today. He took the opportunity to ask Márcia Goldschmidt's forgiveness saying: "I want to apologize, ask for forgiveness if I caused any harm in your trajectory, in your life, forgive me and I'm sorry." After showing the interview, Márcia Goldschmidt told the program if she would forgive Moacir: "It was very difficult, but I recognize that the consequences of your act were very harsh. I don't feel superior to forgiving someone, I'm a human being like any other. I got over it, it's over, but it was also difficult for you. Don't ask me for forgiveness, ask God for forgiveness, it's not my place to forgive someone. It is fine." [2]



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