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Appetite for Destruction (The Loud House)

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Appetite for Destruction
Appetite for Destruction.png
Behold, the episode that destroyed Lily’s character in a whole.
Series: The Loud House
Part of Season: 5
Episode Number: 26a
Air Date: October 19, 2021 (UK)
January 16, 2022 (USA)
Writer: Danny Warren
Director: Jessica Borutski
Previous episode: High Crimes
Next episode: Frame on You

Appetite for Destruction is the 46th episode (47th in production order), and the first segment of the finale of the fifth season of The Loud House.


Mom and Dad suspect Lily's new friends at preschool may be a bad influence on her when she starts to misbehave at the house.

Why This Episode Really Deserves Its Destruction

  1. After Schooled!, Lily was shown to attend Baby Bunker Preschool and there were plenty of opportunities to showcase it in The Loud House's fifth season. But no, they had to wait until the very end of the season for the preschool to finally get an episode, and a not good one at that.
  2. Similar to Brian's a Bad Father and Party Pooper Pants, the title made the plot predictable since it gave away what Lily's behavior is going to be.
  3. This episode could have been a great way to show off Lily's "terrible twos" stage, but completely misses the mark on that. Instead, Lily is portrayed like that for the sake of a plot.
  4. It's kinda scary to watch Lily behave how she does in this episode.
  5. Speaking of Lily herself, is really unlikable since she turned into become a cytopathic toddler who takes her bad behavior to extremes, including taping her teacher to a wall, beating up another preschool kid and throwing a chair at her parents.
    • She is also a Karma Houdini since she doesn't get any comeuppance for her actions.
  6. There is too much gross-out humor in this episode, even for this show's standards.
  7. Leni being such a ditz from her first appearance at the preschool just has to be called back in this episode.
  8. The cause of Lily's bad behavior in this episode is not because of her new preschool friends, but it's from eating too much Parmesan cheese that her dad's pen pal sent him and getting constipated from it. How could we have known?
    • Being constipated does not give anyone a chance to act all nasty like this!
  9. Mrs. And Mr. Loud are no better, as they don't PUNISH Lily, even after ATTACKING A YOUNG BOY!
  10. Bad ending: After eating a cheese sandwich for lunch, the bad behavior Lily had gets spread to Leni, also at the preschool.
  11. Overall, this episode, along with Frame on You, was a horrible way to end season five.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Good voice-acting as always.
  2. The rest of the characters (except for Lily, the Loud parents, and Lily's school friends) are likable.
  3. Great animation as usual.
  4. At least they did get rid Lily's bad behavior.


Because of how Lily was portrayed in this episode along with the petty reasoning behind it, Appetite for Destruction was widely hated by critics, audiences, and fans of the series, as it currently holds a 3/10 on IMDb,[1] making it the lowest rated episode of the series.


  • This episode shares its name with Guns N' Roses' debut album from 1987.
  • The title of the episode gives away the cause of Lily's bad behavior involving eating.
  • This episode aired in the UK three months before its USA premiere.


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