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Anywhere But Here (Sabrina: The Animated Series)

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Anywhere But Here (Sabrina: The Animated Series)
Anywhere But Here.jpg
Remember kids, childhood sucks, but enjoy it, 'cause it'll only get worse from there!
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 16
Air Date: September 23, 1999
Previous episode: Paranormal Pi
Next episode: Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Something From a Coven

Anywhere But Here is the 16th episode of Sabrina: the Animated Series.


After being denied access to an age-inappropriate movie, told not to buy a CD recommended for older audiences, and barred from playing a video game for young adults, Sabrina wishes she were grown up and gets sent to a reality where she's an adult married to Harvey with three hyperactive kids, no magic, and struggling to deal with adulthood.

Why It Should Be Sent Anywhere But Here

  1. The episode's moral is meant to be "enjoy your childhood while it lasts", but it's extremely botched by hypocrisy and the episode's insistency on making both sides look awful. It starts with childhood being portrayed as bad, then it switches to adulthood being portrayed as bad, which muddles up the message they were trying to send.
  2. In one scene where Sabrina isn't able to play a game, because she's "too young", and a bunch of seniors is excited to use it. But later, when she's an adult, she goes to use it and is made fun of for using it, even though she's not elderly.
  3. Salem is made into even more of a jerk here than usual (which is saying a lot) for the plot to work. He gives Sabrina a pocket watch to make her an adult for 24 hours, and if she stays longer, it would last forever. And he's completely okay with permanently ruining her life! Sure he was already established as an evil sorcerer who was turned into a cat for centuries as punishment for trying to take over the world (and still plots to do so) and had no intentions of helping Sabrina once she became a witch, but this is just irresponsible.
  4. There's a scene where Harvey and Sabrina are getting into a PG-13 rated movie, and the woman in the booth asks Sabrina for her age, but not Harvey. Not only that, but she says you need an adult to see it. That's not how PG-13 rated films work! That's how R-Rated films work!
  5. At one point, they state that kids can eat all the junk food they want and never suffer any negative health effects as a result, but the same doesn't apply to adults. This is simply untrue, as both children, and adults can end up obese if they eat too much unhealthy food, and the effects of unhealthy food aren't things you ever "outgrow with age". Some people have problems with metabolism and can't eat garbage, and they aren't limited to adults.
  6. Harvey in Sabrina's adult life is incredibly lazy and passive. When their kids are wreaking havoc on the house, he does nothing about it and simply tells her to make dinner for the family, and at one point, takes Sabrina's pocket watch she got from Salem to become an adult out of the garbage and gives it to his kids to play with!
  7. Its overall message comes off as "Once you reach adulthood, your life will suck from then on!", which is a very bad moral to teach kids, as it can make kids afraid of growing up. Not to mention how there are still episodes of shows nowadays that are still teaching this moral.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A few funny moments here and there, namely "Yeah, well, I'm 44 and I'm tired of dressing up like an idiot and making a fool of myself in public, okay? So just take the darn balloon, will you kid?"
  2. The animation is still as great as always.



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