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Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better (Total Drama World Tour)

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Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better
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(Tongue out) This episode sure isn't doing anything better than freezing.
Series: Total Drama
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: Season: 4

Overall: 58

Air Date: Canada: September 23, 2010

US: July 12, 2010

Writer: Terry McGurrin
Director: Keith Oliver

Chad Hicks

Previous episode: Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan
Next episode: Broadway, Baby!

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better is the 4th episode of Total Drama World Tour.


The three teams fly to the Yukon Territory and undertake a number of challenges in the freezing temperatures. Tyler begins to frustrate himself and work extra hard as he tries to get the attention of his former flame, Lindsay. Alejandro takes advantage of Bridgette and gets her eliminated.

Why It Should Get Stuck To A Pole

  1. This is a torture episode for Bridgette as Alejandro manipulates her into cheating on her boyfriend, Geoff, which causes her tongue to get stuck to a pole.
    • Although she wanted to remove the pole using Chris' water, he tossed it on the ground after drinking it. After grabbing the bottle, she pours only a droplet of water on her tongue, which leads to her team costing the second challenge, again.
    • Chris also made a song for her, along with the Team Amazon, which is not only embarrassing, but also humiliates the poor contestant.
    • It also means that it is just mean to Bridgette (or Gidgette) fans and the conflict with Geoff rises in the episode, Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water.
  2. On top of that, Bridgette became flanderized from a sweet and caring surfer girl to a girl who does not control her hormones.
  3. Sierra poking Cody's foot is very painful and disturbing, in an animated reality show, but at least it doesn't show the aftermath.
  4. Chris is unlikable as he refuses to give the contestants jackets and mockingly tells them that those will be delivered in 6-8 weeks which causes the other contestants to stay cold without wearing jackets which happens again in Sweden Sour. Cody is the one who gets it real bad as he falls in the ice water and walks in the Yukon for a longer time nearly getting hypothermia.
    • In reality, if someone doesn't wear a jacket, a coat, or proper winter clothing, they will freeze to death.
  5. The scene where Lindsay calls Tyler "Noah" even though the real Noah is still competing with the other contestants from Team Chris, which is just embarrassing and questionable.
    • This is ironic, since Lindsay is incredibly stupid enough to say the proper contestants' names in the past Total Drama seasons.
  6. Continuity error: Tyler said "Even Zeke gets more play, and he always gets eliminated first." since Ezekiel was the second one to be eliminated so Duncan was the first one to be eliminated in this season.
    • Although, he was referring to the "Drop of Shame" elimination instead of the official elimination of Total Drama World Tour.
  7. There is also a gross-out moment where Owen urinates in the ice water.
  8. Plot Hole: If Owen pees in the water, how did it literally followed Cody?
  9. There is a mean-spirited moment where Heather whips Courtney using a whip as she doesn't know how to wear a harness.
  10. DJ keeps complaining about his animal curse like the previous episodes which becomes very annoying.
    • This happens when he accidentally kicks a baby seal at one point during the second challenge (due to his eyes being frozen shut, so he couldn’t see anything), which is mean-spirited.
  11. Bridgette's elimination is tragic as she wanted to everyone know that Alejandro is evil for manipulating her and leaving her stuck to the pole, but Chris says that it's time for her to go just when she can convince her team about what happened. After she pulls the string of the parachute, it does not open the parachute effectively due to the pole, leaving her in danger.
    • Another plot hole: When the contestants are voting, they vote DJ and Bridgette in the bottom two, but in reality, Leshawna is the one who did not saw the checkpoint flags, so she should be the one in the bottom two with Bridgette.
    • It also means that this was a bad sendoff to Bridgette, as she never competes again in World Tour or any future seasons, not counting her guest appearance in Revenge of the Island's episode "Backstabbers Ahoy!".
  12. Bad ending: Bridgette tries to warn her teammates about Alejandro's true colors but is unable to be understandable due to her tongue sticked to the pole which Chris refused to remove.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Great voice acting and animation as well.
  2. The whole challenge itself is good, even though Chris said that it is deadly.
  3. Tyler was a very likable character this episode, and got his moment to shine after he was eliminated early in the first season.
    • Some characters such as Noah, Lindsay, and Gwen are also likable characters as they focus on the challenge.
  4. There is a funny moment where Izzy and Tyler realize that a box of radioactive material is a radio.
  5. There are some good and heartwarming moments, such as the contestants hugging each other and Team Chris crosses the finish line first by leaning it forward.
  6. Speaking of RQ#4, this is the first time Team Chris is the winner of this episode.
  7. Ezekiel makes a short comeback in this episode.
  8. Half-decent and funny ending: After Tyler finished talking about his proud achievement in the confessional, Lindsay calls him "Noah" again, much to his dismay.
  9. The "Stuck To A Pole" song is pretty catchy.


  1. This is the first episode in Total Drama that Duncan doesn't make an appearance (if counting his brief appearance in the Japanese Promo for "Total Drama Action" in "Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan")


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