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*Insert character's name*'s Deathbed

Deathbed Videos is a series of videos on YouTube made by Antoons about a character from a certain franchise dying after a video game, TV show, etc. featuring them is released. They began in 2017 and are still being made to this day.

Why These Videos Suck

  1. They are mostly the same thing happening over and over again. They just go like this: A character enters a hospital, signs a guest sheet, and meets the people of a dying character's franchise. Dying character wakes up with everyone happy he/she's okay, another character then gets a tweet announcing a new thing pertaining to the character's franchise, such as a reboot, new game, or other despised things, the dying character dies while a friend or relative of theirs screams their name, and everyone cries for the rest of the video, dying characters’ trademark item falls to the ground. This can get very boring, annoying, predictable, and repetitive quickly for obvious reasons.
  2. It tries too hard be depressing and emotional and make you feel sorry for the dying character and other characters, but fails according to WTVS#1, it gets very annoying and predictable quickly.
  3. Almost everyone in each video looks traced over. This proves how extremely lazy Antoons is to draw and animate characters. Heck, Finn and Jake's Deathbed description points it out that they’re indeed traced!
  4. The voice acting is garbage and very ludicrous. It also may not match the actual voice acting in the original show or games.
  5. Each character is animated so that they look closely to what they looked in the original show or game. However, the animation, in general, tends to be lazy, slow, and cheap-looking.
  6. The music in the videos are boring to listen too and not even emotional.
  7. It is possible that Robin's Deathbed DX and The PowerPuff Girls' Deathbed were made to promote hate on Teen Titans Go! and the 2016 PPG series, respectively.
  8. Some of the characters featured in these videos aren't even related to the dying character's franchise (Although, in Sonic's Deathbed, Mario relates to the dying character's franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog):
    • Astro Boy and Jenny Wakeman (My Life as a Teenage Robot) in The PowerPuff Girls' Deathbed.
    • Fred Flintstone (The Flintstones) in Homer Simpson's Deathbed.
    • Spider-Man and Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) in Robin's Deathbed DX.
    • Felix the Cat and Rocko (Rocko’s Modern Life) in Spongebob's Deathbed.
    • Unico (a Sanrio character) in My Little Pony’s (or Twilight Sparkle’s) Deathbed.
    • Tom Terrific, Mordecai and Rigby (Regular Show), Chowder, Clarence, Gumball Watterson (The Amazing World of Gumball), Uncle Grandpa, Flapjack (The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack), Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls), and Lincoln Loud (The Loud House) in Finn and Jake’s Deathbed.
  9. There are very mean-spirited moments in these videos. For example, one of the guest characters is about to use something to help the dying character revive only for another one to stop him/her; basically, other characters want to prevent them from saving the dying character and let the grieving characters continue on crying and suffering.
  10. The reason(s) why the dying character is dying are never shown nor explained. Also, how can someone die from a tweet promoting a new season?!
  11. There are unnecessary scenes where most of the main cast also dies and get killed in the same video. Like in Homer Simpson's Deathbed, in which the entire Simpson family dies for no reason. In Robin's Deathbed DX, all the Titans (including Spider-Man) get killed by Beast Boy (because the Joker shot a dart to make him go berserk), who then commits suicide on a mouse trap. (When he transforms into a mouse).
  12. The creator, Antoons, can't seem bother learning from the criticism he's receiving.
    • First off, he falsely copyright claimed Toony The Loon’s Toons rant.
    • Second, he commented on Daniel T. Gaming's rant, telling him his reasons weren't valid (despite that they are) and rudely told him he wasn't on YouTube long enough (that's a lie, because he joined on 2012, 2 years before Antoons did). He even told him to learn what a meme is. Which shows he treats others like idiots by insulting their intelligence.
  13. One of the sounds in Robin's Deathbed DX were stolen by him. This sound is the glass breaking sound from Minecraft when Leonardo breaks the mad dart on Beast Boy to revert him back to normal.
  14. When Antoons hits a milestone of subscribers, each episode becomes a series, from Deathbed to Funeral, from Funeral to Heaven, and from Heaven to Hell. That's when it goes downhill and becomes more downright disturbing. That shows you how edgy Antooons really is.
  15. Speaking of Antoons' Funeral, they also suffer the same problems as the deathbed videos:
    • Same character from before goes to the dead characters funeral.
    • The character cries and runs off.
    • The friend or relative screams why skyward.
    • The characters bring coffin of dead character.
    • The characters dig up grave while other characters still cry.
    • The character cries while watching their beloved dead character gets buried.
    • The villain/arch-nemesis of the franchise laughs and then cries at their enemy/nemesis' death.
    • The character visits dead character’s tombstone and places a gift for them.
    • End of story.
  16. They really show that not only Antoons is really edgy, but he also prefers quantity over quality.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It is likely that Antoons created the videos to be only memes, based on what he said to Daniel T. Gaming about learning memes. And it is also likely that Antoons created these videos just to show his darker side or the darker side of YouTube.
  2. Peter Griffin's Deathbed is an April Fools episode of this series and it’s also the most tolerable out of the series.


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