Animation Sins

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Animation Sins
This channel is the biggest sin.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: Depends
Country: United States
Release Date: October 22, 2017 - July 13, 2020
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: EnchantedMob and ZAMination
Distributed by: YouTube
Episodes: 121

Animation Sins was a YouTube channel run EnchantedMob and ZAmination. It is a sin channel that mostly sins flaws in the video.

On July 13, 2020, the channel was abandoned after nearly three years and a total of 121 sinned videos.

Why It Got Sinned

  1. The idea of a channel dedicated to sinning videos, while sounding OK, doesn't work because, unlike CinemaSins which had funny recurring jokes that made it humorous, Animation Sins has no such qualities. They only focus on the flaws and have no humor when mentioning it whatsoever.
  2. They are extremely nitpicky, picking on every little, insignificant detail. It has gotten to the point where one may consider the channel to be more a bullying channel that a channel to help improve content.
  3. The community, when compared to CinemaSins, isn't one to point out flaws. Take the CinemaSins channel for example. They sin movies from a company that really doesn't care if a small team points out flaws. Here, Animation Sins pick on videos that come from a community filled with inexperienced animators and may make them very unmotivated to continue.
  4. If you ask them to not sin your animations, they will tell you to not ask them to, showing that they hypocritically can't handle criticism.
  5. The Ekrcoaster drama. While it is mentioned in the EnchantedMob and Zamination page, this was a whole different situation. They refused to stop sinning his videos (like they had a personal vendetta against Ekrcoaster), dismissed the problem and basically told him to take it in pride rather than with offense. It got to the point where several team members supported him and told him what was happening but weren't able to help him take down those videos, due to being bound by contract.
  6. The video, ''Everything Wrong With Animation vs. Minecraft'' shows just how pathetically nitpicky they are. Ignoring the fact that was made by Alan Becker (a very skilled animator with animations that really have lots of heart put into it) and the time it took for him to animate (nearly a year), they forgot all about The Principles of Animation and the way Minecraft is portrayed here for plot purposes.
  7. Overall, it sped up the decline of EnchantedMob and ZAMination.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It was thankfully abandoned.
  2. It sounded interesting, but was poorly executed.


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