And Justice for None (Action League Now!)

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"Can a disrobed ding-dong derail the League's demise? Find out in the action-canned conclusion of... Action League NOW!"

And Justice for None is an episode of the Action League Now! segment of KaBlam!, which aired in the series' 37th episode "KaFun!". It is also the season 3 finale of the series in release order, although it is the series finale in rerun order. In this episode, the Action League is put up on trial and risks being terminated if they don't appeal.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is a clip show as a season/series finale, which is already a bad sign and shows laziness.
  2. Due to the episode being structured around a clip show, there is no action in this episode.
  3. Meltman's and The Flesh's memories on what they previously did only serves as filler, since they both add nothing helpful to the league's case.
  4. Stinky Diver says that he has no moments where he isn't violent, even though there are times where he is nowhere near violent, such as when he appeased the Big Baby in the "Big Baby" episode.
  5. The cliffhanger where The Flesh is dependent on if the league becomes terminated or not ends up being pointless and unorthodox, as The Flesh only just mentions the time where he hurts other people.
  6. If you take it as the season finale approach as originally intended, it creates a huge plothole due to the Action League still being run on the season 4 episodes.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Stinky Diver angrily throwing out his harpoon and accidentally causing the columns to collapse on the judgestand is a bit satisfying way to truly end the series, avenging its termination.


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