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Aloha Höek (The Ren & Stimpy Show)

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Aloha Höek (The Ren & Stimpy Show)
Spoiler Alert: Ren and Stimpy turn out to be revealed as Russian communist spies in disguise at the end of the episode.
Series: The Ren and Stimpy Show
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 9b
Air Date: January 14, 1995
Writer: Jim Gomez
Bill Wray
Bob Camp
Director: Bill Wray
Previous episode: Pixie King
Next episode: Insomniac Ren

Aloha Höek is the 17th episode of season 4 of The Ren & Stimpy Show.


While Ren would rather be in a whale carcass on a deserted island, Stimpy is at The Big Kahuna's (voiced by Dom DeLuise) tropical paradise.

Why We Should Say Aloha (Goodbye) to Ren In This Episode

  1. This is the only episode where Ren is so unlikable in the original series. Not to mention that he kicked his friend, Stimpy out of the whale carcass in the most unpleasant way possible, which is something what "Adult Party Cartoon" Ren would do, not the original series Ren.
  2. Not only that, Ren didn't really listen to Stimpy as he decides to stay in the carcass, and not care what Stimpy says about why the whale carcass wasn't a good place to live inside the first place. Oh, and he calls Stimpy a bloody communist, which gets the writers the idea of adding Russian communist spies in the end of the episode.
  3. The "12 years later" title card makes no sense, as Ren could have died inside the carcass.
  4. The story plot is just stupid, awful, and completely pointless.
  5. Nonsensical ending: It turns out Ren and Stimpy are disguised by two Soviet Russian spies completing their mission, and it's never explained where Ren and Stimpy were outside of the island. There was also no mission, so what was the point?
  6. The crab family are pointless characters, and yet, they make Ren walk the fly, and do all their work like he is being a slave. Ren didn't done anything to tempt fate, get punished for a reason or not, nor did he ever end up in complete pain possible.
  7. Ren basically dies by drowning after trying to escape from the island with the fly. Speaking of Ren's death in this episode, how did the fly not die?
  8. Basically your typical episode that starts out good until things go downhill, like any episode where things went fine until things finally start going wrong.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Good use of Hawaiian music that was later used in SpongeBob SquarePants such as Stack of Leis and Honolulu March.
  2. The beginning of the episode was at least average.
  3. Its sister episode, Pixie King is at least a better episode than this one.
  4. The animation is probably at its smoothest & best in this episode and great voice acting as usual.


The episode received negative reviews from fans like It's a Dog's Life. This is one of the rare episodes that is considered to be the worst episode of the original series by fans. The episode was criticized for the ending where the Russian communist spies have been disguised as Ren and Stimpy the whole entire time, Ren being unlikable in the episode by telling Stimpy to leave the whale carcass in an unpleasant way, that leaves Stimpy to a place where he gets something good, the heavy use of gross-out material and the mean spirited and unfunny vibe felt in the episode later on as Ren is to be tortured the entire episode until he later dies in the end after drowning in the water with the fly, who couldn't fly any further, these reasons were why the episode was hated. Well-known cartoon devotee Thad Komorowski gave this episode a "Bomb" rating on his Sick Little Monkeys: The Unauthorized Ren & Stimpy Story book. He wrote in regards to it: "Another episode that passes off grossness for substance; even DeLuise cannot save it".


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