A Wide Delivery (Thomas & Friends: All Engine Go!)

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A Wide Delivery (Thomas & Friends: All Engine Go!)
This episode is wide alright. Widely Bad!
Series: Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 11
Air Date: September 17th 2021 (US)
November 22nd 2021 (UK)
Writer: Niki Lytton
Director: Campbell Bryer
Previous episode: Sandy's Sandy Shipment
Next episode: Backwards Day


Thomas must work with Diesel to deliver a house instead of Percy making him try and get out of it.

Why It Should Get Sprayed In The Face By A Skunk

  1. Thomas is unlikeable in this episode because he doesn't want to work with Diesel - all because he's not his best friend. Even worse, he tries to get out of doing his job by manipulating Diesel.
  2. The whole plot idea of Thomas and Diesel delivering a house makes the Sharon Miller era deliveries (eg, the book in open rolling stock in "Time For a Story") look realistic in comparison. Even worse, this is something that is quite literately impossible to do in real life logic.
    • In fact, It would be more practical to just build another house.
  3. The infamous scene where Thomas and Diesel get sprayed by a skunk making them almost vomit.
  4. Like many of the songs in the series, "A Partner on the Rails" is really lame.
  5. Lazy Title: It just copies the title of "A Quiet Delivery" and replaces the worst "Quiet" with "Wide".
  6. A couple animation errors including Thomas and Nia's coal bunkers missing in a few scenes.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Thomas and Diesel at least finally get along together in the end.


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