A Mountain Very Very Very Very Higher (El Chavo Animado)

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Una Montaña Altisisisísima
Una Montaña Altisisisisima.png
Writers, do you think Don Ramón torture episodes are funny?
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 81
Air Date: September 9, 2010
Previous episode: Chavo's Plant
Next episode: A Big Big Adventure

A Mountain Very Very Very Very Higher (Una Montaña Altisisisísima in the original) is the third episode of the fourth season of El Chavo Animado.

Why It's Very Very Very Very Short

  1. Really unfunny and abysmal title.
  2. Like these two episodes, this is YET another Don Ramón torture episode. Precisely since the sixth minute. When will the writers stop realizing that these episodes are terrible?! Do they like torture in cartoons?!
  3. The kids aren't only unlikeable in this episode, but also too many insistent with Don Ramón by asking him to take care of the games, not knowing that the owner can't even keep an eye on them in case they do something crazy.
  4. The episode starts with a filler scene showing the kids watching the television "El Chapulin Colorado".
  5. The name of the bouncy slide is very simplistic and also unoriginal, it is called "El Monte Everest".
  6. It has some unfunny jokes, like for example:
    • When Chavo hits Quico with the Chipote Chillón and he stumbles upon Profesor Jirafales.
    • When Ñoño comes as a journalist with a microphone and yells at Don Ramón.
    • A "fourth wall break" when Ñoño ends up crushed by the other kids and Don Ramón grabs him by the head to return him to his normal state.
    • A Godinez dialogue when Ñoño says "Niños y mujeres primero!" and he says "Aquí nomas hay niños y mujeres".
    • When Quico flies around in a gumball and ends up falling into the slide.
  7. The scene where the mosquitoes make a picnic on Don Ramon's nose while he sleeps is totally useless.
  8. The children were the ones who punctured the slide "Monte Everest" slide and the one who took the blame was Don Ramón; even though he was sleeping and wasn't aware of them until then.
  9. The Owner of the games is very harsh and unlikable as he threatened Don Ramon that if something bad happened to his games, he will pay the owner severely. This shows that the owner of the games was one of the characters that caused Don Ramon's torture in this episode.
  10. Doña Florinda and Doña Clotilde only appear as filler characters, Doña Florinda at the beginning and Doña Clotilde at the end of the episode.
  11. The name of the second mountain (The one that appears at the end of the episode) isn't much better, because this one is called "La Montaña Brusca."
  12. The Ending Just Sucks So bad: Don Ramón ends stucked and filled with leaves in a tree, the owner of the games reappears and is surprised and angry to see how his games are out of control and blames Don Ramon even though he tried to fix it as best he could and as punishment ends up being carried by Señor Barriga and being forged to work, while the kids get away with cheering him and yelling at him.
  13. As would be usual in these kinds of episodes, the kids aren't punished for their actions.
  14. The Owner of the Games is also not punished for his actions.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A few funny scenes like:
    • When Quico jumps to make a hole in the inflatable slide.
    • When Don Ramon tries to inflate the bouncy slide and then pops it up again until it falls down can be unintentionally funny.
    • When Señor Barriga comes and sees that El Chavo into the bungee jumping hits him on the head, following one more time one of the classic running gags of the live-action series.
    • When Don Ramón and Quico end up in space and suddenly they go like meteors until they fall into the bouncy slide.
  2. To be fair, this time Don Ramón was also at fault for being irresponsible and falling asleep while the children were playing with the bouncy slide when he was supposed to take care of the owner's games, although that's still also the kids' fault for having insisted on it.
  3. Some El Chapulin Colorado references that give the episode some special touch.
  4. Due to the negative feedback of this episode, the Owner of the games was never seen or heard again in another episode of the show.



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