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AKOM Production Company
애이콤 프로덕션
Korean version of TMS Entertainment? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
Industry: Animation
Founded: 1985
Headquarters: Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Key people: Nelson Shin
N. J. Kim (formerly)

AKOM Production Company (Animation KOrea Movie, 애이콤 프로덕션; or simply just AKOM) is a South Korean animation studio located in Songpa-gu, Seoul, founded by Nelson Shin in 1985. N. J. Kim once served as an overseas animation producer for AKOM.

Why They Suck

One of the Examples of the AKOM animation errors on Transformers.
  1. To get the cat out of the bag, they are very infamous for their animation and timing errors, especially the first version of the supposed The Simpsons pilot, "Some Enchanted Evening", in which they, along with Klasky Csupo, were responsible for that awful animation that almost caused the series to be pulled by the network before even premiering on television. However, the episode, instead, ended up serving as the final episode of the first season rather than serving as the series' pilot, because of this. Even James L. Brooks hated the horrible animation of the episode made by them.
  2. Most of their animation work are noticeably pretty stilted. Examples given are Animaniacs, Batman: The Animated Series and even X-Men: The Animated Series.
    • Speaking of Animaniacs, they had to be fired in the final season mainly due to this.
    • Bruce Timm claimed that AKOM's best episode of Batman: The Animated Series still needed several retakes.
  3. Their episodes of The Transformers animated series are full of animation errors, some examples includes wrong character models being used (they had a manner of using Grimlock's rounded robot mode head and giving Optimus Prime and Soundwave white backpacks) and layers done terribly, which makes character will disappear behind something, despite actually behind him.
  4. In addition to WTS#2, the latter's pilot, "Night of the Sentinels" had a ridiculous amount of animation errors, in which AKOM didn't even bother going back and fixing, showing how lazy they are when it comes to fixing animation errors.
  5. Sometimes, their animation work ranges to just plain ugly and mediocre, with shows like Dooly the Little Dinosaur (the original 1987 series) and Rude Dog and the Dweebs being the prime example.
  6. They gave a very bad name to the overseas animation industry, along with Fil-Cartoons and Rainbow Animation Group.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of their animation work are actually decent at times, such as Arthur (until Season 11; and it's spin-off Postcards from Buster for the first season), Space Cats, the unused Crash Bandicoot 2D cutscene, and The Simpsons (aside from Some Enchanted Evening).
  2. The way AKOM showed us how they make the animation for The Simpsons was actually pretty interesting.
  3. Because The Simpsons is more-or-less the only American series they still animate (and even then, many episodes are animated by Rough Draft Studios), the damage caused by their animation is kept to a minimum since the 2000s.