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"This is ABS - CBN Corporation Channel 2, In The Service of the Filipino. Now signing off".

On May 5, 2020, the NTC (National Telecommunications Commision) filed a cease and desist order to stop airing ABS - CBN free television and radio stations nationwide due to expiration of the franchise, biased reporting, yellow propaganda, the questioned citizenship of former CEO Eugenio Lopez III (also known as Gabby Lopez) and when comedian Vice Ganda challenged Pastor Apollo Quiboloy to cancel FPJ's Ang ProbinsyanoBTSW (ABS - CBN's longest running teleserye), stop the EDSA traffic and called him arrogant. Dictator President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to block the renewal of the franchise after ABS - CBN aired anti - Duterte ads and failed to brodcast his paid advertisments during the 2016 election. Celebrities from ABS - CBN and GMA took to social media to express their devastation and anger to NTC. Due to the network's shutdown, fans of the network decided to sell or throw away their TVs (which spawned the "Tapon TV" challenge). The shutdown would also spawn memes from social media (most notably from Coco Martin and Kim Chiu for her "Bawal Lumabas" (also known as "Law of Classroom"), where she made the meme to a hit single and the Wish 107.5 version becoming one of the most disliked video in the Philippines). On Tuesday, May 12. Several campus publications and organizations including the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP), College Editors Guild of the Philippines, and Concerned Artists of the Philippines have made a petition on change.org for the approval of the franchise renewal a week after the network was forced off-air.

The network's shutdown was confirmed when the dubbed version of the 2018 remake of Meteor Garden was interrupted in favor of a simulcast of DZMM TeleRadyo, followed by a special edition of TV Patrol dedicated to the cease and desist order which was aired with no commercial breaks. Following TV Patrol, ABS-CBN aired it's presentation on how the lives of Filipinos have been affected by the network, followed by their version of Lupang Hinirang which was shot in 2013. The network then officially signed off at 7:52 PM local time with the statement "This is ABS - CBN Corporation Channel 2, In The Service of the Filipino. Now signing off".

On July 10, 2020, the congress voted 69 (1 deceased)-11 to deny the franchise renewal, likely due to being controlled by Rodrigo Duterte, who was in favor of wanting the network to be shut down.

Why it Sucked

  1. Many Filipinos lost their main source of news and entertainment.
  2. Many free TV viewers were no longer able to watch anything.
  3. Many ABS - CBN shows stopped their production due to the enhanced community quarantine.
  4. Many Filipinos were unable to be updated with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
  5. 11,071 workers and celebrities have lost their jobs prior to the shutdown with their celebrities moving to their rival networks.
  6. On August 31, 2020, some workers were laid off and some owned operations were shut down.
  7. ABS-CBN themselves have proven to be clear from their violations.
  8. The congress/government, already having the greed of Electronic ArtsCGW, Take-Two InteractiveCGW or Activision BlizzardCGW only worsened it. This is due to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte not wanting ABS-CBN's franchise to be renewed.
  9. 69 (plus 1 deceased) Congressmen voted to deny it, due to being controlled by an incompetent dictator president who is as greedy as the aformentioned companies.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Because the 69 (plus 1 deceased) Congressmen has denied ABS-CBN a franchise, the NTC (National Telecommunications Commision) has decided to recall the cease and desist order against ABS - CBN, allowing them to continue their television and radio operations again on September 28.
  2. Cable viewers are not affected, as Kapamilya Channel was established to air ABS-CBN's entertainment programs. Also, DZMM TeleRadyo (renamed to TeleRadyo due to the cease and desist order against DZMM 630 and Ted Failon resigning after the shutdown), ANC, IWantTFC and other cable channels are not covered by the cease-and-desist order.
    • TV Patrol remained on air via ABS-CBN News Channel/ANC, Kapamilya Channel (July 27, 2020-present) and TeleRadyo.
  3. Unlike the 1972 Martial Law, it's rival networks GMA and TV5 did not go off the air, and had their franchises renewed.
  4. Despite many of the ABS-CBN shows having disappeared before moving to Kapamilya Channel, most of the shows were aired on TFC (The Filipino Channel) (now known as the IWantTFC) outside of the Philippines.
  5. Starting on September 1, you can now watch all of your favorite ABS - CBN shows and movies on the IWantTFC and be updated with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


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