99 Deeds of Johnny Test (Johnny Test)

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If you thought an episode were Johnny's sisters get turn into babies was bad, get a load of where Mr. Test tries to send Johnny to Military School cause he hates him.

99 Deeds of Johnny Test is an episode from the fourth season of Johnny Test, it is the second segment of episode 15, is the 30th episode of that season and is overall the 108th episode of the series.


Johnny must make up his good deeds or else he'll get sent to Military School.

Why It Sucks

  1. Much like it's sister episode "Princess Johnny", this is somewhat of a Johnny torture episode, but the amount of torture on Johnny is way worse than previously.
  2. Mr. Test is extremely horrible in this episode, he wants to send Johnny Test to military school, and get this, it's not because he wants his son to behave, it's because of the fact that he wants to get rid of him because he hates him. Heck, after the scene were Johnny does get all 99 of his good deed, Mr. Test cries as he says "So close! I was soooooo close!".
    • Granted, Mr. Test has always disliked his son previously, but never has he ever truly hated him this much to the point of wanting to get rid of him and keep in mind, in the season 1 episode "Johnny's House of Horrors", Mr. Test has shown to deeply care for Johnny. Here, this episode shows none of that.
  3. Susan and Mary's subplot segments are just pointless filler that have nothing to do with the episode, and go nowhere.
  4. The Principal is also somewhat bad, as near the end of the episode, he gives Johnny detention for something he never said was considered "cheating", so basically he failed him, which is against the law in schools.
    1. On that topic, while the Principal does help out near the end, he never apologized to Johnny for outright failing him.
  5. The entire episode makes it feel like a really depressing and heartbreaking series finale due to Johnny being sent to Military School, which will make many kids sad as they think that this is the final episode of Johnny Test and that's how it would have ended (though this is the opposite since the show originally ended in 2014).
  6. Neither Johnny, Susan or Mary outright berate Mr. Test for trying to send Johnny to military school.
  7. Mr. Test never gets punish for outright trying to get rid of his son, and the Principal also never gets punished for failing Johnny.
  8. Horrible moral to parents: If you ever find yourself hating your own children and wanting to get rid of them, just send them to military school.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are a few funny moments.
  2. The way the Principal helps Johnny gets his 99th deed is pretty clever.
  3. At least Mr. Test never tries to get rid of Johnny in future episodes.
  4. Thankfully, you can say that this episode is non-canon.


99 Deeds of Johnny Test received largely negative reviews by critics and fans alike, the biggest reason is due to Mr. Test being very out-of-character and trying to send his son to Military School.