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7 Minutes & Counting (Oggy and the Cockroaches)

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7 Minutes & Counting/Green Trouble


More like the episode the cranks up to 11 MINUTES AND COUNTING for "green trouble", enough said.
Part of Season: 2 (Original)

32 (Remaster)

Episode Number: 7 (Original)

72 (Remaster)

Air Date: September 8, 2000 (Original)
July 28, 2018 (Remaster)
Writer: Nicolas Gallet
Director: Olivier Jean-Marie
Previous episode: Do Not Lean Out of the Window (season 2)

An Unwanted Customer (season 6)

Next episode: Un-Bear-able Bears (season 2)

Cyber-Oggy (season 6)

7 Minutes & Counting is the 110th episode of Oggy and The Cockroaches. This episode later got a remastered version in Season 6, known as "Green Trouble", the 72th episode of the season.


After Oggy gets bitten by a poisonous snake, Jack has to take care of him. However, the cockroaches try to prevent him from doing so, as well as allowing the poison inside of Oggy to kick in.

Why It Cranks Up To Seven

  1. It's another Oggy torture episode, like Occupied and Crazy Shopping.
  2. In this episode, the Cockroaches are not only unlikable but also outright cruel and sadistic as they tried to PREVENT JACK FROM SAVING OGGY'S LIFE, thus they WANTED OGGY TO DIE FROM SNAKE VENOM.
    • They damaged phone so Jack couldn't call for an ambulance, even though it was very URGENT matter.
    • They even were tormenting Oggy, first by destroying his TV (by using a chainsaw) and then by various other ways (like tying him to the jackhammer and activating it), completely disregarding the fact that his life was in mortal danger.
    • Oggy almost DIED because of their actions.
  3. Plot hole: If Jack had his cordless phone headset (smartphone in the remastered version) all along, then why didn't he use it to call the ambulance as soon as he discovered that Oggy was bitten? This is highly unlikely that he would forget about it.
  4. Extremely cruel and mean spirited humor.
  5. Horrible ending: Jack ends up eating a poisonous mushrooms, which puts his life in danger. To make things worse, the cockroaches smash his phone in half and laugh at it, leaving Jack to an unknown fate.
  6. The Cockroaches never get any comeuppance for their actions, & get off scot-free.
    • However, in two scenes, they almost get their comeuppance, first when Jack is about to spray Joey with a bug spray and second when Jack is about to throw both DeeDee and Marky under lawnmower's spinning blade.
  7. Too much painful slapstick humor. For example, the cockroaches put the jackhammer and the chainsaw into the cannon... WITH JACK INSIDE.
  8. Extremely misleading title.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Oggy and Jack are only likable characters in this episode.
  2. The scenes where Jack was trying to save Oggy's life were very touching.
  3. The scene where lawnmower shaves the entire Earth is quite funny. Another brief but funny scene is when Marky tries to puncture a wheel of Oggy and Jack's trolley, but then he realizes confused that the wheel didn't pop.
  4. The very funny gag with Jack morphed into a paper airplane.
  5. Jack manages to save Oggy's life.
  6. Decent soundtrack.


  1. In the original version the color of snake's venom is dark purple. In the remastered version it is light green.
  2. In the original version Jack uses a purple cordless telephone handset to call the doctor. In the remake, he uses a regular smartphone.
  3. Fred Vervisch's name is mispelled as Fred Vervish in the title card.


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