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3:10 to Crazytown (Total Drama Action)

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3:10 to Crazytown (Total Drama Action)
The destroyer of Gwen and Trent's relationship.
Series: Total Drama
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: Season: 5
Overall: 32
Air Date: Canada: February 8, 2009
United States: July 9, 2009
Writer: Nicole Demerse
Director: Todd Kauffman
Mark Thornton
Previous episode: Beach Blanket Bogus
Next episode: The Aftermath: 1

3:10 to Crazytown is the 5th episode of Total Drama Action.


The teams compete in Western-themed challenges, as Trent keeps throwing the game for Gwen from the opposing team. Shortly after, their relationship ends after Trent confesses him throwing the game. Justin from the other team finds out about this and blackmails Gwen from into voting off Trent.

9 Reasons Why It Sucks

  1. Trent is the worst character in this episode as his flanderization went too far, as he went from a kind and understanding sane guy to a creepy simp who cares too much about Gwen and the number 9. It gets to the point where he tries to throw the challenge for his team just so Gwen's team could win. Also, he says horrible things to her at the wrong times such as "utterly adorable" when Gwen's team have cow udders as hats, and "break a leg" when Gwen was on top of a high diving board, just to land on the horse. Even worse, this is his elimination episode.
  2. Unnecessary and gross toilet humor, such as the horse farting and Owen drinking the water from the water guns.
    • Due to the latter part, he gets tired from running (albeit costing the challenge).
  3. Plot Hole: How did Trent survived falling on top of a fence? Even worse, his body looks like it's completely broken, and yet in the next scene he's absolutely fine with no explanation whatsoever.
    • Although he has gotten hurt a lot in the previous season, at least he was fine by the next episodes, instead of being fine right in the next scene.
  4. Duncan acts like an asshole in this episode as he keeps bullying Harold a lot for no reason.
    • It gets even worse to the point where in one scene he knocks off the barrel Harold was taking a shower in (as after the challenge, the contestants took a shower in barrels) and made soap get in his eyes.
  5. There was some cheating in the first challenge such as Owen jumping on the horse and crushing it due to his weight and then running to the horse to try to catch him, yet he gets a point. Also, Justin didn't do the challenge at all because he doesn't want to ruin his looks. Even worse, Chris didn't care.
  6. Also, the whole "fight to the death" scene was complete filler and is only there to make the episode go to the 22-minute mark.
  7. The infamous scene where Gwen and Trent break up, which angered many fans especially Gwen x Trent fans.
  8. Justin blackmails Gwen into making her to tell the Killer Grips to vote him off, and also thinks that Gwen and Trent are making an alliance to get to the final 2.
    • Also Beth, Lindsay, and Owen also agree with Justin and his lies, and it gets even worse in "The Chefshank Redemption", where they want her to lose challenges for her team.
    • They tried too hard on making Gwen a bad person, as she gets demonized for simply breaking up with Trent, when she had a valid reason to do so.
  9. This was also a bad sendoff to Trent, as he never returns to "Total Drama Action", and doesn't compete in any future season.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some scenes can be funny, such as:
    • Leshawna and Heather arguing in the mounting challenge.
    • Owen chasing the horse because it doesn't want to get squished.
    • "I have cow boobies on my head!"
  2. Trent somewhat got a redemption in the aftermaths, where it has some explanation on why he acted like this.
    • In the episode "The Aftermath: 2", he at first didn't want to talk to Gwen after she entered the stage, however when Gwen was going to a dunk tank filled with pirahnas, he tries to intervene and says he understands Gwen's side of the story since he threw the challenges. After that, they finally seem to forgive each other.
    • In the World Tour episode, the "Aftermath Aftermayhem", Gwen and Trent sit next to each other after Tyler failed the challenge, and Gwen cracks a joke about Trent's nursing skills, much to Trent's laughter. This shows they are both in good terms.
  3. Duncan told the truth why was he bullying Harold (he got Courtney eliminated in the previous season), though this does not excuse him from being unlikable.


While not as controversial as Sundae Muddy Sundae, this episode was panned by many fans due to Trent's flanderization going too far, Gwen and Trent breaking up, and Justin blackmailing Gwen and making her vote off Trent.


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