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137 Hours (Turbo F.A.S.T)

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137 Hours (Turbo F.A.S.T)
Snoop Dogg and Phil LaMarr deserve better than what happened to this groovy snail in this abomination of an episode.
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 13a
Air Date: February 5, 2016
Writer: Devin Dunje and Nick Stanton
Director: Anthony Chun
Previous episode: Turbo Does Laundry
Next episode: Stalks on a Plane

137 Hours is the 101st segment and the first half of the 13th episode of Season 3 of Turbo F.A.S.T.


Smoove Moove sneaks off to have fun alone in the clubhouse, but ends up trapped under a speaker.

Why It Takes 137 Hours

  1. It's an 11 minute long very harsh Smoove Moove torture episode. Not even the previous episodes had such cruel moments.
  2. Much like the entirely of the third season, this episode has a lot of filler with nothing happening other than Smoove getting his tail stuck and nothing else for almost the entire episode, not even a subplot of the Fast Crew in Florida can save this episode from having such cruel treatment to Smoove, to the point where certain filler episodes like Get the Hock Out from Buddy Thunderstruck which came out a year after this episode and while it's bad, has more effort put into the story than this.
  3. Most of the jokes in this episode are lazy, serve no purpose but filler, and are all weak attempts at humor, a example is the weird and disturbing imagery of Smoove's dream trip after eating a three-day-old sandwich that is on the floor.
  4. It completely contradicts the events of "Gone Guys Gone", since in the aforementioned episode where the Fast crew member (minus Skidmark) help Smoove to take care of himself after all of his guys went to Guy Con and he get treated like dirt, even though they left him in the damaged clubhouse with his tail flatten in this episode.
  5. Plot Holes:
    • Why can't the fast crew head back to the clubhouse earlier than five days after they realise that manatees don't need homes and rather float in the water.
    • Why couldn't Smoove just cut his own tail off with scissors.
    • If Smoove has a actual flatten tail, then why can't the fast crew members just cancel the last two vacation days to take care of him.
    • How couldn't Smoove just tell Buster to call the fast crew to come back to help Smoove.
  6. Some characters such as Buster Moove and the rest of the Fast Crew have no purpose in the story other than filler.
  7. Extremely lazy writing from Devin Dunje and Nick Stanton, who also wrote a few episodes for The Replacements and Phineas and Ferb.
  8. Theo/Turbo is at his worst in this episode and had his flanderization one step too far, as he forced the other fast crew members to come and build homes for manatees in Florida rather than the other crew members do what they really enjoy there such as the beach, fancy hotels and tropical drinks, which is a very nonsensical and pointless idea for a charity since manatees often float in the water to the point where even Burn and White Shadow pointed that out, Turbo even refuse to let Skidmark and White Shadow stay at the clubhouse to join Smoove in their hooky game.
  9. At this point, Turbo started caring more about winning than he did about his teammates. In all interpretation, he stopped being a likeable and fun-loving racer to a egotistical Gary Stu who forces his teammates to care about his plans.
  10. Abysmal Ending: Much like the infamous DC Super Hero Girls episode, Breaking News, The other Fast crew members (even Chet, a safe loving snail who could've take care of Smoove while they're out) don’t care about the damaged clubhouse nor Smoove's injuries when they got back from Florida and rather than taking Smoove to the hospital for his fatten tail while they're on vacation, the fast crew decided to leave him in the clubhouse with Buster to go to Funkville as if they only cared about their vacation, as a matter of fact, this is something post-movie Patrick Star from post-movie SpongeBob SquarePants, Jessica Cruz (only in her worst episodes), the Teen (or Toddler) Titans from Teen Titans Go!, and Peter Griffin from Modern Family Guy would do.
    • In fact, this ending alone not only shows that the other members are stupidly unlikable just like Turbo in this episode, but this is also one of the best examples that shows how the Fast Crew have become totally careless to one another (even Smoove) in this season.
  11. It's basically a rehash of Zoo Lander and Home on Our Own, two episodes involving Skidmark and White Shadow ditching the crew to stay at the clubhouse, only this time with Smoove replacing the two as the main focus.
    • Ironically, this episode and Zoo Lander were both written by Devin Dunje and Nick Stanton.
  12. Similar to its sister episode, this episode has some very gross-out imagery, especially the scene where Smoove eats a three-day-old sandwich which is on the ground for too long. Not to mention is that it's a very poor way to end not only the season but also the Turbo franchise in general as these two episodes clearly has the same issues and not giving the series a proper conclusion, considering that this season has a lot of filler episodes that doesn't make up to the finale.
  13. Its plot is rather nonsensical and weak to the series as a whole, being one of the main reasons why the show’s third season was poorly received by some fans, even so, the season’s filler episodes can still be skipped. You can watch the show, skip many of the season’s filler episodes, and anything too important would not be missed.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation and voice acting is still fast-paced and great as usual.
  2. The first minutes until Smoove receives his gold speaker from the Delivery Snail are alright.
  3. Smoove is the only likeable character despite all of the torment he is put through.
  4. Some funny scenes such as Skidmark showing Turbo that Smoove is faking only for him to see Smoove hurt.


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