É Nóis nas Fritas! (As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa)

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É Nóis nas Fritas! (As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa)
Nois nas Fritas.png
How about It's Us on Crap?
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 12
Air Date: 2011
Writer: Mariana Caltabiano
Director: Mariana Caltabiano
Previous episode: O Perfume
Next episode: Lady Gaga

É Nóis nas Fritas! (lit. It's Us on Fries!) is the 12th episode of the third season of As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa, originally premiered in 2011. In this episode Gui convinces Estopa to record a video telling a joke to post on YouTube in order to gain several views and become famous.

Why It Gets No Fries

  1. This episode can be held responsible for starting a terrible episode format focused on Gui being greedy and coming up with a plan to get rich or famous easily with Estopa's help, often resulting in stupid plans. This format derived other bad episodes like Curling and Cuecas Conforto.
  2. Gui is REALLY unlikeable in this episode as not only is he portrayed being greedy and just wanting to get attention on the internet and get famous, he is also rude to Estopa to the point of attacking him for a stupid reason.
  3. The idea of the video that Gui decides to record with Estopa to post on Youtube is very stupid: basically Gui saying a unfunny pun based on a outdated term used by Brazilian people in the late 2000's and early 2010's ("É Nóis na Fita!", lit. It's Us on Tape) while he and Estopa appear dressed as a tube of ketchup and a salt shaker.
    • By the way the video they record, is no longer than 3 SECONDS! Which makes the video look more like something you would see in TikTok than on YouTube.
  4. After they finish recording the video Gui start to bickering with Estopa and jumps on him attacking him, just because Estopa was sincere in saying that Gui's joke was not funny. Gui even accuses Estopa of being jealous of him.
  5. Poor animation quality: When Gui and Estopa are shown fighting inside the fight cloud the animation keeps repeating in a loop that lasts more than 10 seconds.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At one point there is a funny joke that breaks the fourth wall that references the name of the show when Gui and Estopa are deciding what will be the name of their YouTube channel.
  2. Estopa is at least likeable in this episode for showing good sense in realizing that Gui's pun is not funny and his idea to make this video to get views and becoming famous was terrible.
  3. The ending is at least okay.


  • A pic of Yogi Bear and Boo Boo appear in a frame in Gui's house.



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