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'Til Doom Do Us Part (T.U.F.F. Puppy)

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'Til Doom Do Us Part (T.U.F.F. Puppy)
Just because someone didn't like the fans' opinion doesn't mean you should make your own version of "The Principal and the Pauper", but with the main protagonists.
Series: T.U.F.F. Puppy
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 16
Air Date: February 14, 2014
Writer: Ray DeLaurentis
Will Schifrin
Kevin Sullivan
Director: John McIntyre
Ken Bruce
Previous episode: Golden Retriever
Next episode: Crime Takes a Holiday

"I guess what ruined it for me was how Dudley and Kitty constantly fought like immature brats throughout the whole episode, when in other episodes, they clearly showed that they had the hots for each other, like in The Wrong Stuff, Dancin' Machine, A Tale of Two Kitties, or Dead or a lie and Iron Mutt. I hated how Kitty would just selfishly throw Dudley aside for Eric, and how savagely she insulted her own best friend like a jerk, just to get her face on a stupid island, and how Dudley just ruins everything for her just because hurr-durr, I'm a dog! She even ATE Dudley!! Our role model, everyone! Dudley doesn't show any mercy toward her either, and this torture just carries on through the episode, even at the ending, they fight! How sadistic is Butch Hartman's crew?! A better plot for this episode would be Kitty making up a fake mission blackmailing other villains to show Dudley the benefits of Valentine's Day, or Dudley sacrificing his own job so Eric could be with Kitty. At least any one of those would up this show's already low stakes and at least show how deeply rooted their bond is, and not this half-hour rage quit on romance!"
"Dudley, give me the bouquet! I'll have to marry Eric, so he can take me away from all this... And by "all this" - I mean YOU!"
Kitty's line that completely destroyed her as a character

Til Doom Do Us Part is the 16th episode of the second season and the fourth half-hour special of T.U.F.F. Puppy.


DOOM teams up with the Chameleon to steal wedding presents, causing all the couples to cancel their weddings. The only way to catch the bad guys is for Dudley and Kitty to fake being in love and stage a wedding.

Why It Should Be DOOMed

Oh yes, let's just forget the moments from Dog Daze, Iron Mutt, The Wrong Stuff, and Diary Of a Mad Cat, and make them really hate each other for no reason, because of the cliche "dogs and cats hate each other".
  1. The whole episode is just about how Dudley and Kitty hate each other very much and get into useless fights with each other because of various stupid reasons, especially because of Dudley's stupidity and Kitty's bad dancing and singing skills.
    • The episode is helplessly trying to prove that Dudley and Kitty are not suitable for each other at all, despite the fact that past episodes proved completely the opposite, having a lot of heartwarming (and not so) moments. Here, the writers (or Butch himself) seem to be deliberately trying to annoy the fans, making the characters much dumber and pretending that all the other characters have good relationships, and the main characters do not. They even made it so that Peg (Dudley's mom) hates Kitty, despite the fact that in previous episodes, she treated her normally.
    • Even though Butch claimed that he personally saw the relationship between Dudley and Kitty as a brother and sister, this sounds more like a poor excuse, especially when most of the episodes were written by other people, because the show itself stated that the characters of Dudley and Kitty were based on the characters Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 from "Get Smart", and at the end of the series, they were in love with each other and were eventually married.
    • Also, these endless battles between Dudley and Kitty are in no way a manifestation of a brother and sister relationship, it's just childish wimp fights between two idiots fighting over various little things. For a real brother-sister relationship, there is a show created at Disney that does a much better job of this.
  2. Flanderization of Dudley and Kitty in the episode reached its peak:
    • Dudley, as in the situation with Top Dog, became an annoying jerk, but even worse. Now he's trying to do something stupid in every scene for the sake of comedy. He has done some stupid things before, but not so often, and most of the time he was responsible on missions, but here he simply does not care about it anymore. Now if he wants to do something stupid, he does it, and he just wants to eat chicken or fish at weddings and not stop the villains in any way, and at the fake wedding itself, he put on a dragon-astronaut costume, which seems to indicate how stupid he has become.
    • Kitty has gone from being Dudley's responsible partner, who takes care of him and teaches him to become a better person and agent, has turned into a hysterical woman who can't stand a single stupidity from Dudley and only wants to finally marry Eric, and adding salt to the wound, she directly says that she wants to marry him to get rid of all this, and by "all this" - she means Dudley. And even she, like Dudley, is distracted on missions because of a song, the words of which she does not know.
  3. False Advertising: Even a year before the episode was released, Butch often hinted on his Twitter that "Dudley and Kitty's relationship may or may not go to the next level". When the episode was approaching the release on TV, the episode was advertised as that Dudley and Kitty would now get married and they made a promotional poster for this, but when the episode came out, their wedding turned out to be fake, and the characters themselves hated each other very much, which really angered the fans.
  4. The very idea of the episode is quite good and could have given more development for Dudley and Kitty, which fans have been waiting for so long, but completely lost its potential due to the reasons above.
    • Dudley and Kitty, when thinking about a fake wedding between themselves, behave as if the end of the world is happening.
    • Dudley and Kitty begin to behave more or less normally and stop fighting, but only in 3/4 of the episode, which is very disappointing.
  5. The sudden great relationship between Keswick and The Chief in this episode is simply out of place, and simply makes them out of their characters, especially The Chief, since they make different compliments to each other and give each other gifts, like a golden brush for Keswick's "beautiful" hair.
  6. Making things worse, the episode was aired on February 14th in the US, on Valentine's Day, an episode that contains no love, but hate.
  7. Some jokes are simply not funny and are repeated, especially Dudley and Kitty's fights, which by the end of the episode begin to be very annoying.
  8. Despite the fact that adding The Chameleon to the episode looks good at first, he did practically nothing the whole episode, except to pointlessly disguise himself as different objects. Only the transformation into a gift table was somehow relevant.
  9. The voice acting in this episode is bad, as you hear Jerry Trainor and Grey Griffin (as Dudley and Kitty) yelling at each other all the time.
  10. The fact that Eric suddenly became rich and made a whole country "Kitaly" for Kitty in the form of her head is simply meaningless and taken from nowhere. Even more pointless is the plot hole where Eric says that he took a job as a water delivery guy to be closer to Kitty, but in fact, Eric worked as a water delivery guy even before Kitty gave him her phone number in the episode "Forget Me Mutt", without even getting acquainted.
    • Speaking about Eric himself, due to the fact that this episode was released in 2014, fans had a lot of questions, and one of them was why the warning from Dudley about Eric in the episode "Mutts And Bolts" (which was released in 2013) was ignored, but as it turned out, "Mutts And Bolts" occurs after this episode by production code ("Mutts and Bolts" is 213B, while this episode is 211), and the misunderstanding itself appeared due to scheduling changes in Nickelodeon and the transition of the show to Nicktoons.
    • Also, Eric immediately offers Kitty to marry him and become the queen of "Kitaly", without even going on any dates with her, while trying to cover it up with the fact that "it took him months to work on a courage to ask her out". This moment is not only trying to tell kids that marrying someone without going on dates with them is good, which is actually not true, but also shows how Eric is actually a dweeb.
  11. The fake wedding scene is big nonsense:
    • One of the strange things was that at the wedding (albeit fake) there was no Becky (Dudley's girlfriend at the time of the episode's release) and Kitty's mother.
    • How did the villains get straight to the wedding inside the big cake unnoticed?
    • Why didn't Dudley and Kitty know about the presence of a kiss at the wedding, if they should have known about it from the very beginning?
  12. Speaking about the kiss itself, the very reason for Dudley and Kitty's a bad kiss is that after the kiss they both felt the tastes of food that were bad for them, which is just a ridiculous and the laziest reason, especially when the same episode shows that an animal of one species can safely marry an animal of another species (for example, a Giraffe with a bull, or even a CAT with a DOG GIRL in the same episode), which makes this reason one big nonsense.
    • In the episode "Cold Fish", Bryce Raisberg (duck or bird) marries a rabbit guy.
    • In the later episode "Organized Crime", Keswick invented an Image-Blender for Tammy, that shows what kind of child a couple will have, which means that couples with different species can have children, and even an alien with a rabbit can also have them.
      • Keswick and Tammy even start dating in the episode "T.U.F.F. Love".
    • In the later episode "Great Scott", Prince Pantless (looking like Dudley) was married to Hag Of Haggis (looking like Kitty), which means that cats and dogs can be married to each other without any problems, and this makes the reason from above even more nonsense.
  13. Bad ending: After T.U.F.F. finally arrested the villains, Dudley and Kitty simply did not get any development, and again began to fight with each other, and this time without any reason at all, which made the whole episode simply pointless.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The joke about Dudley and Kitty's faces in the "Photography Studio" is actually funny.
  2. The concept of villains stealing wedding gifts is good, but it was not particularly well executed.
  3. Good animation as usual.
  4. Despite making a brief appearance, Wanna-Bee is likable.


Fans criticize this episode for a lot of unnecessary aggression between Dudley and Kitty, and the episode itself is considered almost one of the worst episodes of the show. Some fans have theorized that the episode was designed to possibly get rid of Dudley and Kitty's shipping fans (Kudley). It's all got to the point that some fans and viewers simply stopped watching the show after this episode.

This episode currently sits a 5.6 rating on IMDb based on 22 votes.


  • The episode title is a parody of the phrase, "Til' Death Do Us Part."
  • Despite the release of the episode in 2014, the episode itself was produced in 2012.
  • If you look closely at the newspaper announcement of the wedding, the article immediately below the announcement of Kitty and Dudley's wedding is entitled "NEW FOP EPISOD(E) ORDERED", which, judging by the date when the episode was produced, was associated with the premiere of season 9 of The Fairly Oddparents with the episode "Fairly OddPet".



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