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(YouTube Shorts is pretty much a way to farm views and subscribers now.)
#Since the 2020s, YouTube has started recommending old videos. You can also get them even if you've watched the videos before.
#YouTube Shorts isn't any better than TikTok, and it feels more like a rip-off and generic cash-in, unlike the latter as mentioned above you get videos (which have a 1:1 or 9:16 aspect ratio) uploaded years ago (sometimes you can get these videos twice), and you can only upload videos that are long less than a minute, while on TikTok you get videos that are uploaded 1-2 months ago and you can upload 5-minutes long videos. You also always get YouTube Shorts popups every time you open the app in the mobile version which has been like this since it was released, and you can't disable it.
#*The feature has also turned into a spam fest, as random users could repost the same short over and over again just to gain views and subscribers.
#*Even if you're not interested in shorts or have a personalized taste in them, you will still get new off-topic shorts no matter what.
#*When you upload a YouTube Short, none of your subscribers get notified about them if they have the notification bell on.