Vampire Wars

Vampire Wars is a single OVA anime by Toei Animation in Dec 1, 1990. It was licensed by Manga Entertainment in 2002.

A vampire anime that Toei Animation wants you to forget.

Why It Sucks

  1. It seems to forget many characters and plot points, such as it was never explained that much about the exploding vampire that says a foreign word and just forgets that it happens.
  2. Numerous plot holes as explained in WIS#1 as it forgets many important plot points.
  3. The English dub, while not as bad as other Manga UK's dubs, still has too much unnecessary swearing. This was due to sell more copies for the VHS during the 90s as R rated works sold more than their PG or G rated counterparts. In the UK, this was called “Fifteening”, as a reference to the BBFC’s 15 rating.
  4. Bad animation that mostly happens in the fight scenes.
  5. Bland and uninteresting characters. Mainly, the protagonist who is just a usual generic mercenary.
  6. It is unexplained why aliens are also involved in the story.
  7. Despite being called "Vampire Wars", the war is short and doesn't happen until the near end.
  8. The romance scenes of Kuki and Lamia are too rushed and short.
  9. The Japanese cover art makes it look more like it's an live action film combined with animation than being 100% animation.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The ending is good and happy as the antagonist dies and the protagonist and his love interest reunite.
  2. It can be enjoyable for vampire fans who love cheesy action.
  3. The ending theme is pretty good.