User blog:Grust/Grust's Top 5 Most Hated Simpsons Episodes

The Simpsons, one of the greatest animated comedies ever made and an inspiration for adult cartoons.  Without it we wouldn't have South Park, King of the Hill, or Family Guy.  However, it has definitely stagnated to mediocrity over the years yeah yeah yeah, what can I say that everyone else hasn't let's get down to it.  Here are my top 5 most hated episodes of the Simpsons.   If you wish to see my top 5 favorite episodes of The Simpsons, click here

The List

5. Every Man's Dream: In this episode, Homer is diagnosed with narcolepsy and advised not to do certain activities. Rather than get treated he uses this as an excuse to be even lazier than before leading Marge to take him to a marriage counselor who suggests a trial separation. Homer eventually begins dating his pharmacist while Marge dates the pharmacist's father. It all ends up being a dream Homer had in the end and then another dream and another and then it's ultimately revealed to be Marge's dream. Some people tend to like this episode and to be honest I can see why. Homer and Marge separating was surprising well written but the reason I hate this so much is how it ended. Nothing was resolved and goes beyond lowest common denominator to completely confusing. That ending alone completely ruined this entire episode because this episode could have made another two-parter or even a season long story arc, something never done before on the Simpsons. One bonus mention is that the pharmacist was voiced by Lena Dunham, but this aired before I even knew who she was. It gets the number 5 spot because it had the potential to be good but failed.

4. The Canine Mutiny: In this episode, Bart gets a credit card (don't ask) and eventually buys a very well trained collie that leaves Santa's Little Helper neglected and when the ruse is found out, Bart gives away Santa's Little Helper to keep the collie. Do I even need to explain. It's incredibly mean spirited and despite the collie being better trained, Santa's Little Helper was still very playful and lovable, something I prefer in dogs over class or intelligence. It gets the 4 spot due to Bart feeling guilty and eventually getting SLH back.

3. The Great Wife Hope: In this episode, Marge challenges the owner of a martial arts sport in order to shut down the game because "won't someone please think of the children." It's nothing more than Marge being a killjoy like she usually is but one thing really stands out and that's when she says, "Call me a killjoy, but because this is not to my taste, no one should be able to enjoy it," which pretty much sums up the ideology of a moral guardian or an SJW. It only gets the third spot because the other two are far far worse and at least at one point Marge gets booed at for being the worthless killjoy she is.

2. Lisa Goes Gaga: Do I even need to explain? Fine!!! Lisa is upset and Gaga tries to cheer her up. This is nothing but an endorsement for Lady Gaga. It pretty much sums up how low the Simpsons have gotten. Look at the episode Bart Gets Famous or Radioactive Man, where a character becomes famous only to realize the life of a celebrity is not as glamorous as it seems. This however glamorizes the lifestyle and honestly the episode is confusing as hell. It definitely deserves its title as the worst Simpsons episode of all time. However the number 1 spot has one advantage over Lisa Goes Gaga which gives this the number 2 spot.

However let's give some Dishonorable mentions first.

  • Any episode where Homer is kicked out of the house by Marge: Homer does something stupid and Marge kicks him out of the house. Umm Marge can we talk. Homer works and earns the money that pays the bills that allow the family to have shelter or food. Granted he's lazy, he's an idiot and may have some mental problems, but that's no excuse. Why don't you leave Marge? Now to be fair some episodes are guilty pleasures of mine like Secrets of a Successful Marriage.
  • Any episode with Marge as the focus: As you can guess I really hate Marge Simpson, she's a killjoy, she's a moral guardian and she's proud of her nagging. Even as a kid I couldn't stand her and even to this day I don't like her. Any episode focusing on her is guaranteed to be her wanting to nag her way into getting what she wants.
  • Any episode with Lisa as the focus: As with Marge, I've hated Lisa even as a kid. However to be honest, Lisa is even worse, becoming more like a feminist even stating in Four Great Women and a Manicure that a woman doesn't need a man even altering Snow White to fit that narrative. If there's something she's offended with, she go full activist mode to end it, even smiling as locusts she freed ate an entire farmland.
  • The Principal and the Pauper: Often called the episode that killed the Simpsons, in all honesty, I think the episode was about average, though I do agree it deserves its reputation. The only part of the episode that really offended me was when the real Skinner who was a POW and fought for the country was tied to a train and driven out of town.

And with that Let's Get to number 1.

Yes I agree that Lisa Goes Gaga is the worst Simpsons episode ever made, however this is about my most hated episodes and this one episode has one thing over Lisa Goes Gaga, and that thing thing is I have hated it for almost 28 years. And this episode was from Season 1. That episode is.....

Homer's Night Out I have seen this episode maybe twice in my entire lifetime and even as a really little kid I thought it was godawful. The episode is that Bart gets a spy camera and captures a picture of Homer dancing with an erotic dancer which gets copied and spread throughout town. Naturally Marge being the killjoy she is throws Homer out of the house (see dishonorable mentions) and tells Homer he set a bad example for Bart (yeah the kid that decapitated a statue, lied on a test and tortures his sister) and forces Homer to find the dancer to to tell Bart they aren't sex objects. Homer finds her buts ends up on stage and then makes a speech about women being our sisters, mothers, and daughters that win over the crowd and Marge. Ahh how sweet how can this be bad.

I'll tell you WHYYYYYYYY!!!!! First see dishonorable mentions about Homer getting kicked out by Marge. Second, all Homer did was dance with an exotic dancer, that's it. He didn't kiss the dancer, sleep with the dancer, or assault the dancer, he danced with her, Marge overreacted way beyond her normal killjoy behavior. Third, Marge telling Homer that women are not sex objects. Umm That depends on what women want to do. The dancer dressed sexually and so did the girls at the stage. Believe it or not, some girls like being appreciated for their beauty and sex appeal. In fact some girls that like this are also quite intelligent. Fourth, yes women are our sisters, mothers, and daughters, but as a species we are sexual beings. We are attracted to the opposite sex by nature, it's how many species have survived for millennia. And finally, this episode merely states that men treat women like sex objects but never states the other is true. Men can be sexually objectified just as much as women, with shirtless scenes, Playgirl, bodybuilder competitions, and even porn for women. That's never addressed at all.

For being complete crap, for me hating it even as a small child (I was about 3 when it came out), and having so much wrong with it that even I can point it out, I deem Homer's Night Out as my most hated Simpons episode of all time.