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|Image= Weatherscan_Screenshot.png
|Caption= After the charm of the Weatherscan of Nostalgia, it now turned into hell thanks to Jim Cantore for killing Weatherscan!
|Genre= Weather
|Running Time= Infinite
|Country= United States
|Release Date= Novmeber of 2015-present
|Network(s)= Frankfort Plant Board Cable, SuddenLink, Grande Communications (as to this day)
|Created by= Weather Channel, LLC (Weather Group Television)
'''Weatherscan''' is an American digital cable and satellite television network owned by Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios. A spinoff of The Weather Channel, Weatherscan features uninterrupted local weather information in graphical format on a continuous loop that is generated by an IntelliStar unit installed at the cable provider's headend; unlike The Weather Channel, Weatherscan does not feature on-air talent of any kind.
As of 2015 to this day, Weatherscan now sucked due to many fans (who love the Weather Channel) was gone in their cable providers (such as Verizon FiOS, Cox and Xfinity).
==Bad Qualities==
#Many cable providers of Weatherscan have dropped. Verizon FiOS discontinues carriage of both Weatherscan in March of 2015, Dish Network discontinues carriage in June 2015, Cox Communications discontinues carriage of Weatherscan in May 2016, and Weatherscan carriage is discontinued on Comcast (now Xfinity as of 2011).
#The dropped support of the National Weather Service gets replaced with the Jim Cantore lines in the Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado, and Flash Flood Warnings making it very annoying to fans and lovers who love Weatherscan.
#The unnecessary removal of the memorable voice and segments of Amy Bargeron gets replaced with Jim Cantore's line with (ex: warning/advisory is in affect).
#Discontinued Weatherscan Tracks (made by Trammell Starks, and others) that were used from 1999 to Late 2007 have been dropped and replaced with other new songs (which aren't too bad as seen in the Redeeming Qualities section), but sometimes annoying when listening to for a longer period or year of time.
#The TWC Logo removal on the top corner of the clock.
==Good Qualities==
#At least the company didn't change the music or the background that was used in 2006-present (previously the beta was from September 27, 2005-December 12, 2006 with the White Shine on the weather icons in the now section).
#The music is not so bad, and it's very catchy to listen to (notably songs such as Late Night Cafe, Brighter Days, A Little Jazz and Tropical Breeze weren't removed).
#At least they didn't discontinue 2010-2013 icons remained in the channel. Speaking of which, in 2006 of December 12 they had realistic icons. In fact, there some Weatherscan Emulator that were made from ([https://www.youtube.com/c/Weatherman99 Weatherman99] who does Tampa, FL who previously has Verizon FiOS. <br />
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