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The Forbidden Phrase (The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder)

Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 7b
Air Date: March 10, 2017
Writer: Thomas Krajewski
Director: Alex Kamer
Previous episode: Haters of the Lost Arcade
Next episode: Cannonballistic

"The Forbidden Phrase" is the second episode of the first season of The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder, and the third episode of the reboot series overall. It is the one hundred seventy-fourth episode in the "The Fairly OddParents!" universe overall. It was released on March 31, 2022 on Paramount+.


Roy and Viv turn the people of Earth into mindless dancers after wishing to write the catchiest song of all time as a way to save their parents' dance studio.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem with the episode is that the writing is just a generic brainwashed by music from the protagonists episode, expect for the fact that the writing is very nonsensical for a episode set in the Fairly OddParents universe and felt more like something that should be suited for a CGI direct to video sequel from Crest/Streetlight Animation rather than a Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder episode.
  2. Just like the entirely of the series, Cosmo and Wanda are completely useless as they’re only there just for plot devices and due to being brainwashed by the song, they don’t even help Viv and Roy undo their wish.

Good Qualities

  1. Everybody once again praise Buddy’s stunt while booing as Tex Jr’s stunt.
  2. Darnell, Mama Possum, Nick the New Guy, Mr. Weaselbrat (despite appearing for filler), and anybody else (aside from being blind praise over Tex Jr’s stunt) were likeable characters around.
  3. Half-Decent Ending: Buddy finally got praise for his stunt despite being a epic fail.
  4. The first minutes until everybody praises Tex Jr over his stunt were alright, despite the continuity error towards Jumpstart Johnny.

Sense and Insensitivity (The Owl House)

The grand irony is that Amphibia's second season premiered on this episode's airdate, giving it a very loud squeak of rage.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 11
Air Date: July 11, 2020
Writer: Zach Marcus
Director: Stu Livingston
Previous episode: Escape of the Palisman
Next episode: Adventures in the Elements

Sense and Insensitivity" is the eleventh episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the eleventh episode overall.

Bad Qualities

  1. Just like Roadside Attraction, the Great Divide, Scrambled Eggs, both Get the Hock Out and Stunt Fever, and even Once Upon a Swap, it’s plot is rather insignificant and weak to the series as a whole, being one of a few episodes in the entire series that serves as filler.
  2. King is really unlikable in this episode for sabotaging Luz’s dreams of being a story writer by messing up her plans in order to enter the writing contest, he also had his character development reversed from previous episodes.
  3. Though easily one of the best parts, the scenes with Eda and Lilith looking for the Bloom of Eternal Youth is used only for sub-plot filler.
  4. Some scenes can come with really poor timing, a great example is where Eda and Lilith were about to fight a monster, but it cuts to the main King and Luz plot without showing the former two fighting, and instead show the aftermath of the fight with the monster being defeated after the entire Luz and King climax with Piniet.

Good Qualities

  1. Despite the Eda and Lilith subplot being incomplete and filler, it’s still enjoyable for the most part and somewhat better than the main plot.
  2. The first minutes until King insults Luz's idea of shipping in her story is decent.
  3. The animation and voice acting are still great as usual.


Despite having a 7.4 on IMDb, the episode wasn’t popular among fans due to King’s behaviour and having a filler plot.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Animat’s Classic Review (ElectricDragon505)

Cloudy with a Chance that this Review on a Sony Pictures Animation film Sucks
Part of Season: Classic Reviews
Episode Number: 36
Air Date: 10 July, 2014
Writer: Mat Burnet
Director: Mat Brunet
Previous episode: Ferngully: The Last Rainforest - AniMat’s Classic Reviews
Next episode: The Legend of the Titanic - AniMat’s Classic Reviews

AniMat's Classic Reviews - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is an video created by ElectricDragon505 on YouTube.

Why It Sucks

  1. The main problem with this review is that this review is nothing more than a hate-video of not only one of Sony Pictures Animation’s greatest films of all time, but also the entire crew behind this movie (including Phil Lord and Christopher Miller), Sony Pictures Animation and its staff, and the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs fanbase.
  2. AniMat himself is at his worst here as he acts like a huge toxic hater over Sony Pictures Animation and this film by yelling the majority of his lines, heck, he also raged over the fact that Sony Pictures Animation is moving to Vancouver, Canada, by ranting their overly cartoony writing and animation and telling the staff to abandon their cartoony trails and had the same fate as Pixar’s Canadian studio while the South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut song, Blame Canada is playing in the background, which, ironically, Animat himself is Canadian.
  3. His “review” is barley researched as if Animat have never watch the movie and instead says very stupid and nonsensical reasons on why he hates most of the good qualities that the film has to offer, such as the film’s animation being Video Brinquedo quality for a Sony film, and thinks that Hoodwinked, a low budgeted animated film from 2005, did a better job just because of the cartoony designs when in reality, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ animation quality is far from both Video Brinquedo and Hoodwinked as the former, along with its sequel’s animation were high quality since they’re both animated by Sony Pictures ImageWorks who experienced with CGI long before Sony Pictures Animation even existed with their special effects and the 2002 Oscar winning short, the ChubbChubbs.
    • In fact, he doesn’t realised the fact that Happily N’Ever After 2: Snow White — Another Bite @ the Apple, another 2009 animated film and the Groovenians, an animated pilot from Cartoon Network/Adult Swim from 2002, have actual Video Brinquedo quality animation and they’re both from big budget companies to the point that Hoodwinked has slightly better animation than these two, it doesn’t help the fact that he put the former along with Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil as the forth worst animated sequel in the second part of his Worst Animated Sequels list in 2016.
    • He calls the animation of the film the worst animation in the history of cinema, when certain films like Norm of the North, Arctic Dogs, Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs. Evil, and Delgo has some of the worst animation in the history of cinema.
  4. As with his other reviews on Sony Animation’s older films before Into the Spider Verse (with the expectation of Surf’s Up, Arthur’s Christmas, and The Prates: Band of Misfits), his hate on Sony Animation has been taken way too far on par with his reviews on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 and the Emoji Movie (even though he, like everybody else, agreed that the latter was Sony Pictures Animation’s worst film, even more hated than the Smurfs live-action films or their direct to video sequels (notably Surf’s Up 2) to the point where it became the first animated film to be nominated for and win the Razzie for Worst Picture), he mostly raged at the films’ animators and character designers, all because of the movie’s cartoony designs and movements which actually fits the tone of this movie and its sequel due to their crazy and interesting premises, yet he likes other companies like Warner Bros., Illumination, DreamWorks Animation, and Disney which their media has cartoony designs and character movements and also likes later Sony Animation films like the Angry Birds Movie 2 and the Mitchells vs the Machines which also has cartoony designs and movements.
  5. He thinks that some major plot points (like the Flint and Tim’s father and son relationship) and characters (like Sam Sparks, Manny, Baby Brent, and Steve) has nothing to do with the plot which could’ve removed and nothing would’ve changed, when they’re just very important to the film which is one of the main reasons why this movie was so positively received in the first place.
  6. He said very bad mock-names of the film such as the Cancer of Animation, (seriously, How can a film like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs even compared to a deadly disease?) and Cloudy with a Chance that this Sucks (which is literally the film’s title with Meatballs being changed to that this Sucks).
  7. This review also shows that Animat is literally treating Sony Animation and it’s films (expect the other good ones) completely unfairly by giving each of their films the Steel of Garbage and lower scores, most notably the sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which has a 2/10 when there’s far worse animated films out there like Sir Billi, Escape from Planet Earth, Foodfight!, Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back, Happily N’Ever After and it’s sequel, the animated Titanic films, the CGI Swan Princess sequels, Marmaduke (2022), and Free Birds.
    • Despite recently turning down his hate on Sony Pictures Animation, he somehow still hates Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and its sequel, thinking that they’re cheaply made kids flicks when they’re produced on a higher budget.
  8. He thinks that Kronk’s New Groove did the father and son relationship better than Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs when it’s the other way around since the former suffered from very bad writing when as the latter while cliched, at least handled the father and son relationship very well.
  9. The thumbnail shows the film getting the Steel of Garbage which not only insults the movie’s fanbase, but also spoiled the review’s ending just like his recent review titles.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. While he has very stupid reasons why hates this film, he does have a few points about the flaws such as Mayor Shelbourne being a unlikable character when it comes to food.


Despite positive reviews from Animat’s fans, this video was universally panned by many Sony Pictures Animation and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs fans and is considered to be the worst Classic Review he has ever done.

The Good, the Bad and the Bizzare (DC Super Hero Girls)

Rage Cat (DC Super Hero Girls)

Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 27
Air Date: November 30, 2019
Writer: Cindy Morrow
Director: Noëlle Raffaele
Previous episode: Haters of the Lost Arcade
Next episode: Cannonballistic

Why It Sucks

  1. In a case similar to Retreat, Jessica Cruz is a absolutely careless moron aside from being hypocritical, as she tried to give away Dexter, a violent and grouchy cat, to other people (even Diana, Barbara, Garth, and Hal Jordan) who were scared of him and didn’t even want Dexter.

SuperWonderBatBeeZeeLanternMobile (DC Super Hero Girls)

DreamWorks’ Dragons: Rescue Riders (maybe)

Come on, DreamWorks could’ve just ended the Dragons franchise after the Hidden World, only for this series to exist only to fill the dragons’ keep with money.
Country: United States
Network(s): Netflix
Distributed by: Netflix

DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders is an American computer animated television series in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise produced by DreamWorks Animation Television for Netflix. The show premiered on September 27, 2019. Its second season was released on February 7, 2020.

A 46–minute special, subtitled Hunt for the Golden Dragon, was released on March 27, 2020. A second special, subtitled Secrets of the Songwing, was released on July 24, 2020. A holiday special Huttsgalor Holiday was released on November 24, 2020. A following season, titled Heroes of the Sky, was released on Peacock on November 24, 2021.

Bad Qualities

  1. This show is inferior to the entire franchise (especially the How to Train your Dragon film trilogy and the previous show) and it lacks any charm or charisma of the franchise in general, as it is completely unnecessary for various reasons and was made to cash in. The main reason that it didn't need a preschool series is that the franchise is already suitable for everyone including younger kids and that the third film of the franchise, which came out the same year as this show, ended the film franchise on a high note, In fact, it's likely that Universal saw the box office hit of the third film, thinking that younger children couldn’t allow to see the entire franchise due to it’s darker tone (which it’s not true by the way since younger audiences can watch the films and DreamWorks Dragons, and even have toys based on the original franchise) and force DreamWorks to make the show that’s aimed at younger audiences to be milked just for money and to cash in on the toy-driven show craze.
  2. Nearly all of the characters from the original trilogy and the previous series were entirely absent in this series (especially the fan favourite characters and main protagonists such as Hiccup and Toothless) and were replaced with entirely new ones that were just babyfied versions of the characters from the original franchise.
  3. This show seems to have very poor grasp of the source material despite having the word, Dragons in the title and being made by the same company behind the franchise, for instance, all the dragons in this series talk, unlike most of the entries of the franchise where all the dragons were silent.
  4. Just like other toy-driven shows, the series constantly introduces new dragons and characters just so they could sell lots of toys and to milk out on a popular DreamWorks franchise.
  5. This show is a massive kick-in-the-balls to the Dragons franchise, as well as its fandom because as mention earlier, the franchise was originally going to end after the third movie, but are later declined by DreamWorks and made this show aimed at younger audiences, which is DreamWorks screwing everyone that liked the franchise over.
  6. This show has no real impact on the DreamWorks Dragons franchise, as the events of the series and the characters introduced are never acknowledged in the main franchise, nothing of importance happens in this show that is necessary to understand any of the 3 movies and TV series.
  7. The animation, while decent, is somewhat a noticeable downgrade compared to the Cartoon Network/Netflix Dragons series.

Good Qualities


Despite positive reviews from critics and audiences, it received mostly negative reviews from older fans of the franchise who clams this series to be completely unnecessary and wanted a series that’s set between the second and third film or a spin-off series featuring Hiccup and Astrid’s children instead.

Saturn Awards

The Saturn Awards are American awards presented annually by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films; they were created to honor science fiction, fantasy, and horror in film, but have since grown to reward other films belonging to genre fiction, as well as television and home media releases. The Saturn Awards were created in 1973 and were originally referred to as Golden Scrolls.

Why they Sucked

  1. Undeserved and infamous victories in various categories. While many of these films are either good or terrible, you realise that they didn't deserve the award as their fellow nominees outperformed them on several levels. Some notorious examples are:
    • Monsters Vs. Aliens for Best Animated Film over Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Up, despite the three receiving critical acclaimed and being more worthy enough to win compared to the former.
    • Mulan (2020) for Best Action/Adventure film over 1917 and the Gentleman, and Best Film Costume design, despite the former’s negative reception towards fans of the original 1998 film, Chinese audiences, and several controversies.
    • Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker winning 5 awards in the 46th Saturn Awards, despite it’s mixed reception towards critics and Star Wars fans.
  2. Their undeserved and infamous snubs, which has been a problem since the Saturn Awards started in 1973. To name some:
    1. Mary and Max, Megamind, The Peanuts Movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Arthur Christmas, the Mitchells vs the Machines, Vivo, The Princess and the Frog, Kubo and the Two Strings, Isle of Dogs, Missing Link, The LEGO Batman Movie, Captain Underpants: the First Epic Movie, The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, the Breadwinner, Wolfwalkers, all Disney Renaissance films (especially the Lion King), Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, the Prince of Egypt, Shrek, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Chicken Run, The Emperor’s New Groove, The Iron Giant, The Shaun the Sheep movie and it’s sequel, Klaus, Mirai, The Willoughbys, I Lost my Body, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, Peresoplis, The Red Turtle, Arrietty, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, The Cat Returns, Ponyo, A Silent Voice, Tokyo Godfathers, Millennium Actress, The Boy and the Beast, Weathering With You, Sing 2, Flee, Belle, Raya and the Last Dragon, The Bad Guys, Turning Red, Soul, Over the Moon, The Croods: A New Age, Catwoman Hunted, and the Sea Beast for Best Animated Film, heck, so many foreign and streaming animated films get snubs which is somewhat hypocritically ironic since they nominated Les Maîtres du temps, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Wererabbit, Phoenix 2772, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Your Name, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, From Up on Poppy Hill, The Wind Rises, and When Marrie was There which are all foreign animated films, yet the Saturn Awards snubbed many other independent animated films from other countries as well as films from streaming services like Netflix and Apple TV, in favour of some American animated films that were good but barely deserved the nomination, or, in Chicken Little, Shrek the Third, Star Wars: the Clone Wars, Cars 2, Minions, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, The Boss Baby, The Grinch, the Addams Family (2019) and it’s sequel, and Lightyear’s cases, average.

Random Stuff

Buddy Thunderstruck character Races in a nutshell

Buddy Thunderstruck - Fully southern American Darnell Fetzervalve - American Big Tex Arkana - Southern American Tex Arkana Jr - African-American, but fully whitewashed in live-action ending Muncie Thunderstruck Sheriff Cannonball Deputy Hoisenberry Belvedere Moneybags Mr and Mrs Weaselbrat Auntie Uncle Jacko Valtrades Robby Burgles Artichoke Leroy Nick the New Guy Scout Really Old Lady Handsome Joe the Beavers Mama Possum Baby Possum

Kid Cosmic and the Heist of Fire and Ice (Kid Cosmic) (also maybe)

“Cause this is Scrambled Eggs-styled filler, the weakest and filler Kid Cosmic episode, for 22/24 minutes which was completely unnecessary since the writers possibly just ran out of ideas for a superhero heist party episode that the DC Super Hero Girls, Ally Cat did nearly a year ago, and decided to do the heist party idea the Scrambled Eggs and Get the Hock Out way in terms of filling the runtime with absolutely nothing important at the filler party even though the gang completed their fire and ice stone mission”. Go trash the filler trailer.

Bad Qualities

  1. Similar to Scrambled Eggs with its 11 minute runtime due to being a rehash of one of its shorts, the discussion to have the episode run for 22/24 minutes was very unnecessary, considering that the episode was completely loaded with filler of the gang staying at a fancy party even though their mission to get the fire and ice stones were completed, making this entire episode a huge fillerfest, it would’ve make sense if the episode was shorten to 11 minutes, thus making it the shortest episode of the series.

Foxman Crossover Special: Part 9: Bean trashes his Trailer/Katie Mitchell’s Huge Mission

Basically the Scrambled Eggs, Kid Cosmic and the Heist of Fire and Ice and Get the Hock Out with a side of Cars 2 of the Foxman crossover series.

Why Should Bean Trash his Trailer

  1. Misleading title: Despite Foxy Fox supposedly being the titular character, he only appears once with only one line throughout the entire part and is never seen again.
  2. A lot of the characters from the first 8 parts of the special are barely in the part, or in some cases, downright not in the part at all such as the Foxes and all the animal characters from Foxman Sleeps on his Back with the expectation of the Rat (in which they all are reduced to minor non speaking minor roles with Foxy only has one line in their only scene they appeared in), Carl Fredrickson (though justified since his voice actor died), Boog, Elliot, Ursa, Giselle, Horton, Gluntz, Muncie Thunderstruck, and the Mitchells (aside from Katie Mitchell); the only ones who have big roles are Bean, Bioggs, Bunce, Katie Mitchell, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kubo, Alsling, Russell, Dug, the Rat (the only animal character from Foxman Sleeps on his Back to have a larger role), Buddy Thunderstruck, Darnell Fetzervalve, Cody Maverick, and Hiccup.
  3. By having Katie Mitchell, a side character who served as one of Foxy’s human allies, as the main protagonist instead of the main foxes (especially Foxy and Felicity Fox) makes the part feel more like a spin-off rather than an actual continuation of the story. At least her role as the protagonist work out well unlike Cars 2 with Mater.
  4. The plot feels like a extended watered down version of the Bean trashes his trailer scene from Foxman Sleeps on his Back, with Katie Mitchell’s plot shoehorned into the scene. Just like the infamous DC Super Hero Girls episode, Scrambled Eggs which is basically a rehash of the super short, Shell Shock, but extended to eleven minutes with a ton of filler and character derailment from the 17 protagonists and Kid Cosmic and the Heist of Fire and Ice which had its 22-24 minute runtime completely unnecessary and would’ve been shorter to 11 minutes or so.
    1. On top of that, Franklin Bean, who is the main antagonist in this special, trashes his trailer and throwing a bike at the cameraman, injuring him and breaking his camera just because the Thneedville interviewers from the Lorax show him and his men, Boggis and Bunce, their pilot episode of DC high school sitcom called Scrambled Eggs, we get it, that episode is just a 11 minute filler episode that has nothing to do with its superhero genre hence the main theme of DC Comics, but still having him trashing his trailer is just petty and childish of him despite him being a grown man, not only that, but he later did that in Mr Krupp’s office after he rightfully fired him for damaging property and injuring the cameraman.
      • Speaking of Bean himself, he was flanderized in this part as he became a loud man who always trashes places when he’s in public in front of his men.
  5. The plot goes absolutely nowhere and all it boils down to is Bean getting an idea of how to defeat the animal characters after they stole all of his stuff from his factory with the help of Dr Drakken and Shego while trashing places and Katie Mitchell stopping the Academy Awards from treating animation like it’s a kids genre with Sonic, Kara/Supergirl, Haleen/Harvey Quinn, Kubo and Alsling while fighting with the Rat, the live action Disney Princesses, Leni Brat, and Leslie Cashcow who tries to sneak revenge on Katie and the foxes (especially Felicity), but for some reason in this part, the former follows Katie Mitchell despite her being a human and not a fox.
  6. The scene where Katie Mitchell tells the characters from animated films that have been Oscar nominated (with the expectation of Carl Fredrickson who was replaced by Russel and Dug after his voice actor died, the Boss Baby who actually defended the animation joke while thinking that his movie got nominated for an Oscar and made a lot of money because of that, and Foxy Fox who barely appeared in this part apart from one scene) calling the Academy Awards out for calling animation “a genre for kids” is mainly there for filler though purposely since it shows how Katie Mitchell teamed up with Kubo and Alsling in the first place.
    1. On top of that, this part contains truckloads of filler that only serve to pad out the running time of the part, such as the Foxman Sleeps on his Back animals’ only scene and Bean trashes Mr Krupp’s office.
  7. This special is one of the many examples of how the Crossover specials jumped the shark, as the premise is so bizarre for a Crossover special.
  8. Horrendous scene editing in some scenes, especially since much like Free Birds, some scenes might've been put at very inappropriate timing, a great example is after Bean angrily walks out of the studio only to saw the tv display showing the 94th Oscars, saying that he’s got an idea, it then cuts to the live action counterparts of Cinderella, Ariel and Jasmine presenting the Best Animated Feature Category with the previously nominated animated film characters (with the recent ones that joined the roster are Encanto, Flee, Luca, The Mitchell’s vs the Machines, and Raya and the Last Dragon) appearing to watch, only for them to be insulted by the presenters, much to Katie Mitchell’s anger, which is just unacceptable, considering the fact that the first 8 parts of the special has some really good editing.
  9. Sequel Bait: The ending scene where Bean trashes his ally office after seeing the Mitchells vs the Machines and Flee winning over Encanto, thanks to Buddy Thunderstruck and Darnell Fetzervalve replacing the three ladies whom are arrested for their crimes as the presenters of Best Animated Feature on TV, only for him to throw a wench at a door that leads to a secret Apple cider factory and he, his men, Drakken, and Shego going in to find the secret cider weapon, with Bean saying “I got an idea”, felt like it's been rushed and is nothing more than just to set up a sequel-bait for a tenth part of the special that was eventually scheduled to release in October 2022 with the animal characters (especially the foxes) eventually returning to have major roles alongside Katie Mitchell called Wild Animals in the Sewers.
  10. Shameless product placement, such as Coca Cola, Sony TV, Mentos, Mountain Drew, Academy Awards, M&Ms, Pepsi, EBay, Apple, Oreo, and even Microsoft. Of course, while the third part, Foxman in Japan has product placement, at least it used the product placement efficiently by making them have minor appearances and focuses mostly on its plot thus making them don’t stand out as shameless, but here, the product placement is used as plot devices in a few scenes unlike that part combined, making the product placement feel very out of place for a Foxman Sleeps on his Back special.
    1. The product placement for the Swan Princess in particular is very dated, considering the fact that the film series wasn't even popular during the time the part was released and the franchise wasn't even relevant anymore prior to 2020, mainly due to the film series losing popularity after it was completely milked and oversaturated by Crest/Streetlight Animation with their seven cheaply made and nonsensically written, direct to video CGI sequels, and with the franchise possibly dying after the Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding (unless a eleventh film was announced).
  11. A clip from Puss in Boots is shown at one point in a theatre during the Rat and Katie Mitchell fight scene. This was clearly put in to promote the upcoming sequel to that movie called The Last Wish, since that was scheduled to release in September before the 10th part in October, but due to the Puss in Boots sequel being delayed to December, resulting in Wild Animals in the Sewers releasing first, it becomes out of place.
  12. Just like Kid Cosmic and the Heist of Fire and Ice and Scrambled Eggs, the scene of Bean trashing his trailer was very unnecessary to be extended to a full 44 minute episode, considering that the scene itself is filler and it lasts for a minute and a half, and doesn’t even need to be loaded with filler to pad out its running time, it also doesn’t help the fact that the Foxman animals already got food from the farmers, implying that they’ll have enough food for months during the events of the part.
  13. The infamous moment where the Boss Baby laughed at the Oscars insulting animation thinking that his film got nominated for Best Animated Film and made a lot of money because of the “genre” that caused lots of rage among the characters behind the Oscar nominated animated films that wanted animation to get some respect instead of treating it like a genre.
  14. The climax between Katie and the Super Piracy Girls (bootleg parodies of the DC Super Hero Girls) with live action Cinderella, Ariel and Jasmine joining in was underwhelming as well as being dragged out on par with the Boss Baby 2’s filler climax to the point where viewers find it hard to sit through, to quote Nick the New Guy, “Okay then termenous job boys, nightly night, man what a waste of time”.
  15. Just like the show he’s originated from, Big Tex Arkana is once again a huge Mr. Krabs wannabe who has a huge toxic workplace at his company, Big Gold Brick productions after his pawnshop went bankrupt following lawsuits from the town of Greasepit following Buddy Thunderstruck’s cancellation after its only season, he also calls Rat to kill Katie Mitchell after failing to get Foxy’s wife killed despite him not working for Big Tex, and gone as far as wanting to sexually harassed her, which is incredibly disturbing considering that Katie is a teenage human girl and Big Tex is an much older boar.

Katie Mitchell Qualities

  1. The voice acting is somewhat great thanks to many voice actors reprising their roles.
  2. It does have a point that the DC Super Hero Girls episode, Scrambled Eggs, is just an 11 minute filler episode with nothing happening with its superhero genre, has an extremely idiot plot with loads of character derailment, being a huge rehash of the short, Shell Shock, and barely have any impact on the series afterwards.
  3. Some characters from Foxman Sleeps on his Back like most of the animal characters (despite them appearing once for filler), and other films like Katie Mitchell, Kubo, Alsling, Luca, Russel and Dug aren't flanderized in this part and remain likable.
    1. Many of the Kim Possible characters have their personalities restored after being flanderized in the live action film, especially Kim, Ron, Rufus, and Wade who are now adults and have a kid on the former two’s own after their series ended in 2007.
  4. Despite having her be the main protagonist instead of the foxes, the Katie Mitchell plot is actually the best part of this ninth part as not only Katie has a point that animation is not a genre, but a medium, but it also references the producers of her movie, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller calling the Academy out for their treatment of animated films at the 94th Academy Awards.
    1. Speaking of that, it’s nice to have her be part of the main cast after appearing as a minor role in the eighth part.
  5. The whole concept of different types of animation mixed together is still somewhat interesting.
  6. Some funny moments such as Bean’s reaction to the interviewers’ pitch of DC High School Sitcom, the scenes involving Dr Drakken and Shego, Kim telling Katie that she had a live action movie released in 2019, with Ron saying “but we don’t talk about it” agreeing that the movie was terrible, or Buddy Thunderstruck acting as Foxy and later with Darnell Fetzervalve, the live action Cinderella, Ariel, and Jasmine’s replacements and even making fun of Disney and Pixar animated movies winning most of the time, considering that the Oscars always show favouritism towards Disney and that Encanto won Best Animated Feature over both the Mitchells vs the Machines and Flee right after the live action Disney Princesses calling animation a kids genre which those two films completely ignored the stereotype during the Oscars ceremony.
    • Speaking of, this part confirmed that the live action Kim Possible movie, along with its mini series, Kim Hushable, were regranted as non-canonical to the series it was based on.
    1. There is a scene that actually mocks the infamous NFTs which is justified considering that they’re extremely harmful to the environment.
    2. Kara and Haleen’s chemistry is really interesting here since they’re in their original personalities and helped Katie Mitchell defeat the bad guys unlike Scrambled Eggs from their own show where they’re become morons over stealing other teams eggs to get out of summer school.
  7. At least the part explains how the Rat ended up in the sewers by being flushed down the toilet by Kara and Haleen, fixing the plot hole from Foxman Sleeps on his Back, it even shows him in the sewer making a letter from magazines in the post credits scene.

10. Leslie Cashcow and Leni Brat from the sixth part returns in this part after being absent in the seventh and eighth parts, as well as planning to get revenge on Katie Mitchell for betraying them in favour of the animal characters.


Whilst most of the parts of the Foxman crossover special were critically acclaimed like Foxman in Japan, this one received majorly negative reviews from many fans and critics, for the writing, the main animal characters (especially the Foxes) being reduced to non speaking roles in their only scene with Foxy only has one line before never being seen as the focus was shifted to Bean and his men, and the main human character, Katie Mitchell, and the plot that went nowhere. Although the use of using both live action and animation and the return of the Kim Possible characters was praised, it was often considered to be the only weakest and black sheep part of the Foxman Crossover special.

The Birds King put it as the first worst part of good multi parters, criticises it for it’s filler scenes, lack of focus on the animal characters (especially the Foxes), and it being an extended version of the Bean trashes his trailer scene from Foxman sleeps on his Back, while praising the plot involving Katie Mitchell calling out the Oscars for calling animation kid’s stuff.

Top 10 Worst Episodes of DC Super Hero Girls Season 1

Note: this list is just my personal opinion, I’m also not including Crushing It, since even though people call this the worst episode of the series, but I believe there are actually far worse episodes out there.

10. The Good, the Bad, and the Bizzare - What give this episode a very missed opportunity is that Diana, Jessica, Karen and Zee would’ve appeared in this episode and defend Kara just like Barbara is doing.

What did Kara do after defeating Bizzaro Supergirl? She let Bizzaro Supergirl get off scot free and hang out at Sweet Justice instead of putting the latter in jail despite the fact that she done a lot of bad stuff like vandalism and stealing, of course, Brizzaro Supergirl in this episode, along with Mortimer in Drama Queen shows that the writer behind these two episodes, M.A Larson are forcing mercy on these characters despite them going crimes, seriously Diana could’ve just told Kara to throw her in jail for her crimes, yet another reason why it’s a missed opportunity for the rest of the Super Hero Girls to appear.


8. Rage Cat - Guess what, she keeps Dexter as a pet, what in the hell would Jessica, a violence-hating hippie, would keep a violent cat who is grouchy and naughty to other people and destroyed an entire pet store as a pet that could very likely damage her house, wouldn’t be much more sense if Jessica puts Dexter back in his cage at the pet adaption centre under the employees orders earlier with added maximum security or hell, take him to a different animal pound where all naughty animals go? But nope, she keeps him as her own pet like a careless idiot.

7. Shock It To Me


5. Retreat - Oh great, another episode where Jessica is a total hypocrite when it comes to violence, in my opinion, Jessica is basically the Titan from Space Chimps of the team, thanks to her stupid and hypocritical actions, who is somewhat friends with villains like Pamela and Dexter, while Titan is friends with Zartog.

4. Tween Titans - You thought the Titans’ portrayal in Teen Titans Go was bad, then let’s get further into this episode to the point where they made their TTG counterparts look mature by comparison, from the writer and director of Scrambled Eggs and DC Super Hero Boys comes Tween Titans,

Speaking of the Tween Titans, they are more annoying characters in the show next to Lois Lane (Season 1) and Oliver Queen, what gives this a missed opportunity for the other titans aside Robin is that they could’ve just have their personas from the 2003 series to make them different from their previous G1 and even TTG incarnations, and also while Tara Strong returns to voice Raven, for some reason the original voice actors of Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg were literally replaced by the show’s voice cast, Grey Griffin, Kari Walhgren and Phil LaMarr, resulting in them sounding nothing like they did in the 2003 series, TTG and the DC Super Hero Girls G1 series, as well as being annoying especially Starfire’s.

3. Drama Queen - This episode is full of drama all right, of course this episode along with my number 1 pick are currently the very lowest rated episodes of the series on IMDb, thanks to the worst character in the entire series next to Lois Lane (Season 1) and the Tween Titans, Oliver Queen, who derailed after Scrambled Eggs which I’ll get to that later, into a huge annoying toxic know-it-all towards Zee and people who gets chosen over him in a role.

Then after Mortimer Drake get the role of playing the main hero after Oliver trying to sabotage Mortimer Drake’s chance to be in a play, Oliver Queen went into Mortimer’s dressing room and trashed the place in jealousy, seriously how immature can Oliver be when he barely get chances to be in play roles, who thought him to trash places? Franklin Bean?

2. Breaking News - First off, some people call Crushing it nor Frenemies as the worst episode of the entire series, well I believe this one in my opinion is actually far worse than these two. In this episode, Lois plans a plot to expose the Super Hero Girls for their identities of being superheroes, and she does this at the same exact time the Killer moths attack the entire city, which really poor timing to do that, let’s get back to the girls themselves, while Jessica was talking to the other girls about Lois, we see scenes of Barbara and Diana eating with their mouths open and Kara picking her teeth with a toothpick which somehow gives me flashbacks of the Captain Underpants in Space episode where Melvin eats alien food in a cage while getting fat in front of two aliens singing Happy Birthday to him which that scene actually made me throw up due to how disgusting this scene is, the girls could’ve just go to Mr. Chapin’s office or call the cops or their parents to tell them that Lois was spying on them, but nope, they got stuck in Lois’ shadows, not even Hal and Barry who have no purpose in this episode other than supporting Lois’ actions as well as filler making them very useless.

Perhaps the worst part of this episode has to be Lois Lane, she’s a total killjoy typed Mary Sue who wants to ruin the girls reputation of being heroes and being a total piracy invader to them just for an internship at the Daily Planet, and literally gets off Scot free for trying to ruin the girls hopes and dreams, not even giving her a suspension from not only high school, but also the daily news in general, also in the Sweet Justice scene, the news anchorman said that as of this hour, no super team has yet to save us which creates a massive plot hole since the people of Metropolis don’t even bother to call the other superheroes to stop the moths which means that all the other superheroes like Da Invisa-Bros which they’re seen in DC Super Hero Boys, don’t even care about the killer moths that are attacking the city,

And the Number 1 worst DC Super Hero Girls episode is….

Scrambled Eggs - Oh boy where do I begin with this atrocity of an episode that’s even worse than Crushing It? Oh yeah! This episode is basically a rehash of the show’s Super Short, Shell Shock which that short had a similar concept of egg sitting, only as if it was written by Dan Vs’ Chris Pearson, the writer behind the infamous Buddy Thunderstruck episode, Get the Hock Out, or the writers of Teen Titans Go, but suck out all of the short’s charm and left it with a huge mess, let me show you how charm of said short is removed.

First you get the exact same plot from Shell Shock, then you add 2 cups of drag out filler to fill the eleven minute mark, a cup of character derailment (most notably Kara Danvers), then a cup of mean spirited tones, a teaspoon of too much main protagonists with 15 additions, a cup of a idiot plot, and a pitch of light-hearted nature, mix all that together in a blender and then you get this complete abomination of a DC Super Hero Girls filler episode where Tim Sheridan’s writing went downgraded from being great and epic to Teen Titans Go quality writing.

This episode, just like Stunt Fever from Buddy Thunderstruck brings the show’s continuity and logic from previous episodes and spilts it all in the face as it has a lot of continuity errors that retcons the previous episodes such as Supergirl failing in school even though in the Good, the Bad and the Bizzare, she was doing very well academically, as well as some of the events of Soul Sisters (mostly Tastu’s development) being thrown out the window, hell this episode was even produced after those episodes by production code according to the DC Super Hero Girls wiki.

Let me compare this episode to two episodes Tim Sheridan wrote before this episode, DC Super Hero Boys which that two parter episode have some really fantastic writing where the Super Hero Girls and the Invisa-Bros start off as rivals who want to out past one team another to see who is the best team, then later learned about equality and working together, heck, we get to know about Kara’s past before landing on Earth and the battle scene between two teams and the Kryptonians in the second part is totally epic, and the same could be said about Gotham Con which has some great writing with character development from Barbara and Haleen and heartwarming moments like the ending bit considering that episode was Tim’s first written episode even if Tim could’ve be the most popular writer of the show.

The writing here is just pure lazy with a very nonsensical plot, even for both the show and DC animated show standards due to this episode downgrading the show’s original tone as a light and dark superhero cartoon and made it into an entirely light hearted sitcom one with some mean spirted moments in this episode and there’s not even a villain (not even the Super Villain Girls, despite appearing in this episode) harming Metropolis at all, while some episodes like House Pest don’t have a villain or the appearance of the main characters’ super suits and powers (one of them only use them once), it’s shows that no every episode needed any of these things to the the story. But besides that, the egg sitting plot is highly unoriginal since that plot point have already been milked in not just Shell Shock, but also episodes of other shows like Bart the Mother for an example.

However, the other main problem is with the majority of this episode is just the powerless hero and villain students being huge morons who seemed to have lost all signs of intelligence and behaving like immature four year old brats over their eggs being cracked and cooked as if they barley learned anything about responsibility of taking care of stuff even to the point where they’re fighting over the last egg at the pier for two whole minutes of the 11 minute runtime and not learned their lesson despite the fact that they have their gadgets and super powers to take care of the eggs which is just plain out of character of all the Super Hero Girls, Da Invisa-Bros and maybe Tastu in contrast to all the character development they’re given, especially since these two teams helped and saved many people while caring for them in the previous 30 episodes, and Tim even wrote DC Super Hero Boys where both teams save an entire city from danger.

The most infamous part of the characters’ lack of intelligence is the part where Barbara breaks into Grath’s house and takes her team’s egg in front of Kara and Haleen to go night patrol despite Grath and Zee telling her not to take the egg to do night patrol and runs into a road hole when riding her motorcycle and what did she do to save the egg? Of course she watches the egg through the wired fence rolling into the wood chipper and ran by a truck that was going to be used for a plot device later. Could’ve Barbara just climb over the fence and save the egg in a few seconds with her gadgets? It’s not electrified or anything, but still you somehow couldn’t climb the fence and listen to your teammate about the danger of night patrol.

This episode also makes the rivalry between Zee and Oliver dialled up to eleven after working together in DC Super Hero Boys just like Drama Queen as they only cared about acting like toxic parents than babysitting their egg, even gone as far as yelling one another over putting their egg in a carton in the fridge until Monday which makes Zee throw something made from China at him though we thankfully not shown which can be hard to sit through due to their annoying voices.

Speaking of, even the voice acting in this episode is so annoying, as most of the actors (especially Zee, Oliver, Carol, Kara, Haleen, Tastu, and Barbara) often yelling the majority of their lines which is just unacceptable, also for the show’s standards since the voice acting in many other episodes and most of the time is great.

Also if you want to make a egg sitting plot more relatable and original, then why would you need 15 more characters that come with subplots that have nothing to do with the plot other than filling the eleven minute runtime as if two wasn’t enough? The only ones that have purpose in the story are Kara, Haleen, Zee, Oliver, Hal, Carol, Garth, and Barbara, while everybody else barley have enough lines or screen-time as well as in the cases of Selina Kyle, Pamela Isley (minus her burping), and Carter Hall, being reduced to non-speaking roles. Really even other short story to extend film and shows like Spies in Disguise, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Captain Underpants: the First Epic Movie, Ferdinand, and the Green Eggs and Ham Netflix series did a way better job at adding more extra content than this lazy rehash of a short episode.

The most two great examples of the most underused characters in this episode has to be Jessica and Leslie since they are completely useless though out the entire episode, the lack of the former in this episode created a plot hole where Pamela (aka the Get the Hock Out Robby Burgles of this episode) goes by and steals the egg for a sandwich… wait a minute, isn’t Jessica supposed to be with Pamela after being on her team by Mr. Chapin? Why can’t Jessica just stop the fight, call out the 14 students for their immature behaviour, suggested them that they could share and take care of the last egg together and defend it from both Pamela and Leslie to get out of summer school which proves that Jessica is not only completely underused since she appears in the classroom scenes with two lines spoken, but serves as an excuse to use Pamela for gross-out humour and the writer to say “Screw Jessica, that girl is not part of the main cast of this rehash mess of an episode anymore and let’s add Pamela the gross-out joke fodder in this” making Pamela completely useless and just there for gross out filler in this episode and an excuse to make all of the students (even her own team) fail at egg sitting, at least Robby Burgles in Get the Hock Out, while being a gross out joke fodder, has a speaking and important role as he teaches Buddy and Darnell how to be repo men using methods that are literality illegal laws, unlike Pamela who only make burp jokes and cannot speak at all just like Selina and Carter, and Leslie only appeared in the beginning just to pull a egg prank towards Tastu and then disappears afterwards thus coming off as a filler character, this episode also never explains what happen to the two during the entire weekend after they failed, not even in the climax.

After all of the students fail, we get an promising emotional scene where Kara and Haleen have to face summer school by hugging and crying one another, that’s heartwarming for the least, until the truck goes by and drops the last egg that those two Buddy and Darnell wannabes left at the post office in front of the students abruptly ended that emotional scene that could save the episode from being lazy and filler, and started to chase the egg and fight at the pier. Seriously by having all the students being attracted to the last egg being dropped out of a truck after that sad moment of Kara and Haleen crying over facing summer school, given that fact that not only the emotional scene involving Kara and Haleen literally comes out of nowhere and only there just to apply the most immature, idiotic and annoying climax in all of DC Super Hero Girls just for a stupid egg, but also makes Kara and Haleen’s egg seemed more of a plot device than anything else. As a result this makes the entire scene filler and pointless just like all the scenes with the large amount of useless "protagonists" such as the classroom scene that drags out for three minutes, and I thought The Great Divide, Roadside Attraction, Keep City Beach Weird, and Get the Hock Out (while having impact in the show that is Buddy and Big Tex’s interaction and Muncie despising the Arkanas) have writing this nonsensically abysmal. Hell even Kara’s backstory on how her mother died and landed on Earth in DC Super Hero Boys is more emotional than this and that scene actually gives Kara some character development unlike that Kara and Haleen scene that make this episode worse after the last egg falls out of the truck.

Speaking of the climax, oh boy, this has got to be the most dumbest and even the worst climax of the entire show for good reason, all of the students chasing and fighting not because of a villain, but also a very stupid reason which is a last egg which drags out for two minutes. Even going as far as to ruin all of the students’ characters we all know and love, even Tastu after all the character development she’s been gone through in Soul Sisters, as in this episode Tastu becomes a selfish mean girl who wanted to up pass Diana over egg sitting, throwing out her character development and interaction of Diana from that aforementioned episode out the window in favour of the most selfishness derailment I’ve ever seen, quick question, why didn’t the people there just tell the pier’s security guards on these students for fighting and being annoying? Considering the fact that failing the egg sitting assignment is all their fault for breaking their eggs and could’ve just use their gadgets and super powers to keep them safe instead of acting completely selfish and stupid about a certain egg. Even Toph from Avatar: the Last Airbender, Amethyst from Steven Universe, Soos from Gravity Falls, Buddy Thunderstruck from his show, and even the Titans from Teen Titans Go would’ve done a better job at taking responsibility than these grade obsessing morons who behave like 4 year olds over eggs instead of teenagers.

What the heck have you done to yourself, Tim Sheridan? You gave us Gotham Con and the fan favourite DC Super Hero Boys, and you wrote this rehash mess of an episode with a ton of character derailment and serves nothing important to the series overall, to the point that this episode can be easily forgotten about and not missed anything important.

After that Idiotic climax, it was Monday and the students were very mad about Pamela getting the last egg and eating it even though they were still fighting, the teacher with the mascot and the baby hamsters which are very cute come into the classroom and checks that the egg sitting assignment that Mr. Chapin told them to is outdated and announces that nobody is going to summer school, surprising Kara and Haleen, but not the other students who were still mad at Pamela following a burp joke. We just spent the entire runtime of these brainless morons egg sitting and not learning their lesson thus getting off scot free for their bratty actions! This is a complete waste of time this episode has to offer, I’d rather watch Get the Hock Out than this perfect example of a filler episode.

The only things i like about this episode is the character interaction between Kara and Haleen as it would’ve been interesting enough to be focused on them instead of those useless extra characters, the baby hamsters at the ending are very cute, and a few jokes are funny such as the “I can play father in my sleep” line from Oliver Queen, though it’s not saying much, considering that this episode was just so damaging to a company with over 85 years of rich storytelling that it makes me want to actually skipped this episode since it serves nothing important to the series and the events of this episode being ignored in many later episodes.