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Freddy Fazbear and Friends
Freddy Fazbear And Friends Poster.jpg
Not as bad as modern SML but still a pretty bad web series that's not Ready for Freddy.
Genre: "Comedy"
Slice of life
Running Time: Depends on the episode
Country: United States
Release Date: April 4, 2015 - present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Andrew Deliberis
Distributed by: Andrewjohn100
Starring: Andrew Deliberis
Seasons: 6
Episodes: 84 (10 Segments)
Next show: Zord Adventures

Freddy Fazbear and Friends is a web series on YouTube. It premiered on April 4, 2015. It is based on the game franchise Five Nights at Freddy's.


Characters from the FNAF universe go on adventures in the town of New Jersey and Freddy Fazbears Pizza.

Why It's Not Ready for Freddy

  1. The main problem with this series that it portrays some of the FNAF characters as annoying and unlikeable characters:
    1. Freddy in this show has been flanderized into a mean and bossy guy who acts like the other characters as their father.
    2. Bonnie has also been flanderized into a huge jerk who is very mean to chica for stupid reasons and he is also treated as a butt-monkey at times (though it can be reasonable because of how selfish she is.)
    3. Speaking of Chica, she has also been flanderized into a whiny spoiled bitch who cares about no one else other then pizza.
    4. Foxy (while likeable) has been flanderized into a alcoholic stereotype.
    5. Toy Bonnie is unlikeable in the episode "Toy Bonnie Advice" because he pranks his friends in vary dangerous ways luckily, he did get what he deserved when he got punched in the face by Toy Chica and has redeemed himself as the series went on.
    6. Just like Chica, Withered Freddy has been flanderized into a complete selfish jerk who cares about nothing else other then McDonald's food.
  2. This show is filed with the brim of bad episodes. (see list below.)
  3. The animation, while it has improved since season 5, is very ugly to look at and very cheap in general. However, this can be excused by the fact that it is made by one teenager.
  4. It is also completely unfaithful to the original source material of the games since they are not about the animatronics going on adventures because it is just a horror game.
  5. There are also a lot of animation errors. For example, when Freddy picks up a newspaper, it goes through his finger tips.
  6. A lot of unfunny jokes.
  7. Way too much product placement.
  8. Overall, this fells like the web version of Teen Titans Go! because it is unfaithful to the games like how Teen Titans Go! is unfaithful to Teen Titans, as mentioned on WIS#5.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Thare are some likeable characters such as:
    1. Foxy, despite being an alcoholic stereotype.
    2. Carl
    3. Golden Freddy
    4. Toy Freddy.
    5. Toy Bonnie is a likable character, despite being unlikable in "Toy Bonnie's Advice."
    6. Toy Chica
    7. The Puppet
    8. Balloon Boy
    9. Withered Bonnie
    10. Withered Chica
    11. Withered Foxy
    12. Mangle
    13. Withered Golden Freddy is a very threatening antagonist.
    14. Shadow Freddy.
    15. RWQFSFASXC/Shadow Bonnie
    16. Springtrap
    17. Phantom Freddy
    18. Phantom Chica
    19. Phantom Foxy
    20. Phantom Balloon Boy
    21. Phantom Puppet
    22. Nightmare Freddy
    23. Nightmare Bonnie eventually redeems himself.
    24. Nightmare Foxy
    25. Nightmare Carl, who just like Golden Freddy, is a very awesome and threatening antagonist.
    26. Baby
    27. Ballora
    28. Funtime Freddy
    29. Bon-Bon
    30. Funtime Foxy
    31. Enered
    32. Freddy Frostbear
  2. There are also a hand full of good and sometimes grate episodes such as:
    1. "Trip to the Moon" started the series on a decent note.
    2. "Freddy's Daily Life"
    3. "The Nature Walk"
    4. "Freddy's Birthday"
    5. "Nightmare Foxy"
    6. "Lost"
    7. "Chica's Friendship List" is a good episode despite having a bad climax.
    8. "Mysterious Easter Basket"
    9. "Chica's Anniversary"
    10. "Chica Learns a Lesson"
    11. "The Sleepover"
    12. "Bodies Switched" started season 2 on a high note.
    13. "Nightmare Juice" started season 3 on a high note.
    14. "Pyramid of FNAF"
    15. "Freddy's Christmas Tree"
    16. "The Return of Nightmare Foxy"
    17. "Toy Bonnie's Gingerbread House"
    18. "Hide & Seek"
    19. "The Box" (parts 1 and 2)
    20. "Free House"
    21. "The FNAF 2 Crew's In!"
    22. "Circus Baby's Cactus Accident"
    23. "Fazbear's Going to the Fair"
    24. "Birthday Coincidence" ended season 4 on a high note.
    25. "Father's Day Special" started season 5 on a heartwarming note.
    26. "The Fox Race"
    27. "Toy Chica's Nightmare"
    28. "The 4th of July Party"
    29. "Fazbear Lottery"
    30. "Journey to California"
    31. "Newport Shore Attack"
    32. "Theodore"
    33. "The Nightmare Arrival" is considered to be the best episode in the entire series.
    34. "Bonnie Run's Away" is a good episode despite the bad beginning.
    35. "Scary Stories" is also a good episode despite the bad beginning.
    36. "Springtrap's Birthday Bash" ended season 5 on a high note.
    37. "Gone Fishing" started season 6 on a high note.
    38. "Freddy's Knee Trouble's"
    39. "Scary Stories 2"
    40. "Phantom Foxy's Family"
    41. "Time Travel Buddies"
    42. "The Unwanted Spirit"
  3. Ever since season 5 the show has been slightly improving the animation has been getting a lot better and character's became less unlikeable but that's not saying much because it still has its share of bad episodes such as "Foxy's Roommate" and "Chica's Gaming Channel."
  4. Andrew is a really nice guy in real life and does a great job voicing all the characters and animating the series.

Notable Bad Episodes

Season 1

  1. "The Bunny-Rat" started the downfall of the series.
  2. "Bonnie's Guitar"
  3. "Bonnie's Christmas Carol"
  4. "Toy Bonnie's Advise"
  5. "Chica Runs Away" (as stated above is one of the worst episodes of the series and also an awful way to celebrate 35,000 subscribers.)
  6. "Double Trouble"
  7. "Traped In The Closet" ended season 1 on a sour note.

Season 2

  1. "Bonnie's Secret Video" started season 2 on a sour note.
  2. "Chica's Birthday Disaster" is one of the worst episodes of the series.
  3. "Bonnie's Birthday Surprise"
  4. "The Trouble with Revenge"

Season 3

  1. "Chica's Crazy Thanksgiving"
  2. "Prank Wars"
  3. "Chica's Driving Lesson" ended season 3 on a sour note.

Season 4

  1. "Bonnie and Chica's Bath Time"

Season 5

  1. "Chica's Gaming Channel"

Season 6

  1. "Springtraps Rat Lesson"


Freddy Fazbear and Friends has received mixed-to-negative reception, as some people have criticized the show because of the mean-spirited nature and unfunny and immature jokes.[citation needed]



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