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Um Lugar ao Sol backfires due to a dub scene

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This is not the first time that a Globo soap opera has misinterpreted a profession.

In the December 8, 2021 chapter of Um Lugar ao Sol, at the end of the chapter, the character Nicole (played by Ana Baird) without a job and with no prospects, she decides to make do with it and gets an audition as a voice actress in a studio in Rio de Janeiro. The character had already taken a course in the area when she was younger. Having never actually worked with voice acting in her life, Nicole had the company of the experienced Paco (Otávio Muller) in the studio. They talked about the role and auditioned together at the same location. The voice director (Antônio Fragoso) loved the work and said that Nicole had a lot of potential for someone who had never done something like that. In the scene, Ana Baird appears affected and kisses her own hand to simulate the sound of a kiss on a person. Otávio Muller intones the text that was to be dubbed with a tone that was considered ridiculous.

The infamous tweet of the scene that got deleted due to the negative response from the public and Brazilian voice actors.

On TV Globo's Twitter, the channel tweeted the scene saying: "Guys, the voice acting (with three laughing emojis)", which caused a negative repercussion from the Brazilian public and voice actors, due to the character's questionable voice acting, which made Globo delete the tweet after the controversy.



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