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The parsley (Zig and Sharko)
the episode that relies on one joke
Series: Zig and Sharko
Part of Season: 11
Episode Number: 16
Air Date: May 14, 2019
Previous episode: the maze
Next episode: viking love

the parsley is the sixteenth episode from season three of Zig & Sharko and its the one hundred and seventy-second episode overall


when marina was eating a sandwich, sharko has to try to get rid of the parsley stuck in her teeth

bad quantaties

  1. the get the elephant out of the room: this episode is infamous for heavily relies on one joke on the parsley stuck in marinas teeth
  2. not only that, but the close up of marina's teeth with the parsley is extremely gross and disturbing as it is shown close up. what makes it even worse is that it shown to much in the episode, making it almost unwatchable
  3. the concept of a parsley stuck in your teeth is extremely generic as it could be easily been avoided
  4. marina was unlikable, as she ignores sharko about the parsley stuck in her teeth. not only that, but she keeps smiling throughout the episode, making it worse
  5. zig was also unlikable, as he decided to make marina teeth even worse than before by making her smile more often
  6. sharko ( while passable) can be overeating a bit since he literally ran away form marina's parsley covered teeth instead of saving her as always
  7. everyone in the cruise ship are also a bit overacted as they literally run away over marina's teeth to the point that they left
  8. the humor can be a bit lackluster as it mostly invokes the citizens running away from her
  9. this episode is also a bit pointless, as she could have just removed it so the conflict never happened

good Qualities

  1. marina would later start to realize about the parsley stuck in her teeth
  2. the ending was at least decent
  3. sharko was still the most passable character in this episode


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