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The firing of Melanie Martinez as preschool host

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I cannot believe PBS fired her. Why PBS, why?!?

In July 20th, 2006, actress Melanie Martinez was fired as the host of The Good Night Show block on the now defunct PBS Kids Sprout cable network (which became Universal Kids). This was due to her 30-second adult videos she did in 2000 and 2001 called I Have a Future (filmed in July 2000) and Boys Can Wait (filmed in February 2001), which it deemed "inappropriate for her role as a preschool host." They were concerned that parents would hate PBS Kids Sprout because of her. After she got fired, The Good Night Show received a temporary host, Leo (played by Noel MacNeal of Bear in the Big Blue House fame) until they hired a permanent host, Michelle Lepe took over in September 2006 as Nina, who would stay in the role until The Good Night Show ended when Sprout became Universal Kids.