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The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

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The Powerpuff Girls
This reboot is anything BUT power and puff.
Genre: Superhero
Action comedy
Slice of life
Running Time: 11 minutes, one 55 minute special
Release Date: April 4, 2016 – June 16, 2019
Created by: Craig McCracken
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television
Starring: Amanda Leighton
Kristen Li
Natalie Palamides
Tom Kenny
Tom Kane
Roger L. Jackson
Jennifer Hale
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 122
Previous show: The Powerpuff Girls (1998-2005)

The Powerpuff Girls is an animated series based on the Template:Best by Craig McCracken. It is a reboot that aired on Cartoon Network on April 4th, 2016, and reruns formerly aired on Boomerang until January 2018. The original cast (except Tara Strong, E.G. Daily, and Catherine Cavadini) return from the old series.

Why It Sucks

  1. Addressing the elephant in the room, the reboot sucks out the charm of the original, as it has less crime-fighting and more slice-of-life-ish scenes related to what the characters do when "they are not saving the world". And like Teen Titans Go! and Ben 10, it lacks the action-packed tone and dark elements of the original.
    • Speaking of Teen Titans Go!, it even had a crossover with that show called “TTG vs PPG”, which also sucks and barely qualifies as a team-up.
  2. Awful and questionable script-writing and writing in general that comes off being nonsensical.
  3. Neither Cathy Cavadini, E.G. Daily, nor Tara Strong reprise their roles as Blossom, Buttercup, or Bubbles respectively. Instead, they are voiced by stand-ins Amanda Leighton, Kristen Li, and Natalie Palamides for their youthful looks.
    • Buttercup's new voice actress, Natalie, in particular sounds absolutely nothing like Daily as she makes the character sound too tomboyish, while Amanda Leighton and Kristen Li's impression of Blossom and Bubbles sound too whiny.
    • The original voice actors were not even consulted when the network decided to recast the girls.
  4. The animation is noticeably stiff.
  5. Ugly and bland character designs for the background characters which don’t fit in the Powerpuff Girls universe.
  6. The narrator is rarely used.
  7. Usage of outdated memes and internet slang in the first season in an attrmpt to pander to modern culture, such as the "No Me Gusta!" meme as seen in "Tiara Trouble", and the Mojo Jojo Meme Maker. One scene from "Painbow" even showed Bubbles saying, “OMG! Yaaaas!”
  8. Ms. Bellum, the mayor's assistant, is absent because Nick Jennings thought that having a beautiful, warm-hearted, motherly, intelligent and strong-willed woman on the show was offensive to the new generation and stated getting rid of her was "a good choice", yet they added a villain named Bianca Bikini who only cares about fashion, being another sexist stereotype. It's painfully obvious Ms. Bellum was eliminated to appease moral guardians who found her inappropriate based solely on her busty appearance, and not her personality.
  9. The characters from the original series are wildly different and completely out-of-character compared to their original counterparts:
    • Blossom is now an over-reactive, nagging, and exaggerating OCD neurotic perfectionist who cries and throws a tantrum over the slightest things like being out of the student council ("Fashion Forward") and not becoming part of the Model UN club ("The Secret Life of Blossom Powerpuff"). She's obsessed with Jared Shapiro as well. (whenever he is involved, except in "Phantasm Chasm"). She seems to be the most unlikable out of the three.
    • Bubbles is now a childish, crybaby, whiny and stereotypically girly "girl" who cries over the smallest stuff like a bad school picture and losing her doll, Octi. She becomes more tolerable in later seasons.
    • Buttercup is now more of a bully than a tough girl who teases her sisters and beats people around her, behaving too much of a cliché tomboy, albeit she is the most tolerable out of the three.
    • The Professor has been changed from a caring and responsible smart father to an unfunny idiotic dad trope whose inventions come out moreoften than not as silly rather than useful.
    • Mojo Jojo no longer utilises his famous language and speech patterns. Instead he acts like a stereotypical illeist who speaks in 3rd person (Similar to other villains who do it like Zim from Invader Zim, but not in a good way) almost all the time for example: "Mojo pays good money for high-speed Internet", "Mojo is not hideous! He is at least a solid... eight!", "Chelsea, crush the last Puny Puff Girl! And her dopey unicorn friend".
    • The Mayor of Townsville is now an unfunny comic relief who has an obsession with only pickles.
    • Princess Morbucks is much more greedy than in the original series and is now the stereotypical famous girl who's making money jokes. Her new voice, too, is distracting and sounds like a stereotypical teen girl, and it doesn't match her appearance.
  10. The singing and songs are bad, with "Tiara Trouble", "Once Upon a Townsville", and "Snow Month" being examples.
  11. The villains from the original such as Sedusa weren't properly introduced to the new generation, meaning they just appear randomly with no explanation of who they are or why they're even there.
    • Some of the original villains have been relegated to being crammed into scenes for no reason, such as the pointless cameo of The Rowdyruff Boys in the episode "Total Eclipse of the Kart".
  12. The new villains are uninteresting and lame, such as the Fashionistas, Manboy, Janitaur, Gnat, and Allegro.
  13. Many scenes contain unfunny humor that is cringeworthy.
  14. Some of the character redesigns are unnecessary, such as Professor Utonium having round corners around his face, arms and hands, and Ms. Keane, the Girls' teacher, lacking her bust, though they reappear in the episode "Save the Date".
  15. Blossom and Bubbles actually twerk in one scene, seemingly in a horribly misguided attempt to be "hip" and "with it". To make matters worse, they are little girls, making this a minor child sexualization offense. This also comes off as extremely hypocritical. This is okay for showing on a family network, but not Ms. Bellum?
    • What makes this even worse is that the episode was storyboarded and even written by Julia Vickerman (creator of 12 Forever), who is an actual pedophile!
  16. Speaking of sexualizing underage children, Blossom was given a love interest named Template:Loathsome. Jared appears much older than her and she's frequently seen having weird fantasies about him. This is very creepy, especially since the character has the same given name and similar appearance to ex-Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, who was arrested for child pornography charges shortly before the reboot aired.
    • Jared was actually modelled after and voiced by series lead writer Jake Goldman, which was done as an in-joke by the other writers. Even so, the interactions between the character and Blossom are no less creepy. Many accused Jared of being a self-insert of Goldman, which wad not really the case.
    • Not only Jared Shapiro is a self-insert, but he’s also a pointless love-interest with no character and personality and he’s nothing but a nerdy stereotype.
  17. Pokey Oaks Kindergarten has been destroyed all because the class hamster mutated from a potion, meaning the girls are now in middle school for some reason despite being 5/6 year olds.
    1. But it’s revealed that they’re 10 years old because one episode claimed that they had five picture days (picture days happen once a year), but yet their appearances have not changed or gotten older.
  18. There are numerous animation errors in almost every episode such as this one. In fact, this show has so many animation errors that even a blog was made pointing them out.
  19. The Girls are given multiple facial expressions that are too over to the top and feel like they don't suit the characters' normal faces.
  20. The ending hearts are rarely used in the series, and they no longer appear afterwards during Season 2 and 3.
  21. Boring action scenes. This is because the girls can't hit anybody without a flash being used to censor it, in yet another attempt to appeal to today's increasingly extreme moral guardians, which clearly failed since Infinity Train was allowed a bloody death scene 2 years later.
    • Similarly to Breadwinners, it abuses gross-out humor, meaning the violence has explicit skinnings, realistic injuries, allergy-induced visuals and violent and overactive behavior while using powers. As a result, it feels disturbing to the point where the show almost feels more like an adult parody than a children's show.
  22. Just like Danger Force, most of the show doesn't even feel like a superhero show as most of the heroes just stay in their house making unfunny jokes.
  23. There is the infamous 4th Powerpuff Girl named "Blisstina Utonium", who was not well received by fans.
  24. This show is a blatant cash crab, given the original series already had a 15th anniversary special called Dance Pantsed that aired back in 2013, which, despite different character designs, and awkward storyline of the special, was still faithful to the original.
  25. The series finale, "Sideline Dad" was a very disappointing way to end the show.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Even though The Powerpuff Girls have new voice actresses, some of the voice actors from the original series such as Tom Kenny, Tom Kane, Roger L. Jackson and Jennifer Hale reprise their roles as The Narrator, Professor Utonium, Mojo Jojo, The Mayor, and Miss Keane.
    • And there are still some decent, tolerable, and okay characters such as The Derbytantes, Barry, The Mayor, Professor Utonium, Ms. Keane, Blisstina Utonium, HIM, and sometimes Buttercup, Bubbles, and Mojo Jojo.
    • Bubbles and Buttercup become more tolerable during Seasons 2-3. They also gained some character development than Blossom, Bubbles started crying less than her original counterpart and from Season 1 of the reboot and is now a computer geek and Buttercup being good at math.
  2. The theme song is good, and the full music video had great animation and more action than the actual show.
  3. The voice acting is decent, like Amanda Leighton's, Kristen Li's and Natalie Palamdies' when the girls are not annoying.
  4. The Japanese dub is an improvement to the English version.
  5. The soundtrack is pretty nice.
  6. The outdated meme references are removed in the second season and onwards.
    • At least the redesigns of the characters are minor and still stay true to the original designs.
    1. The redesigns of the girls are decent, such as giving Bubbles pigtail hair decorations and Buttercup a cowlick.
  7. Some funny moments here and there.
  8. There are some sad and heartwarming moments when they aren’t forced.
  9. The animation can sometimes be decent, if not stiff.
  10. Decent art style, mostly due to Bob Boyle being involved as co-executive staff.
  11. Ace of the Gangreen Gang was utilized better outside the series by filling in as bassist for Gorillaz in several music videos while Murdoc was incarcerated.
  12. Some of the new villains are unique and creative for what they are, like Packrat, Jemmica "Jemoire" Thrash, and Silico.
  13. Some episodes are decent or even good like "Poorbucks", "Sister Siter", "Fashion Forward "The Wrinklegruff Gals", "Splitsville", "Find Your Bliss", but the greatest episode the reboot has to have is "Never Been Blissed", which is the highest rated episode of the reboot.
  14. The backgrounds are beautiful to look at.

Episodes with their own pages

  1. "Painbow"
  2. "The Power of Four"
  3. "Horn Sweet Horn"


  • PPG (2016) was the main topic for an episode on the cooking show, Cake Wars.
  • PPG (2016) was one of the sets available to purchase for the game LEGO Dimensions, alongside another WB/CN cartoon, Teen Titans Go!.
  • As of 2020, no Season 4 has been announced, nor has there been announcements of The Powerpuff Girls reboot getting cancelled, making this a strange hiatus.
  • As with the original series, the reboot is popular in Japan. With having their own events in most cafés, a crossover online game event with the Love-Live! anime series, boba tea at Pearl Lady, ect.
  • The 1998 version of Bubbles has made a cameo appearance in “The Wrinklegruff Gals” despite her being voiced by Kristen Li instead of Tara Strong


The show was met with negative reception from critics, viewers, and fans alike from the original. On iMDB, it has 3.5/10 and has 4.1/10.

The Occidental Weekly lamented that the series "lacks the impeccable comedic timing and wit of the original" and called the voice acting "mediocre at best", while also criticizing the writing, which it deemed subpar. Slate was critical of the show's "self-conscious feminist overtones", and compared the show unfavorably to the original, particularly the second-season episode "The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever". Polygon criticized that the show lost what they considered made the original so special: "fighting seems like an afterthought, as if Cartoon Network wants to keep the Girls a safe distance from the fray", and that the show was a "step backward, not forward". Jessica Swartz of Inverse said that new viewers might not know who the villains are or what their motivations are, as no introduction was given to the characters. Swartz also went on to say that the show focuses too much on the main characters, and overall called it a "mediocre cartoon". Shelby Watson of The All State praised the show's voice acting, but criticized the show's increased focus on the girls' domestic lives rather than fighting crime, and was especially critical of the animation, writing: "The animation is beyond lazy... the art direction itself is catastrophic. Animators routinely forget their own rules on how to animate their characters, leading to a disjointed style that just comes across like the animators don’t care." Watson also noted other technical problems in the series, such as inconsistencies in character design or misuse of perspective, saying that they "shouldn't happen in a professional studio."

Viewers have also criticized the show for its appropriation of Internet slang and memes, such as "can't even" or the character Bubbles yelling "no me gusta!" while her face turns into one commonly associated with the meme (as seen in "Tiara Trouble"). These references have been called out on being out of place and "being forced", as well as referencing fads of which popularity have faded long before their appearance in the show; the aforementioned "me gusta" and other derivatives of rage comics had their peak popularity in early 2011, in a desperate attempt to be relevant. Fortunately, though, the production staff got the message, and meme references have been removed.

Saberspark considered this as the worst show to ever air in Cartoon Network, placing it on #1 on his Top 10 WORST Cartoon Network Shows.