The Grand Prix of the Neighborhood (El Chavo Animado)

The Grand Prix of the Neighborhood (El Chavo Animado)
El gran premio de la vecindad.jpg
A terrible way to not only start a season, but also the original stories of the animated series.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 27
Air Date: October 25, 2007
Previous episode: Acapulco
Next episode: The Secret Masked Crusader

The Grand Prix of the Neighborhood (El gran premio de la vecindad in the original) is the episode 1 of the second season of El Chavo Animado. This is one of the first original episodes of the series, without being a remake of one of the episodes from the classic 70s live-action series.

Why The Grand Prix Should've Been Canceled

  1. While being the first in the many new and original episodes of the animated series, this episode was a bad way to start off the show's original episodes with a weak and poorly written story.
  2. The CGI animation for the cars during Chavo's imagination at the beginning of the episode is ugly and horrible.
  3. Quico acts like a big jerk with Chavo, Ñoño and Don Ramón at the beginning of the episode by wanting to show off the car he got as a gift from Profesor Jirafales and is not punished as he deserves (Chavo just pulls Quico's goggles and makes them hit him in the face).
    • By the way, this episode can be considered the beginning of Quico's flanderization, beginning to behave like a more spoiled, brattier, selfish and antagonistic boy than in the original series from the 70s.
  4. It had some bland and unfunny jokes like:
    • Jirafales accidentally giving the car as a gift to Florinda instead of the flowers while imagining himself as a greaser
    • The scene showing Don Ramón's imagination with him dressed as a pilot and Quico moving the scenery behind him showing a old garage
    • Quico "killing" his angel-like conscience that appears randomly beside him
    • Chavo's car showing a life of its own and trying to escape from Ñoño.
    • The fat-phobic joke involving Ñoño after he breaks Chavo's car with his weight.
  5. The race between Chavo and Quico ends without a winner, which is very disappointing.
  6. Don Ramón ends up being tortured at the end of the episode, not only getting hit by Chavo's car and having his bicycle destroyed, but also getting slapped by Doña Florinda after Quico accused him of cheating.
  7. Bad Ending: Don Ramón returns to the village (on crutch and bandaged after the accident) holding his bicycle tire and wanting to rebuild the bicycle back, but he finds that the remains of his bicycle have been taken away by a garbage truck.
  8. The appearence of Professor Jirafales in this episode is somewhat irrelevant, first appearing only to give the car to Quico at the beginning of the episode and only returning to appear at the end of the episode where he is run over by Quico during the race.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Chavo, Don Ramón, Ñoño and Professor Jirafales are likable characters and Ñoño is not flanderized like he usually is.
  2. Despite being bad, the ending is also kinda funny when Don Ramon tries to chase the garbage truck yelling "¡Mi bicicleta!"