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The Cash Cow

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See also: Quantity over quality

The Cash Cow is a recurring trope in which popular TV shows (good or bad) are/were adored by the executives of the network they air(ed) on getting to the point where they over-air(ed) on the channel to make the network a lot of money. Sometimes these shows are so popular that they give other shows (e.g. Harvey Beaks on Nickelodeon, later seasons of Regular Show on Cartoon Network) little to no airtime on the network and they also sometimes air a lot on the sister channel as well. Keep in mind that in all cases it's the fault of the scheduling team, not the network itself. Also, this is not a hate page intended to rip on good shows; this is to show how annoying this trope can be. Some of these shows have over-aired at the expense (no pun intended) of other shows.

Notable Cash Cows


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