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Suspension of El Chavo del Ocho Exhibition on Television

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It had to be the copyright deadlocks why our beloved El Chavo is no longer shown on TV.

In July 2020, the Mexican series El Chavo del Ocho had its exhibition on television suspended worldwide, due to copyright deadlocks between Televisa and Grupo Chespirito, which owns the scripts. For this reason, all channels that broadcast the series worldwide, such as SBT and Multishow in Brazil, El Nueve in Argentina, TVN in Chile, Bolivisión in Bolivia, RCN in Colombia, Repretel in Costa Rica, RTS and Televicentro in Ecuador, UniMÁS and Galavisión in the United States, Trecevisión in Guatemala, Las Estrellas, Canal 5 and Distrito Comedia in Mexico, América Televisión and Global in Peru, Univisión in Puerto Rico, Telecentro in Dominican Republic and Televen in Venezuela stopped airing the series, with its last airing on August 2, 2020. The real reason for the suspension was because of the 2007 cartoon El Chavo Animado replaced the original series in some countries. Televisa tried to reverse the deadlocks, but they were unable to reach a new agreement with Grupo Chespirito. In September 2020, Chespirito's son, Roberto Gómez Fernández announced his departure from Televisa, after 39 years at the network.