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|Caption=<center>Why make a sequel to an<br>[[Mister Skinnylegs (Peppa Pig)|already controversial episode]]!?
|Caption=<center>Oh no, not <br>[[Mister Skinnylegs (Peppa Pig)|another controversial episode]].
|Series=[[Peppa Pig]]
|Series=[[Peppa Pig]]
|Part of Season=4
|Part of Season=4

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Spider Web (Peppa Pig)
Series: Peppa Pig
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 22
Air Date: December 21st, 2011
Director: Mark Baker and Neville Astley
Previous episode: The Pet Competition
Next episode: The Noisy Night

Spider Web is the 22th episode of the fourth season of Peppa Pig.


Peppa's family tries to get rid of Mr Skinnylegs.

Why It Should Get Bitten By The Spider Again

  1. This is a direct sequel to the infamous "Mister Skinnylegs" episode, which sounds like a terrible idea to being with seeing how that episode spawned lots of controversy.
  2. Much like the last spider episode, it teaches kids that spiders won't hurt you and that it's okay to touch spiders which isn't always a good thing, seeing how not every spider in the world is safe. Especially the ones in Australia, which are often poisonous and capable of actually killing a human.
  3. In addition to this, Daddy Pig literally holds the spider with his bare hands, which is a terrible idea of handling with spiders because some spiders will bite you if they feel threatened.
  4. In one scene, Daddy Pig says that cobwebs are cool because "they give the room character", which is another bad moral as well. Cobwebs usually makes rooms very unhygienic and messy, and it usually gives spiders a blatant place to hang around, telling the viewers that it is okay to have tons of cobwebs around your room is a bad thing to tell to children and it could encourage them to not care about the state of their rooms' cleaness and will most likely cause more problems with spiders entering the room.
  5. Plot Hole: Why did Mister Skinnylegs make a spider web between Peppa Pig's house and their car and how he did he manage to do it without it being destroyed?
  6. Along with the terrible moral about it being okay to touch with spiders because "won't hurt you" and it being okay to live places infested with cobwebs, it also claims that destroying a spider's web is worse than being late for work. As Daddy Pig attempts to go to work near the end, the family won't let him because Mister Skinnylegs made a spider web between the house and the car. They're basically saying that Daddy Pig not being able to get money to pay the bills and for food for his family is not that important than a spider's web breaking, so basically they would starve and end up homeless because of a stupid spiderweb!
  7. Bad continuity: At the end of "Mister Skinnylegs", it appears that Mummy Pig has gotten used to Mister Skinnylegs, but however in this episode, Mummy Pig is scared of Mister Skinnylegs again, and highly objects to having him in the house. Even if it is dangerous to be near spiders and/or keep them in the house, it's still bad continuity in the series nonetheless.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Peppa wasn't bratty at all
  2. George didn't cry either



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