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#The main problem with this series that it portrays some of the FNAF characters as annoying and unlikeable characters:
##Freddy in this show has been [[:w:Flanderization|flanderized]] into a mean and bossy guy who acts like the other characters as their father.
##Bonnie has also been flanderized into a huge jerk who is very mean to chica for stupid reasons and he is also treated as a butt-monkey at times (though it can be reasonable because of how selfish she is.).
##Speaking of Chica, she has also been flanderized into a whiny spoiled bitch who cares about no one else other then pizza.
##Foxy (while likeable) has been flanderized into a alcoholic stereotype.
##Toy Bonnie is unlikeable in the episode "Toy Bonnie Advice" because he pranks his friends in vary dangerous ways luckily, he did get what he deserved when he got punched in the face by Toy Chica and has redeemed himself as the series went on.
##Just like Chica, Withered Freddy has been flanderized into a complete selfish jerk who cares about nothing else other then McDonald's food.
#This show is filed with the brim of bad episodes. (see list below.)
#The animation, while it has improved since season 5, is very ugly to look at and very cheap in general. However, this can be excused by the fact that it is made by one teenager.
#It is also completely unfaithful to the original source material of the games since they are not about the animatronics going on adventures because it is just a horror game.