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#**Coconut is now a bumbling moron who is constantly happy.
#*Pudge (Animal Crossing) became a toxic NMIXX hater who has constant fist fights with people.
#*Tuxedosam, Chococat, and Pochacco (Fromfrom Sanrio) now stand on graves frequently for some reason. (Though they are not unlikable.)
#*Bluebear (Animal Crossing) is now a generic rich girl who bullies people.
#A lot of the humor in this show is either disgusting, offensive, inappropriate, cringe-inducing, crude, or overly random as it mainly consists of very low-brow humor, toilet humor and edgy jokes with an innumerable amount of pop-culture references being thrown in.
#Like [[The Wacky World of Tex Avery]], [[George of the Jungle (2007)|the second season of George of the Jungle]], [[Scaredy Squirrel (TV series)|Scaredy Squirrel]] and [[SpongeBob SquarePants (seasons 6-8)|the dark age of SpongeBob Squarepants]], there are way too many moments that are either weird, nonsensical, mean-spirited, disturbing, inappropriate or just serves no purpose to the plot whatsoever other than to pad out the runtime... and yes, we do mean WAY TOO MANY to even list. Examples include:
#*''Seafood Wars''
#*''Felicia, Rose, and April vs. The Web''
#*''Randy & Alastor's Cigar Bar''
#*''Shrike's Weapons''
#*''Nuclear Seagull''
#Its spinoff, [[Blog:The Loona and Kat Show (Fake Spinoff of Fake Show Collab)|"The Loona and Kat Show"]], is just as bad, if not worse than the show itself.
#*Its other spin-off, "Maddie's Epic TV Series", is even worse than both shows.
#*''All Animatronics, Fight!''
#*''Anime vs. Corporate Memphis''
#*''Red Leicester Alastor''
#*''Odo & Claire's Magic Horse''
#**On top of that, there are a few funny moments from here and there that can be considered so bad, it's good.
#**In season 5, the sexual humor was toned down and it was given an original soundtrack, which can help improve the show a bit.